Orders of the Day — Identity Cards Bill

Part of the debate – in the House of Commons at 2:30 pm on 28th June 2005.

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David Brown
Posted on 29 Jun 2005 1:30 pm (Report this annotation)

There is at least one fundamental issue of principle that has been ignored in this debate. That is that the State (which for the purposes of this debate means the government) should never be allowed a degree of power over its citizens that could become oppressive. No State can be trusted indefinitely not to abuse such power. Even if we believe that our government is essentially benign, it is clear from logic and history a State can radically change its nature. In brief, 'power corrupts'.

The government is attempting to limit the debate to the cost and practicality of the scheme. It is important to remember that there is potentially much more at stake that that. The term 'surveillance society' was recently coined by the LSE, and rubbished by the government. We should take the warning very seriously indeed.