Orders of the Day — Civil Estimates and Estimates for Revenue Departments, 1942 (Vote on Account)

– in the House of Commons on 3rd March 1942.

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Motion made, and Question proposed, That a sum, not exceeding £198,882,000, be granted to His Majesty, on account, for or towards defraying the charges for the following Civil and Revenue Departments (including Education and Broadcasting, Pensions, Health and Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment Assistance, Roads and other grants and Exchequer Contributions to Local Revenues) for the year ending on the 31st day of March, 1943, namely: —

Class X.
Ministry of Food10
Class I.
House of Lords Offices28,000
House of Commons155,000
Registration of Electors10,000
Treasury and Subordinate Departments260,000
Privy Council Office6,800
Privy Seal Office3,000
Charity Commission12,500
Civil Service Commission7,750
Exchequer and Audit Department83,000
Government Actuary6,500
Government Chemist30,000
Government Hospitality7,000
Import Duties Advisory Committee3,000
The Mint10
National Debt Office500
National Savings Committee150,000
Public Record Office13,500
Public Works Loan Commission6,000
Repayments to the Local Loans Fund17,000
Royal Commissions, &c.12,500
Miscellaneous Expenses20,000
Secret Service10
Tithe Redemption Commission10
Scotland: —
Scottish Home Department77,500
Class II.
Foreign Office350,000
Diplomatic and Consular Services1,000,000
League of Nations75,000
Dominions Office24,000
Dominion Services87,000
Oversea Settlement10
Colonial Office90,000
Colonial and Middle Eastern Services2,200,000
Development and Welfare (Colonies, &c.)300,000
Development and Welfare (South African High Commission Territories)5,000
India and Burma Services735,000
Imperial War Graves Commission2,000
Class III
Home Office400,000
Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum38,000
Police, England and Wales7,500,000
Prisons, England and Wales720,000
Approved Schools, &c, England and Wales175,000
Supreme Court of Judicature, &c.10
County Courts100,000
Land Registry15,000
Public Trustee5,000
Law Charges70,000
Miscellaneous Legal Expenses30,500
Scotland: —
Approved Schools, &c.29,000
Scottish Land Court3,500
Law Charges and Courts of Law22,500
Register House, Edinburgh11,000
Ireland: —
Northern Ireland Services3,500
Supreme Court of Judicature, &c, Northern Ireland17,500
Irish Land Purchase Services625,000
Class IV
Board of Education19,500,000
British Museum70,000
British Museum (Natural History)45,000
Imperial War Museum4,000
London Museum1,500
National Gallery11,000
National Maritime Museum3,500
National Portrait Gallery3,000
Wallace Collection4,000
Scientific Investigation, &155,000
Universities and Colleges, Great Britain1,000,000
Scotland: —
Public Education3,550,000
National Galleries4,500
National Library1,000
Class V
Ministry of Health8,500,000
Board of Control89,000
Registrar-General's Office83,000
National Insurance Audit Department49,500
Friendly Societies Registry14,000
Old Age Pensions19,000,000
Widows', Orphans', and Old Age Contributory Pensions6,000,000
Ministry of Labour and National Service14,450,000
Grants in respect of Employment Schemes700,000
Commissioner for Special Areas (England and Wales)10
Assistance Board2,800,000
Special Areas Fund300,000
Financial Assistance in Special and other Areas40,0000
Supplementary Pensions10,000,000
Scotland: —
Department of Health1,600,000
Board of Control7,000
Registrar-General's Office14,500
Commissioner for Special Areas (Scotland)10
Class VI
Board of Trade500,000
Mercantile Marine Services430,000
Department of Overseas Trade110,000
Export Credits100,000
Mines Department of the Board of Trade118,000
Office of Commissioners of Crown Lands12,000
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries1,650,000
Surveys of Great Britain275,000
Forestry Commission200,000
Roads &c2,500,000
Miscellaneous Transport Services10,000
Development Fund200,000
Development Grants170,600
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research200,000
State Management Districts10
Clearing Offices10
Scotland: —
Department of Agriculture195,000
Herring Industry100
Class VII
Art and Science Buildings, Great Britain67,000
Houses of Parliament Buildings21,000
Labour and Health Buildings, Great Britain186,000
Miscellaneous Legal Buildings, Great Britain60,000
Ministry of Works and Buildings1,160,000
Miscellaneous Works Services56,000
Public Buildings Overseas30,000
Royal Palaces37,000
Revenue Buildings422,000
Royal Parks and Pleasure Gardens75,000
Rates on Government Property2,500,000
Stationery and Printing1,200,000
Peterhead Harbour5,000
Works and Buildings in Ireland18,000
Class VIII
Merchant Seamen's War Pensions75,000
Ministry of Pensions14,500,000
Royal Irish Constabulary Pensions, &c.450,000
Superannuation and Retired Allowances1,000,000
Class IX
Exchequer Contributions to Local Revenues, England and Wales18,000,000
Exchequer Contributions to Local Revenues, Scotland2,255,000
Class X
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (War Services)10
Ministry of Aircraft Production10
Ministry of Economic Warfare10
Ministry of Health (War Services)10
Ministry of Home Security10
Ministry of Information10
Ministry of Labour and National Service (War Services)10
Mines Department of the Board of Trade (War Services)10
Petroleum Department of the Board of Trade10
Ministry of Supply10
War Damage (Business and Private Chattels)10
War Damage Commission10
Ministry of War Transport10
Department of Agriculture, Scotland (War Services)10
Department of Health, Scotland (War Services)10
Total for Civil Estimates£156,707,000
Revenue Departments.
Customs and Excise2,175,000
Inland Revenue4,000,000
Post Office36,000,000
Total for Revenue Departments£42,175,000
Total for Civil Estimates and Estimates for Revenue Departments£198,882,000 "