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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

  • Prayers - [Mr Speaker in the Chair]

    Virtual participation in proceedings commenced (Orders, 4 June and 30 December 2020). [NB: [V] denotes a Member participating virtually.]

  • Health and Social Care

    The Secretary of State was asked—

  • Points of Order

    4 speeches

    On a point of order, Mr Speaker. The Select Committee on Home Affairs had been seeking to visit Napier barracks and Tug Haven reception centre for asylum seekers. We approached the Home Office...

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points (New Buildings)

    4 speeches

    Motion for leave to bring in a Bill ( Standing Order No. 23)

  • Business of the House (Today)

    Ordered, That, at this day’s sitting, the Speaker shall put the Question necessary to dispose of proceedings on the motion in the name of the Prime Minister relating to Treasury Update on...

  • International Aid: Treasury Update

    121 speeches

    Before we come to the next item of business, I wish to remind the House that, on 7 June, I said: “the House has not…had an opportunity for a decisive vote on maintaining the...

  • Armed Forces Bill (Programme) (No. 3)

    Motion made, and Question put forthwith ( Standing Order No. 83A(7)), That the Order of 23 June 2021 (Armed Forces Bill: Programme (No. 2)) be varied as follows: (1) Paragraphs 5 and 6 of the...

  • Armed Forces Bill

    [Relevant document: Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill, Special Report of Session 2019-21: The Armed Forces Bill, HC 1281.] Consideration of Bill, as amended in the Public Bill Committee

    • New Clause 1 - Duty of care to service personnel

      18 speeches

      ‘(1) The Secretary of State must establish a duty of care standard in relation to legal, pastoral and mental health support provided to service personnel involved in investigations or...

    • New Clause 4

      Armed Forces Mental Health Care review ‘(1) The Secretary of State must publish a report containing a review of the mental health treatment provided to Armed Forces personnel through...

      Clause 7 - Concurrent jurisdiction

      Amendment proposed: 1, page 4, line 27, at end insert— ‘guidance under subsection (3)(a) must provide for charges of murder, manslaughter, domestic violence, child...

      Clause 8 - Armed forces covenant

      3 speeches

      Amendment proposed: 2,  page 18, line 28, at end insert— “343AG Section 343AF: report ‘(1) The Secretary of State must lay a report before each House of...

  • National Health Service

    76 speeches

    I beg to move, That the draft Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021, which were laid before this House on 22 June, be approved. As we...

  • Deferred Divisions

    17 speeches

    Motion made, and Question put forthwith ( Standing Order No. 41A(3)), That, at this day’s sitting, Standing Order 41A (Deferred divisions) shall not apply to (a) the Motion in the name of...

  • Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism

    10 speeches

    I beg to move, That the draft Terrorism Act 2000 (Proscribed Organisations) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 2021, which was laid before this House on 12 July, be approved. This motion would ordinarily...

  • English Votes for English Laws

    58 speeches

    I beg to move, That Standing Orders Nos. 83J to 83X (Certification according to territorial application etc) be rescinded and the following changes be made to Standing Orders: (1) in...

  • Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

    3 speeches

    [Relevant document: Speaker’s Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, First Report of 2021, Appointment of the Chair of the Independent Parliamentary Standards...

  • Business without Debate

  • Delegated Legislation

    Motion made, and Question put forthwith ( Standing Order No. 118(6)),

    • Electricity

      That the draft Electricity Capacity (Amendment) Regulations 2021, which were laid before this House on 21 June, be approved.—(Tom Pursglove.) Question agreed to. Motion made, and Question...

    • International Immunities and Privileges

      That the draft European Union and European Atomic Energy Community (Immunities and Privileges) Order 2021, which was laid before this House on 17 May, be approved.—(Tom Pursglove.)...

  • Delegated Legislation (Electoral Commission)

    Motion made, and Question put forthwith ( Standing Order No. 9(6)), That the Motion in the name of Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg relating to the Electoral Commission shall be treated as if it related to an...

  • Committees

    1 speech

    With the leave of the House I will take motions 13 to 17 together. Ordered,

  • Education

    That Fleur Anderson be discharged from the Education Committee and Kate Osborne be added.

  • International Trade

    That Taiwo Owatemi be discharged from the International Trade Committee and Tony Lloyd be added.

  • Justice

    That Paula Barker be discharged from the Justice Committee and Kate Hollern be added.

  • Petitions

    That Chris Evans be discharged from the Petitions Committee and Christina Rees be added.

  • Public Accounts

    That Olivia Blake be discharged from the Committee of Public Accounts and Kate Osamor be added.—(Stuart Andrew, on behalf of the Committee of Selection.)

  • Randolph Turpin

    8 speeches

    Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.—(Tom Pursglove.)

  • Members Eligible for a Proxy Vote

    The following is the list of Members currently certified as eligible for a proxy vote, and of the Members nominated as their proxy: Ms Diane Abbott (Hackney North and Stoke Newington) (Lab)...

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