Oral Answers to Questions — Trade and Commerce. – in the House of Commons at on 7 October 1931.

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Photo of Mr Carlyon Bellairs Mr Carlyon Bellairs , Maidstone


asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he will issue a comparison of the chief articles exported by this country to Russia in 1913, with the amounts we exported in 1930 to Soviet Russia?

Photo of Mr Philip Lloyd-Greame Mr Philip Lloyd-Greame , Hendon

Yes, Sir. I will circulate the desired information in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Photo of Mr Carlyon Bellairs Mr Carlyon Bellairs , Maidstone

With regard to the figures, do they generally show that a system of virtual prohibition is in force against goods that we might desire to sell to Russia?

Photo of Mr Philip Lloyd-Greame Mr Philip Lloyd-Greame , Hendon

There are two pages of figures, and I do not think I could do the mental arithmetic sum necessary to give the answer.

The following table shows the total quantity and declared value of merchandise exported from the United Kingdom and consigned to Russia in 1913 and to the Soviet Union in 1930, distinguishing the principal commodities.
Unit of Quantity.Quantity.Declared Value.
Exports of United Kingdom produce and manufactures.££
Herrings—cured or salted, not canned.Cwt.3,566,155182,2951,988,177121,531
Sugar, refinedCwt.352,597,011401,408,826
Wool raw—sheeps' and lambs'.Cental of 100 lbs.41,61411,597307,014106,933
Wool noilsCwt.46,6243,049338,40526,302
Woollen ragsCwt.22,51836,96377,224118,952
Ammonium sulphateTon(a)68,197(a)500,623
Cotton yarnsLb.2,447,100189,490261,51850,572
Cotton manufactures (except apparel and embroidery).Value523,7551,069
Implements, tools, etc.Value252,789(a)
Machinery and parts thereofTon71,20327,7793,926,5302,692,660
Iron and Steel and manufactures thereof.Ton84,3735,9721,017,891374,715
Nickel in pellets, cubes, etc.Ton(a)640(a)108,800
Tin Blocks, Ingots, Bars and Slabs.Ton1,41539295,0385,400
Aeroplanes and parts thereofValue5443,974
Ships and Boats (New) complete.Gross ton24,768(a)643,466(a)
Wool tops (other than merino).Cental of 100 lbs.11,76325,716103,903320,867
Woollen and Worsted yarnsLb.2,932,00024,971469,9772,931
Linear yds.Sq.yds.
Woollen and Worsted tissues.883,70079,914331,84020,716
Arms and Ammunition and military and naval stores.Value40,45941,919
All other articlesValue3,187,988600,979
Total Domestic ExportsValue18,102,6836,771,946
(a) Included in "All other articles."

Photo of Mr Robert Taylor Mr Robert Taylor , Lincoln

Will the right hon. Gentleman bring these figures more up to date, and give the first eight months of this year?

Photo of Mr Philip Lloyd-Greame Mr Philip Lloyd-Greame , Hendon

If the hon. Gentleman wants these figures, per he will put a question on the Paper.

Photo of Mr Alexander Haycock Mr Alexander Haycock , Salford West

Do you think the kind of question that we have been getting will help us to get what we want from Russia?

Following is the reply:

Unit of Quantity.Quantity.Declared Value.
Exports of Imported Merchandise.££
Cocoa, rawCwt.16,8273,01759,2745,172
Coffee, not kiln-dried, not roasted or ground.Cwt.15,672(a)64,139(a)
Fruit and nuts, rawValue54,659(a)
Cotton, raw (except linters)Cental of 100 lbs.1,108,99931,8663,832,221134,331
Hemp, not dressedTon2,180(a)64,325
Rubber, crudeCental of 100 lbs.142,326170,5462,205,205623,380
Castor seedTon11,179(a)134,934(a)
Nuts and kernels for expressing oil therefrom.Ton11,285(a)327,663(a)
Wool, raw—sheeps' and lambs'.Cental of 100 lbs.3,83720233,0641,021
Palm and palm kernel oil, unrefined.Ton2,679(a)77,045(a)
Tallow, unrefinedTon20,888(a)726,409(a)
Jute, rawTon3,485(a)110,620(a)
Leather, dressed and undressed.Cwt.1,408(a)39,360(a)
Copper bars, blocks, slabs, ingots and cakes.Ton(a)625(a)34,515
Lead, pig and sheetTon6,60429,988118,528558,103
Tin, blocks, ingots, bars and slabsTon3382,63770,620489,501
Zinc, crudeTon(a)2,970(a)55,246
Machinery and parts thereofTon11,298(a)415,746(a)
Wood and timber manufactures.Value237,743(a)
All other articlesValue606,240147,205
Total Re-exportsValue9,591,2702,519,365
(a) Included in "All other articles."

Photo of Mr Carlyon Bellairs Mr Carlyon Bellairs , Maidstone


asked the President of the Board of Trade what are the general terms of the decree issued in May, 1931, regulating trade of foreigners with Soviet Russia and of Soviet State and co-operative organisations with foreigners; and whether those orders have been in any way altered since then?

Photo of Mr Philip Lloyd-Greame Mr Philip Lloyd-Greame , Hendon

The decree to which my hon. and gallant Friend no doubt refers is that issued on 11th March, which was supplemented by regulations issued on 23rd April. The decree was substantially a re-enactment of existing legislation and the regulations prescribed the procedure to be followed by foreign firms in applying for permission to carry on trading operations in Soviet territory, such procedure not differing in any important respect from that hitherto in force. A full summary of Soviet law on the subject, which has not, so far as I am aware, been amended since, will be found in paragraph 17 of the Report on the Organisation of the Foreign Trade of the Soviet Union, by the Commercial Counsellor to His Majesty's Embassy in Moscow, issued in June last (Cmd. 3904), copy of which I am sending to my hon. and gallant Friend.

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asked the Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department the sums outstanding to date that have been guaranteed to Russia and to all other countries, respectively, under the Export Credits scheme?

Sir HILTON YOUNG (Secretary, Overseas Trade Department):

The total amount of credits which the Department had up to the 3rd October contracted to guarantee in respect of exports to Russia and to all other countries was £10,893,106 and £15,787,612, respectively. The total liability assumed under these contracts was £6,906,240 and £10,946,362, respectively.