Summary of Day

– in the House of Commons at 12:00 am on 28th October 1964.

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Photo of Sir Harry Hylton-Foster Sir Harry Hylton-Foster , Cities of London and Westminster 12:00 am, 28th October 1964

I have to report to the House that, in the House of Peers, Her Majesty, by Her Royal Commissioners, has been pleased to approve of the choice made of myself for the Office of your Speaker, and that I have, in your name and on your behalf, made claim, by humble Petition to Her Majesty, to all your ancient and undoubted rights and privileges, particularly to freedom of speech in debate, freedom from arrest, freedom of access to Her Majesty whenever occasion may require, and that the most favourable construction may be placed upon all your proceedings. All these Her Majesty, by Her Commissioners, has been pleased to allow and confirm in as ample a manner as they have ever been granted or confirmed by Herself or by any of Her Royal Predecessors.

My first duty to the House is to repeat my very respectful acknowledgements and my grateful thanks for the great honour which you have conferred upon me by placing me in the Chair.

I must now call upon the Members of the House, according to the usual custom, to take the Oath of Allegiance at the Table of the House, first doing so myself.

Thereupon Mr. SPEAKER first alone, standing upon the upper step of the Chair, took and subscribed the Oath.

Photo of Sir Harry Hylton-Foster Sir Harry Hylton-Foster , Cities of London and Westminster

It has proved convenient, to save confusion and to save hon. Members having to wait about in the Chamber, for the Chair to announce the order in which it proposes to call right hon. and hon. Members to take the Oath.

I propose to call, first, the Government Front Bench and then the Opposition Front Bench, then all Privy Councillors and former Ministers not included in those two groups, wherever they may be seated. Thereafter I go bench by bench, first the second bench below the Gangway on my right and then the similar bench on my left; then the back bench below the Gangway on my right and then the similar bench on my left. To save going through the whole story I would respectfully say to the House that there is a diagram of how I propose to proceed on the notice boards in the Whips' offices and in the "No" Lobby. The seats are there given numbers and the numbers will be on the annunciators so that hon. Members will not have to sit about.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:Right honourable James Harold Wilson, O.B.E., Huyton.Right honourable Sir Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, K.T., Kinross and West Perthshire.Right honourable George Alfred Brown, Belper.Right honourable Herbert William Bowden, C.B.E., Leicester, South-West.Right honourable Leonard James Callaghan, Cardiff, South-East.Right honourable Edward Watson Short, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Central.Right honourable Denis Winston Healey, M.B.E., Leeds, East. Right honourable Arthur Leslie Noel Douglas Houghton, Sowerby.Right honourable James Griffiths, Llanelly.Right honourable Arthur William James Anthony Greenwood, Rossendale.Right honourable Barbara Anne Castle, Blackburn.Right honourable Raymond Jones Gunter, Southwark.Right honourable Robert Michael Maitland Stewart, Fulham.Right honourable Thomas Fraser, Hamilton.Right honourable Frederick Lee, Newton.Right honourable William Ross, M.B.E., Kilmarnock.Right honourable Kenneth Robinson, St. Pancras, North.Right honourable Thomas Charles Pannell, Leeds, West.Alice Martha Bacon, C.B.E., Leeds, South-East.Right honourable Roy Harris Jenkins, Birmingham, Stechford.George Darling, esquire, Sheffield, Hillsborough.Right honourable George Edward Cecil Wigg, Dudley.Edward Charles Redhead, esquire, Walthamstow, West.Right honourable Frederick Elwyn Jones, Q.C., West Ham, South.Walter Ernest Padley, esquire, Ogmore.Right honourable Margaret McCrorie Herbison, North Lanarkshire.John Diamond, esquire, Gloucester.Niall MacDermot, esquire, O.B.E., Q.C., Derby, North.Cledwyn Hughes, esquire, Anglesey.Right honourable Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn, Bristol, South-East.Roy Mason, esquire, Barnsley.Thomas George Thomas, esquire, Cardiff, West.Right honourable Frederick Thomas Willey, Sunderland, North.Eirene Lloyd White, East Flint.Judith Hart, Lanark.Denis Herbert Howell, esquire, Birmingham, Small Heath.Joseph Slater, esquire, B.E.M., Sedge-field.Albert Edward Oram, esquire, East Ham, South.Goronwy Owen Roberts, esquire, Caernarvon.Eustace George Willis, esquire, Edinburgh, East.John McCann, esquire, Rochdale.Norman Pentland, esquire, Chester-leStreet.Charles Frederick Grey, esquire, Durham.William Charles Whitlock, esquire, Nottingham, North.Harriet Slater, Stoke-on-Trent.Ernest Thornton, esquire, M.B.E., Farnworth.Joseph Percival William Mallalieu, esquire, Huddersfield, East.George Henry Rowland Rogers, esquire, Kensington, North.Harold James Boyden, esquire, Bishop Auckland.Harold Josiah Finch, esquire, Bedwellty. Sir Barnett Stross, Stoke-on-Trent, Central.Bruce Millan, esquire, Glasgow, Craigton.Richard William Marsh, esquire, Greenwich.Jesse Dickson Mabon, esquire, Greenock.John Morris, esquire, Aberavon.Sydney Irving, esquire, Dartford.Ifor Davies, esquire, Gower.Stephen Thomas Swingler, esquire, Newcastle-under-Lyme.Harold Davies, esquire, Leek.Harry Philip Heggie Gourlay, esquire, Kirkcaldy Burghs.John Ernest Silkin, esquire, Q.C., commonly called the honourable John Ernest Silkin, Q.C., Deptford.James Eugene MacColl, esquire, Widnes.Brian Kevin O'Malley, esquire, Rotherham.John Mackie, esquire, Enfield, East.Joseph Harper, esquire, Pontefract.William Howie, esquire, Luton.George McArthur Lawson, esquire, Motherwell.Right honourable John Selwyn Brook Lloyd, C.H., C.B.E., T.D., Q.C., Wirral.Right honourable Richard Austen Butler, C.H., Saffron Walden.Right honourable Reginald Maudling, Barnet.Right honourable Edwin Duncan Sandy s, Wandsworth, Streatham.Right honourable George Edward Peter Thorneycroft, Monmouth.Right honourable Quintin McGarel Hogg, Q.C., St. Marylebone.Right honourable John Archibald Boyd-Carpenter, Kingston-upon-Thames.Right honourable Frederick James Erroll, T.D., Altrincham and Sale.Right honourable Sir Edward Charles Gurney Boyle, baronet, Birmingham, Handsworth.Right honourable Michael Anthony Christobal Noble. Argyll.Right honourable Harold Julian Amery, Preston, North.Right honourable Joseph Bradshaw Godber, Grantham.Right honourable Alfred Ernest Marples, Wallasey.Right honourable Peter John Mitchell Thomas, esquire, Conway.Right honourable Sir John Gardiner Sumner Hobson, O.B.E., T.D., Q.C., Warwick and Leamington.Right honourable Hugh Charles Patrick Joseph Fraser, M.B.E., Stafford and Stone.Right honourable Henry Brooke, Hampstead.Right honourable William Francis Deedes, M.C., Ashford.Right honourable Richard Frederick Wood, Bridlington.Right honourable Leonard Robert Carr, Mitcham.William Stephen Ian Whitelaw, esquire, M.C., Penrith and the Border.Thomas Galloway Dunlop Galbraith esquire, commonly called the honourable Thomas Galloway Dunlop Galbraith, Glasgow, Hillhead.David Ernest Campbell Price, esquire, Eastleigh.Harry Neil Marten, esquire, Banbury.John Wynne William Peyton, esquire, Yeovil.Richard Christopher Sharples, esquire, O.B.E., M.C., Sutton and Cheam.Right honourable Sir Keith Joseph, baronet, Leeds, North-East.Priscilla Jean Fortescue, Lady Tweedsmuir, Aberdeen, South.Lieutenant-Commander Stephen Lynch Conway Maydon, D.S.O., D.S.C., Wells.Robert Chichester-Clark, esquire, Londonderry.John Albert Hay, esquire, Henley.William John Peel, esquire, Leicester, South-East.Edward Dillon Lott du Cann, esquire, Taunton.Frederick Vernon Corfield, esquire, South Gloucestershire.Nigel Thomas Loveridge Fisher, esquire, M.C., Surbiton.Brian Caldwell Cook Batsford, esquire, Ealing, South.Ian Montague Fraser, esquire, M.C., Plymouth, Sutton.Right honourable Emanuel Shinwell, Easington.John Burns Hynd, esquire, Sheffield, Attercliffe.Right honourable Arthur Woodburn, Clackmannan and East Stirlingshire.Right honourable Ness Edwards, Caerphilly.Harry Bernard Taylor, esquire, Mansfield.Raymond Llewellyn Mawby, esquire, Totnes.Robert William Elliott, esquire, Newcastle upon Tyne, North.Right honourable George Russell Strauss, Lambeth, Vauxhall.Right honourable Arthur Henderson, Q.C., Rowley Regis and Tipton.Francis Leslie Pym, esquire, M.C., Cambridgeshire.Julian Ward Snow, esquire, Lichfield and Tamworth.Right honourable Geoffrey William Lloyd, Sutton Coldfield.Right honourable Robert Hugh Turton, M.C., Thirk and Malton.Ernest Popplewell, esquire, C.B.E., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, West.Harold Neal, esquire, Bolsover.William Albert Wilkins, esquire, Bristol, South.Jasper More, esquire, Ludlow.Arthur Pearson, esquire, C.B.E., Ponty-pridd.Bernard Richard Braine, esquire, South-East Essex.Robert Joseph Mellish, esquire, Bermondsey.Right honourable Sir Lionel Frederick Heald, Q.C., Chertsey.James Sidney Rawdon Scott-Hopkins, esquire, North Cornwall.Right honourable Joseph Grimond, T.D., Orkney and Zetland.Ian MacArthur, esquire, Perth and East Perthshire.John Dudley Robert Tarleton Tilney, esquire, T.D., Liverpool, Wavertree.Arthur Blenkinsop, esquire, South Shields.John Edward Bernard Hill, esquire, South Norfolk.Robert Mathew, esquire, T.D., Honiton.Right honourable Evelyn Nigel Chetwode Birch, O.B.E., West Flint.Sir Hugh Vere Huntly Duff Lucas-Tooth, baronet, Hendon, South.Major the Right honourable Sir William John Anstruther-Gray, baronet, M.C., Berwick and East Lothian.Norman Russell Wylie, esquire, Q.C., Edinburgh, Pentlands.Right honourable Sir George Richard Hodges Nugent, baronet, Guildford.Brigadier the Right honourable Sir John George Smyth, baronet, V.C., M.C.. Lambeth, Norwood.Right honourable David Lockhart-Mure Renton, T.D., Q.C., Huntingdonshire.Robert Alexander Allan, esquire, D.S.O O.B.E., Paddington, South.Sir Gerard Spencer Summers, Aylesbury.Right honourable Dame Margaret Patricia Hornsby-Smith, D.B.E., Chislehurst.Sir Peter Garnett Agnew, baronet, South Worcestershire.Sir Herbert Walter Butcher, baronet, Holland with Boston.Charles Fletcher Fletcher-Cooke, esquire, Q.C., Darwen.Sir Robert Archibald Cary, baronet, Manchester, Withington.Sir Richard Hilton Marler Thompson, baronet, Croydon, South.Sir Henry Grey Studholme, baronet, C.V.O., Tavistock.Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Walter Henry Bromley-Davenport, T.D., Knutsford.Francis George Bowles, esquire, Nuneaton.Airey Middleton Sheffield Neave, esquire, D.S.O., O.B.E., M.C., T.D., Abdingdon.Christopher John Chataway, esquire, Lewisham, North.Arthur Douglas Dodds-Parker, esquire, Cheltenham.Aidan Merivale Crawley, esquire, M.B.E., West Derbyshire.James David Gibson-Watt, esquire, M.C., Hereford.Dame Edith Maud Pitt, D.B.E., Birmingham, Edgbaston.John Rankin, esquire, Glasgow, Govan.William Edward Garrett, esquire, Wallsend.William Baxter, esquire, West Stirlingshire.Harry Enos Randall, esquire, Gateshead, West.Alick Charles David Ensor, esquire, Bury and Radcliffe.John Binns, esquire, Keighley.Bernard Conlan, esquire, Gateshead, East.Archibald Clark Manuel, esquire, Central Ayrshire.Ernest Armstrong, esquire, North-West Durham.Gordon Alexander Thomas Bagier, esquire, Sunderland, South.Bertie Hazell, esquire, C.B.E., North Norfolk.Edward Leadbitter, esquire, The Hartle-pools.Benjamin Thomas Ford, esquire, Bradford, North.Henry Solomons, esquire, Kingston-upon-Hull, North.Richard Emanuel Winterbottom, esquire, Sheffield, Brightside.Sir Myer Galpern, Glasgow, Shettleston.David Griffiths, esquire, Rother Valley.David Weitzman, esquire, Q.C., Stoke Newington and Hackney, North.Ernest George Perry, esquire, Battersea, South.James Meecham Hill, esquire, Midlothian.Leslie Maurice Lever, esquire, Manchester, Ardwick.Alan Beaney, esquire, Hemsworth.Malcolm Kenneth MacMillan, esquire, Western Isles.Arthur James Irvine, esquire, Q.C., Liverpool, Edge Hill.Michael English, esquire, Nottingham, West.Anne Patricia Kerr, Rochester and Chatham.Hector Samuel James Hughes, esquire, Q.C., Aberdeen, North.Thomas Oswald, esquire, Edinburgh, Central.Sir George Beresford Craddock, Spelthorne.Sir Charles Stuart Taylor, T.D., Eastbourne.Hugh Emlyn Hooson, esquire, Q.C., Montgomery.Evan Roderic Bowen, esquire, Q.C., Cardigan.George Yull Mackie, esquire, Caithness and Sutherland.Alasdair Roderick Mackenzie, esquire, Ross and Cromarty.Albert Arthur Jones, esquire, South Northants.Margaret Betty Harvie Anderson, O.B.E., T.D., East Renfrewshire.James Cyril George Dance, esquire, Bromsgrove.Captain Lawrence Percy Story Orr, South Down.Charles Andrew Morrison, esquire, Devizes.Peter Edward Walker, esquire, Worcester.Mark Carlisle, esquire, Runcorn.William Geraint Oliver Morgan, esquire, Denbigh.Thomas Michael Jopling, esquire, Westmorland.Alexander Forbes Hendry, esquire, O.B.E., M.C., T.D., West Aberdeenshire.John Edgar Harvey, esquire Waltham-stow, East.David William Ernest Webster, esquire, Weston-super-Mare.Anthony Alfred Harmsworth Marlowe, esquire, Q.C., Hove.John Jeremy Thorpe, esquire, North Devon.Peter Joseph Bessell, esquire, Bodmin.Horace Maybray King, esquire, Southampton, Itchen.Thomas William Urwin, esquire, Houghton-le-Spring.Ian Robert Maxwell, esquire, Buckingham.James Hamilton, esquire, Bothwell.Thomas Edward Neil Driberg, esquire, Barking.Frank McLeavy, esquire, Bradford, East.Hugh Dunbar Brown, esquire, Glasgow Provan.Eric Graham Varley, esquire, Chesterfield.Thomas Henry Swain, esquire, North-East Derbyshire.Ronald Joseph Ledger, esquire, Romford.Harry Howarth, esquire, Welling-borough.Arthur Stanley Newens, esquire, Epping.Arnold Gregory, esquire, Stockport, North.Alice Cullen, Glasgow, Gorbals.Terence George Boston, esquire, Faversham.Raymond Fletcher, esquire, Ilkeston.Neil George Carmichael, esquire, Glasgow, Woodside.Norman Findlay Buchan, esquire, West Renfrewshire.Alastair Brian Walden, esquire, Birmingham, All Saints.Shirley Vivien Williams, Hitchin.Julius Silverman, esquire, Birmingham, Aston.Ivor Seward Richard, esquire, Barons Court.Albert Evans, esquire, Islington, South-West.David Ginsburg, esquire, Dewsbury.Ernest Alan Fitch, esquire, Wigan.James McInnes, esquire, M.B.E., Glasgow, Central.Joseph Trevor Park, esquire, South-East Derbyshire.Albert Edward Patrick Duffy, esquire, Colne Valley.James Dempsey, esquire, Coatbridge and Airdrie.Albert Roberts, esquire, Normanton.Paul Bernard Rose, esquire, Manchester, Blackley.Reginald Freeson, esquire, Willesden, East.William Stones esquire, Consett.Alastair Brian Clarke Harrison, esquire, Maldon.Sir Henry Joseph d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, baronet, D.S.O., M.C., T.D., Walsall, South.John Ellis Talbot, esquire, Brierley Hill.Alan Michael Clark Hutchison, esquire, Edinburgh, South.Hector Seymour Peter Monro, esquire, Dumfries.Sir Edward Joseph Brown, Bath.Alick Laidlaw Buchanan-Smith, esquire, North Angus and Mearns.Arthur Paul Dean, esquire, North Somerset.William Percival Grieve, esquire, Solihull.Ann Muriel, Lady Gammans, Hornsey.Godfrey William Lagden, esquire, Hornchurch.James Hamilton, esquire, commonly called the Marquess of Hamilton, Fermanagh and S. Tyrone.Frederic Walter Harris, esquire, Croydon, North-West.Colonel Sir Malcolm Stoddart-Scott, O.B.E., T.D., Ripon.Anthony George Berry, esquire, Southgate.John Leonard Hunt, esquire, Bromley.Leslie Charles Curran, esquire, Uxbridge.Eldon Wylie Griffiths, esquire, Bury St. Edmunds.Sir George Evelyn Sinclair, C.M.G., O.B.E., Dorking.David Mitchell, esquire, Basingstoke.Gilbert James Morley Longden, esquire, M.B.E., South-West Hertfordshire.Sir Samuel Storey, baronet, Stretford.Marcus Richard Kimball, esquire, Gainsborough.Sir Luke William Burke Teeling, Brighton, Pavilion.Colonel Claude Granville Lancaster, South Fylde.George Forrest, esquire, Mid-Ulster.Ian Stewart Lloyd, esquire, Portsmouth, Langstone.Samuel Sydney Silverman, esquire, Nelson and Colne.Charles Leslie Hale, esquire, Oldham, West.George Craddock, esquire, Bradford, South.Charles Richard Morris, esquire, Manchester, Openshaw.Eric Ogden, esquire, Liverpool, West Derby.Richard Crawshaw, esquire, O.B.E., Liverpool, Toxteth.Michael Mackintosh Foot, esquire, Ebbw Vale.Emrys Hughes, esquire, South Ayrshire.Walter Harold Alldritt, esquire, Liverpool, Scotland.Elizabeth Margaret Braddock, Liverpool, Exchange.James Anthony Dunn, esquire, Liverpool, Kirkdale.Charles William Loughlin, esquire, West Gloucestershire.Ernest Fernyhough, esquire, Jarrow.Edward Lancelot Mallalieu, esquire, Q.C., Brigg.Cyril Raymond Bence, esquire, East Dunbartonshire.Maurice Orbach, esquire, Stockport, South.Hugh Gater Jenkins, esquire, Wandsworth, Putney.Sir Jocelyn Morton Lucas, baronet, K.B.E., M.C., Portsmouth, South.John Alec Biggs-Davison, esquire, Chigwell.Sir John Anthony Langford-Holt, Shrewsbury.Thomas Lascelles Iremonger, esquire, Ilford, North.Herbert Raymond Gower, esquire, Barry.Robert Gordon Cooke, esquire, Bristol, West.Alan Cripps Nind Hopkins, esquire, Bristol, North-East.Norman Alexander Miscampbell, esquire, Blackpool, North.Sir Samuel Knox Cunningham, baronet, Q.C., South Antrim.Sir Ronald Stanley Russell, Wembley, South.Hugh Geoffrey Birch Wilson, esquire, Truro.Eric Reginald Lubbock, esquire, Orpington.David Russell Johnston, esquire, Inverness.Robert Lever Howarth, esquire, Bolton, East.Gordon James Oakes, esquire, Bolton, West.Joel Barnett, esquire, Heywood and Royton.Robert Edward Sheldon, esquire, Ashton-under-Lyne.Stanley Orme, esquire, Salford, West.Eric Samuel Heffer, esquire, Liverpool, Walton.Edmund Emanuel Dell, esquire, Birkenhead.Kenneth Lomas, esquire, Huddersfield, West.Commander Charles Edward McArthur Donaldson, Roxburgh, Selkirk and Peebles.Fred Blackburn, esquire, Stalybridge and Hyde.Julian Errington Ridsdale, esquire, Harwich.Dennis Harry Hobden, esquire, Brighton, Kemptown.Allan Williams, esquire, Swansea, West.Walter Monslow, esquire, Barrow-in-Furness.Donald Richard Coleman, esquire, Neath.Neil McBride, esquire, Swansea, East.Shirley Catherine Wynne Summerskill, Halifax.David Leigh Kerr, esquire, Wandsworth, Central.Maurice Solomon Miller, esquire, Glasgow, Kelvingrove.Harold Boardman, esquire, Leigh.John Derek Page, esquire, King's Lynn.Frank Harold Hayman, esquire, Falmouth and Camborne.Captain John Shirley Sandys Litchfield, Chelsea.Rodney Graham Page, esquire, M.B.E., Crosby.Captain Walter Elliot, D.S.C., Carshalton.Edward Macmillan Taylor, esquire, Glasgow, Cathcart.Wyndham Roy Davies, esquire, Birmingham, Perry Barr.George Boyle Hanna Currie, esquire, M.B.E., North Down.Sir Leslie Montagu Thomas, M.B.E., T.D., Canterbury.Paul Lancelot Hawkins, esquire, South-West Norfolk.Henry Oscar Murton, esquire, O.B.E., T.D., Poole.Alfred George Fletcher Hall-Davis, esquire, Morecambe and Lonsdale.Arthur Massey Skeffington, esquire, Hayes and Harlington.Eric George Molyneux Fletcher, esquire, Islington, East.Irene Mervyn Parnicott Pike, Melton.Ronald Howard Lewis, esquire, Carlisle.Renée Short, Wolverhampton, North-East.

4.30 p.m.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:Megan Arfon Lloyd George, commonly called Lady Megan Arfon Lloyd George, Carmarthen.Llywelyn Williams, esquire, Abertillery.Stephen Owen Davies, esquire, Merthyr Tydfil.Joseph Thomas Price, esquire, Westhoughton.James Idwal Jones, esquire, Wrexham.Thomas William Jones, esquire, Merioneth.Frank Allaun, esquire, Salford, East.Edward James Milne, esquire, Blyth.James Gregor MacKenzie, esquire, Rutherglen.Lena May Jeger, Holborn and St. Pancras, South.Daniel Jones, esquire, B.E.M., Burnley.Merlyn Rees, esquire, Leeds, South.Arthur Reginald Probert, esquire, Aberdare.Maurice Edelman, esquire, Coventry, North.Joseph Bede Symonds, esquire, White-haven.William Wilson, esquire, Coventry, South.Robert Edward Woof, esquire, Blaydon.Norman Noel Dodds, esquire, Erith and Crayford.Alexander Garrow, esquire, Glasgow, Pollok.Richard Buchanan, esquire, Glasgow, Springburn.William Winter Hamilton, esquire, West Fife.Harold Walker, esquire, Doncaster.Walter Harrison, esquire, Wakefield.Evelyn Violet Elizabeth Emmet, commonly called the honourable Evelyn Violet Elizabeth Emmet, East Grinstead.John Charles Jennings, esquire, Burton.Peter Frank Hannibal Emery, esquire, Reading.Joan Mary Quennell, M.B.E., Petersfield.Sir Anthony John Charles Meyer, baronet, Eton and Slough.William James Owen, esquire, Morpeth.Henry John Brewis, esquire, Galloway.Captain Henry Briton Kerby, Arundel and Shoreham.Peter McLay Mills, esquire, Torrington.Raphael Herman Tuck, esquire, Watford.Sir Edward Alexander Henry Legge-Bourke, K.B.E., Isle of Ely.Albert Percy Costain, esquire, Folkestone and Hythe.Clive Bossom, esquire, commonly called the honourable Clive Bossom, Leominster.Wing Commander Eric Edward Bullus, Wembley, North.John Holbrook Osborn, esquire, Sheffield, Hallam.Patrick Michael Ernest David McNairWilson, esquire, Lewisham, West.Sir Gerald Wills, M.B.E., Bridgwater.Peter Maudsley Hordern, esquire, Horsham.Rear-Admiral Morgan Charles Morgan Giles, D.S.O., O.B.E., G.M., Winchester.Bryant Godman Irvine, esquire, Rye.Michael James Hugh Alison, esquire, Barkston Ash.Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Finchley.Charles Brooke Longbottom, esquire, York.Kenneth Lewis, esquire, Rutland and Stamford.Roger Gresham Cooke, esquire, C.B.E., Twickenham.Tudor Elwyn Watkins, esquire, Brecon and Radnor.Sydney Scholefield Allen, esquire, Q.C., Crewe.Konni Zilliacus, esquire, Manchester, Gorton.Ronald William Brown, esquire, Shore-ditch and Finsbury.Christopher Bonnewell Burton Norwood, esquire, Norwich, South.William Watson Small, esquire, Glasgow, Scotstoun.Margaret McKay, Wandsworth, Clapham.Simon Mahon, esquire, Bootle.Peter Mahon, esquire, Preston, South.Herbert William Butler, esquire, Hackney, Central.George Colin Jackson, esquire, Brighouse and Spenborough.George Morgan Thomson, esquire, Dundee, East.Robert Edwards, esquire, Bilston.William Griffiths, esquire, Manchester, Exchange.Norman Atkinson, esquire, Tottenham.Michael Thomas McGuire, esquire, Ince.Lewis Carter-Jones, esquire, Eccles.Richard Kelley, esquire, Don Valley.William John Molloy, esquire, Ealing, North.Right honourable Sir John Kenyon Vaughan-Morgan, baronet, Reigate.Joan Helen Vickers, M.B.E., Plymouth, Devonport.Terence Langley Higgins, esquire, Worthing.Arthur Tiley, esquire, Bradford, West.Sir Esme Tatton Cecil Brinton, Kidderminister.Christopher Montague Woodhouse, D.S.O., O.B.E., commonly called the honourable Christopher Montague Woodhouse, D.S.O., O.B.E., Oxford.Evelyn Mansfield King, esquire, South Dorset.Norman Anthony Francis St. John Stevas, esquire, Chelmsford.James Alexander Kilfedder, esquire, Belfast, West.Bruce Bernard Weatherill, esquire, Croydon, North-East.Stephen Lewis Edmonstone Hastings, esquire, M.C., Mid-Bedfordshire.John Julius Wells, esquire, Maidstone.Right honourable Sir Derek Colclough Walker-Smith, T.D., Q.C., East Hertfordshire.Greville Reginald Charles Howard, esquire, commonly called the honourable Greville Reginald Charles Howard, St. Ives.Robert John Maxwell-Hyslop, esquire, Tiverton.Richard Edward Geoffrey Howe, esquire, Bebington.Sir Edmund McNeil Cooper-Key, Hastings.William Rupert Rees-Davies, esquire, Isle of Thanet.Sir John Galway Foster, K.B.E., Q.C., Northwich.Malcolm MacPherson, esquire, M.B.E., Stirling and Falkirk Burghs.Laurence Anstice Pavitt, esquire, Willesden, West.Right honourable Thomas Frederick Peart, Workington.Albert Edward Cooper, esquire, M.B.E., Ilford, South.Angus Edmund Upton Maude, esquire, Stratford.Sir John Charles Rodgers, baronet, Sevenoaks.Sir Geoffrey Stanley de Freitas, Kettering.William Hannan, esquire, Glasgow, Maryhill.Tam Dalyell, esquire, West Lothian.Sir John Edward Gilmour, baronet, D.S.O., T.D., East Fife.Samuel Charles Silkin, esquire, commonly called the honourable Samuel Charles Silkin, Camberwell, Dulwich.James Tinn, esquire, Cleveland.Edward Joseph Fletcher, esquire, Darlington.Frederick John Horner, esquire, Oldbury and Halesowen.George Kenneth Hotson Younger, esquire, commonly called the honourable George Kenneth Hotson Younger, Ayr.Willfred Harold Kerton Baker, esquire, Banff.John Granville Morrison, esquire, T.D., Salisbury.Norman John Cole, esquire, South Bedfordshire.John Robertson, esquire, Paisley.Peter Muir Doig, esquire, Dundee, West.James Bennett, esquire, Glasgow, Bridgeton.James Johnson, esquire, Kingston-upon-Hull, West.Clifford Kenyon, esquire, Chorley.Gerald William Reynolds, esquire, Islington, North.Bernard Francis Castle Floud, esquire, Acton.George Douglas Wallace, esquire, Norwich, North.Jeremy William Bray, esquire, Middlesbrough, West.George Burnaby Drayson, esquire, T.D., Skipton.Right honourable Sir Peter Anthony Grayson Rawlinson, Q.C., Epsom.Reginald Frederick Brittain Bennett, esquire, Gosport and Fareham.Edward Stanley Bishop, esquire, Newark.Benjamin Theaker Parkin, esquire, Paddington, North.Peter Allan Renshaw Blaker, esquire, Blackpool, South.Brigadier Terence Hugh Clarke, C.B.E., Portsmouth, West.William Radcliffe van Straubenzee, esquire, M.B.E., Wokingham.Sir Arthur Vere Harvey, C.B.E., Macclesfield.Sir John Francis Whitaker Maitland, Horncastle.Sir Charles Edward Mott-Radclyffe, Windsor.Right honourable Sir Frank Soskice, Q.C., Newport.Martin McLaren, esquire, Bristol, North-West.Harold Edward Gurden, esquire, Birmingham, Selly Oak.Victor Henry Goodhew, esquire, St. Albans.Anthony Henry Fanshawe Royle, esquire, Richmond, Surrey.Albert Edward Hunter, esquire, Feltham.Jack Dunnett, esquire, Nottingham, Central.Sir Richard Hamilton Glyn, baronet, O.B.E., T.D., North Dorset.Victor Francis Yates, esquire, Birmingham, Ladywood.Sir John Fletcher-Cooke, C.M.G., Southampton, Test.Albert James Murray, esquire, Gravesend.Adam Hunter, esquire, Dunfermline, Burghs.Ronald McMillan Bell, esquire, South Buckinghamshire.Marcus Lipton, esquire, O.B.E., Lambeth, Brixton.Frederick Petre Crowder, esquire, Q.C., Ruislip—Northwood.Edward Lucas Gardner, esquire, Q.C., Billericay.William Yates, esquire, The Wrekin.Robert Grant Grant-Ferris, esquire, Nantwich.Right honourable Martin Redmayne, D.S.O., Rushcliffe.Leopold Abse, esquire, Pontypool.Henry Paul Guinness Channon, esquire, Southend, West.Rupert Malise Speir, esquire, Hexham.William Thomas Williams, esquire, Q.C., Warrington.Charles John Addison Doughty, esquire, Q.C., East Surrey.

5.40 p.m.

The following Members took and subscribed the Oath, or made and subscribed the Affirmation required by Law:George Albert Pargiter, esquire, C.B.E., Southall.Sir Charles Ian Orr-Ewing, baronet, O.B.E., Hendon, North.Paul Elmore Oliver Bryan, esquire, D.S.O., M.C., Howden.Patrick Henry Bligh Wall, esquire, M.C., Haltemprice.Richard Reader Harris, esquire, Heston and Isleworth.John Anthony Grant, esquire, Harrow, Central.Frederick Mackarness Bennett, esquire, Torquay.William Noble Warbey, esquire, Ashfield.John Desmond Cronin, esquire, Loughborough.Philip Carter Goodhart, esquire, Beckenham.