Orders of the Day — Identity Cards Bill

Part of the debate – in the House of Commons at 3:31 pm on 28th June 2005.

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Photo of Charles Clarke Charles Clarke Home Secretary 3:31 pm, 28th June 2005

I will give way shortly.

I argue that the identity card has real benefits to the individual and society, and that it is a means of limiting abuse in our modern information society rather than a means of adding to it and creating it in a more complex way. It gives individuals the right to secure verification of their identity.


Joe Bunting
Posted on 30 Jun 2005 10:17 am (Report this annotation)

I don't think Mr Clarke has argued that particulary well, yes there are lots of companies which hold information about us and yes people do experience problems if criminals have access to their credit card or banking details but he has given no reasons how an ID card would prevent those things from happening.

Practically speaking and ID card would make the problem of 'identity theft' worse since a criminal with a copy of a persons ID card could potentially access not only their credit card but their bank accounts, benefits and anything else which relies on an ID card for authentication. This would make fake ID cards a valuable commodity for criminals who would almost certainly devote a lot of time, effort and money to stealing or faking ID cards.

From a personal point of view I prefer having different forms of authentication to access my credit cards and bank accounts since I can limit the damage caused by any one of those methods being compromised, it also does not cost me any money to get a replacement credit card.

stinky will
Posted on 4 Jul 2005 7:08 am (Report this annotation)

I agree with joe it makes no sense what so ever to have
sensative data piled into one card,there is no mention of where exactly the data will be processed,upon writing to the home office id card dept about my concerns as to security etc all they could tell me is they were looking to the banking, credit card industrys
it just gets sicker.
Tony blair went on about how safe and secure the whole deal would be,funny since the bods
in charge of the scheme dont know what security measures they will be using even now,so unless somebody
ie tony blair is a medium i guess he was lying.