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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

  • Wales

    The Secretary of State was asked—

  • Prime Minister

    The Prime Minister was asked—

  • Personal Statement

    7 speeches

    I have granted leave to the right hon. Member for Bromsgrove (Sajid Javid) to make a personal statement following his resignation from the Government. I remind the House that no debate, nor...

  • Coronavirus

    65 speeches

    With your permission, Mr Speaker, I would like to update the House on covid-19, or coronavirus. As of this morning, 7,132 people in the UK have been tested for the virus. So far, 13 people in the...

  • Points of Order

    6 speeches

    On a point of order, Mr Speaker. It is timely that Health Ministers are in the Chamber, because there have been two important announcements this week in connection with the dangers of smoking....

  • Bill Presented

    • European Citizens’ Rights

      Presentation and First Reading ( Standing Order No. 57) Christine Jardine, supported by Stuart C. McDonald, Munira Wilson, Daisy Cooper, Sarah Olney, Jamie Stone, Wera Hobhouse and Wendy...

  • Workers (Definition and Rights)

    1 speech

    Motion for leave to bring in a Bill ( Standing Order No. 23)

  • Environment Bill

    91 speeches

    [Relevant documents: Fourteenth Report of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee of Session 2017-19, Prelegislative scrutiny of the Draft Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill,...

  • Royal Assent

    1 speech

    I have to notify the House, in accordance with the Royal Assent Act 1967, that Her Majesty has signified her Royal Assent to the following Act: Terrorist Offenders (Restriction of Early Release)...

  • Environment Bill

    63 speeches

    Debate resumed.

  • Environment Bill (Programme)

    Motion made, and Question put forthwith ( Standing Order No. 83A(7)), That the following provisions shall apply to the Environment Bill:

  • Committal

    (1) The Bill shall be committed to a Public Bill Committee.

  • Proceedings in Public Bill Committee

    (2) Proceedings in the Public Bill Committee shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion on Tuesday 5 May 2020. (3) The Public Bill Committee shall have leave to sit...

  • Proceedings on Consideration and up to and including Third Reading

    (4) Proceedings on Consideration and any proceedings in legislative grand committee shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion one hour before the moment of...

  • Other proceedings

    (7) Any other proceedings on the Bill may be programmed.—(Maria Caulfield.) Question agreed to.

  • Environment Bill (Money)

    Queen’s recommendation signified. Motion made, and Question put forthwith ( Standing Order No. 52(1)(a)), That, for the purposes of any Act resulting from the Environment Bill, it is...

  • Environment Bill (Ways and Means)

    Motion made, and Question put forthwith ( Standing Order No. 52(1)(a)), That, for the purposes of any Act resulting from the Environment Bill, it is expedient to authorise: (1) the imposition of...

  • Deferred Divisions

    Ordered, That, at this day’s sitting, Standing Order No. 41A (Deferred divisions) shall not apply to the Motion in the name of Secretary Priti Patel relating to the Prevention and...

  • Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism

    15 speeches

    Before I call the Minister, I will ask the Chair of the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments, Jessica Morden, to make an announcement.

  • Delegated Legislation

    1 speech

    With the leave of the House we shall take motions 7 and 8 together. Motion made, and Question put forthwith ( Standing Order No. 118(6)),

    • social security

      That the draft Mesothelioma Lump Sum Payments (Conditions and Amounts) (Amendment) Regulations 2020, which were laid before this House on 16 January, be approved. That the draft Pneumoconiosis...

    • church of england (miscellaneous provisions) measure

      That the Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure (HC 299), passed by the General Synod of the Church of England, a copy of which was laid before this House on 4 November 2019, in...

      capital gains tax

      That the draft Double Taxation Relief and International Tax Enforcement (Gibraltar) Order 2020, which was laid before this House on 7 January, be approved.—(Maria Caulfield.) Question...

  • Business of the House

    Ordered, That, at the sitting on Monday 2 March: (1) the motion in the name of Secretary Grant Shapps relating to the High Speed Rail (West Midlands - Crewe) Bill may be entered upon at any...

  • Petition - West Midlands rail freight interchange

    1 speech

    Nearly 3,000 residents of Gailey, Penkridge, Wheaton Aston, Bishops Wood, Stafford, and Staffordshire have signed the following petition: The petition states: The petition of residents of Gailey,...

  • Secondary Education: Ellesmere Port

    4 speeches

    Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.—(Michael Tomlinson.)

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