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  • Standing Order 11. — (Application to Owners, etc., on or before 15th December.)

    On or before the Fifteenth day of December immediately preceding the Application for a Bill for power to take any Lands, or Houses compulsorily or for compulsory user of the same, or for an...

  • Standing Order 12. — (Notice to frontagers in case of tramways.)

    Ordered, "That the Standing Order be repealed."

  • Standing Order 35. — (Deposit of Estimates, etc., in Private Bill Office.)

    All Estimates and Declarations, and Lists of Owners, Lessees and Occupiers, which are required by the Standing Orders of this House, shall be deposited in the Private Bill Office on or before the...

  • Appendix (a).

    [FORM referred to in Pages 97 and 135.]