Private Business. – in the House of Commons on 30th July 1942.

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Standing Order 39, page 114, line 3, leave out "and."

Line 4, at the end, insert "and at the Ministry of Works and Planning."

Lines 17 to 20, leave out paragraph (5).

Page 115, lines 39 and 40, leave out "and at the Office of the Commissioners of Works."

Page 116, line 25, add "( ) of every Bill extending to Scotland at the Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland."

Standing Order 71, page 136, line 14, after "situate," insert "the first of such insertions being not earlier than the fourth day of December."

Line 18, leave out "Ten," and insert "Twenty-one."

Line 19, after "meeting," insert "stating the offices at which copies of the Bill may be inspected and obtained, and."

Page 137, line 5, leave out "seventh," and insert "twenty-first," and leave out "last," and insert "first."

Page 138, line 15, at the end, add,—

Provided that in the case of a Bill for which the Petition is deposited, or proposed to be deposited, by leave of the House, after the Twenty-seventh day of November, the foregoing provisions of this Order shall apply, subject to the following modifications:

  1. (a) the first insertion of the advertisement calling the meeting shall be not earlier than the date of the deposit of such petition; and
  2. (b) the circular to proprietors shall be sent by post or delivered not earlier than the date specified in the notice containing a concise summary of the purposes of the Bill as the date on which copies of the Bill may be inspected and obtained.

Standing Order 80, page 152, line 26, leave out from "proved," to "In," on page 153, line 3, and insert "In cases where provisions which were not contained in the Bill as introduced into Parliament are sought to be inserted upon petition for additional provision, the original notices shall not be held to apply to the additional provisions proposed to be inserted.""

In moving the Motion which stands in my name referring to certain Amendments to the Standing Orders relating to Private Bills may I say that there is no question of fundamental principle arising in any way in regard to these Amendments. Hon. Members who are interested will know that alterations to Standing Orders relating to Private Business are not uncommon. The purposes of these Amendments to three Standing Orders are, in the case of Standing Order No. 39, ones which deal with the deposit of copies of Private Bills at certain Government offices. In the case of Standing Order No. 71, it is to deal with a sort of slip which appears to have been made in the Standing Orders with the result that it has been possible in the past for what are known as the Wharncliffe meetings to be held before the Bill is available. That is now corrected by these Amendments. The third one is only a re-wording of a passage in that Order to bring it into line with existing procedure in regard to the deposit of Private Bills.

These Amendments have all been drafted on the recommendation of Mr. Speaker's Counsel, who advises the Chairman of Ways and Means in this matter, after consultation with the Parliamentary Agents, and, as far as is necessary, with the Lord Chairman and his adviser in another place. I hope, therefore, the House will find no difficulty in passing them.

Question put, and agreed to.