Clause 43 — Air Weapons: Age Limits

Part of Anti-social Behaviour Bill – in the House of Commons at 6:15 pm on 24 June 2003.

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Photo of Peter Atkinson Peter Atkinson Conservative, Hexham 6:15, 24 June 2003

It would be correct to mention my entry in the Register of Members' Interests because it might be relevant to the debate.

I tell Ms Taylor that I appreciate the tragedy in her constituency. I am also aware of other accidents, such as when a young girl was blinded in Gateshead owing to the misuse of an air weapon. However, the only way in which we could provide that an air rifle or any firearm never caused an accident would be by banning them all. That would be similar to saying, "If you don't want people to be killed by cars, ban all cars"—the point becomes rather ridiculous. In this case, hard cases would make bad laws.


Tom Loosemore
Posted on 6 Jun 2004 1:18 am (Report this annotation)

Worth noting that Peter Atkinson MP is Parliamentary and public affairs consultant for The Countryside Alliance, who pay him between £10,001-£15,000 every year. MPs rarely mention specific conflicts of interests, rather they use the stock 'It would be correct to mention my entry in the Register of Members' Interests' phrase as a a universal get-out. It would be much more transparent to all concerned if they declared their precise conflict of interest before contributing to a debate such as this.

Alison Scott
Posted on 7 Jun 2004 9:25 am (Report this annotation)

That's given me yet another idea for your wishlist -- you could have a little script set up so that whenever an MP utters the words 'my entry in the Register of Members' Interests', you automatically linked to their entry in the Register of Member's Interests.