Orders of the Day — Identity Cards Bill

Part of the debate – in the House of Commons at 5:21 pm on 28th June 2005.

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Chris Lightfoot
Posted on 3 Jul 2005 1:25 am (Report this annotation)

It is not clear whether Burnham is claiming (a) that information about a woman seeking an abortion could never be held in her record on the NIR; or (b) that no "other organisations" (presumably other than the bits of the NHS providing her with treatment) would be able to obtain the information.

Neither is true under the scheme as it is now envisaged. If such a person presented herself at an NHS abortion clinic, and was required to present her card (to verify an appointment, say) that information would be recorded on the audit trail for her record described in schedule 1, paragraph 9 of the Bill. Obviously that would not be enough to say exactly what the substance of the consultation had been, but clear inferences could be made. The audit trail information would be available to large swathes of the Home Office bureaucracy and, through the medium of corrupt officials or computer hackers, to anyone else able to pay a suitable bribe.

Julian Todd
Posted on 5 Jul 2005 1:10 am (Report this annotation)

The codeword is "particulars". See:


Paragraph 9: The following may be recorded in the entry in the Register for an individual—

(a) particulars of every occasion on which information contained in the individual’s entry has been provided to a person;

(b) particulars of every person to whom such information has been provided on such an occasion;

(c) other particulars, in relation to each such occasion, of the provision of the information.