Oral Answers to Questions — Post Office.

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  • Advisory Council. (2 speeches)

    44. asked the Postmaster-General if he will state whom he has selected to represent the agricultural interest upon the business Advisory Committee at the Post Office?

  • Wireless Broadcasting. (2 speeches)

    Lieut.-Colonel A. MURRAY: 60. asked the Postmaster-General on what principle and subject to what conditions licences for wireless broadcasting stations are given to industrial concerns; and...

  • National Federation of Postal and Telegraph Clerics. (2 speeches)

    61. asked the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that the National Federation of Postal and Telegraph Clerks has a London membership of 3,350 sorters and 1,200 telegraphists and counter...

  • Town Sub-Office, Eastbourne. (2 speeches)

    62. asked the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that, as the result of the transfer of the head post office at Eastbourne to a less convenient situation, a town sub-office has been created...

  • Cable Communication, Stornoway. (2 speeches)

    Dr. MURRAY: 63. asked the Postmaster-General when the cable communication between Stornoway and the mainland is likely to be restored?

  • Collection and Delivery (Costs). (2 speeches)

    66. asked the Postmaster-General whether he can give the average cost of collection and delivery of a parcel, a letter, and a postcard in the United Kingdom?

  • Germany (Reparation Bonds). (4 speeches)

    45. asked the Prime Minister whether the three issues of reparation bonds by Germany, which were to have been delivered last year, were in fact delivered, or whether this scheme has fallen...

  • Ministry of Defence. (2 speeches)

    Mr. MALONE: 46. asked the Prime Minister who are the members of the Committee appointed to investigate the practicability of a Ministry of Defence and who is the chairman; and when and where will...