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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

  • Business Before Questions

    • City of Westminster Bill [ Lords]

      1 speech

      Motion made, That so much of the Lords Message [ 10 June] as relates to the City of Westminster Bill [ Lords] be now considered.- ( The First Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means.)

    • Bloody Sunday Inquiry

      Resolved, That an humble Address be presented to Her Majesty, That she will be graciously pleased to give directions that there be laid before this House a Return of the Report, dated 15 June...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Justice

    The Secretary of State was asked-

  • Points of Order

    6 speeches

    On a point of order, Mr Speaker. Are you aware that the report that we have just discussed is not available to Members of the House? Would it not be appropriate, if we are to have a proper debate...

  • Business of the House

    50 speeches

    I beg to move, That, at today's sitting, the Speaker shall put the Questions necessary to dispose of proceedings on the Motions in the name of Sir George Young relating to Backbench Business...

    • Backbench Business Committee

      141 speeches

      [Relevant documents: The First Report from the House of Commons Reform Committee, Session 2008-09, on Rebuilding the House, HC 1117, and its First Report of Session 2009-10, Rebuilding the...

  • Election of Backbench Business Committee

    Ordered, That the following new Standing Order be made:- (1)(a) The election of the chair of the Backbench Business Committee shall take place at the start of each Session on a day to be...

  • Backbench Business (Amendment of Standing Orders)

    Motion made and Question proposed, That Standing Order No. 14 (Arrangement of public business) be amended by inserting at the end of line 40- '(3A) Thirty-five days or its equivalent shall be...

    • Westminster Hall (Amendment of Standing Orders)

      Ordered, That Standing Order No. 10 (Westminster Hall) be amended as follows:- (1) In paragraph (3) leave out 'Subject to paragraph (13) below' and insert 'On Tuesdays and Wednesdays'; (2) After...

    • Topical Debates (Amendments of Standing Orders)

      Ordered, That the Standing Orders be amended as follows:- (1) In Standing Order No. 24A (Topical debates), (a) in paragraph (1) leave out 'A Minister of the Crown' and insert 'The Backbench...

      Pay for Chairs of Select Committees

      Resolved, That this House expresses the opinion that the Resolution of the House of 30 October 2003, relating to Pay for Chairs of Select Committees (No.2), should be further amended by...

      Pay for Chairs of Select Committees (No. 2)

      Queen's recommendation signified. Ordered, That the Resolution of the House of 30 October 2003, relating to Pay for Chairs of Select Committees (No. 2), be further amended by inserting after...

      Backbench Business Committee (Review)

      Resolved That, in the opinion of this House, the operation of the Backbench Business Committee should be reviewed at the beginning of the next Session of Parliament.-( Sir George Young.)

      September Sittings

      2 speeches

      Resolved, That this House reaffirms the importance of its function of holding the Government to account: and accordingly asks the Government to put to this House specific proposals for sitting...

  • Business of the House (Private Members' Bills)

    Ordered, That Private Members's Bills shall have precedence over Government business on 22 October, 12 and 19 November and 3 December 2010 and 21 January, 4 and 11 February, 4 and 18 March,...

  • Deferred Divisions (Timing)

    Ordered, That Standing Order No. 41A (Deferred divisions) be amended as follows:- (1) in line 37, leave out 'half-past twelve o'clock' and insert 'half-past eleven o'clock'; and (2) in line 44,...

    • Select Committees (Machinery of Government Change)

      Ordered, That Standing Order No. 152 (Select committees related to government departments) be amended in the table in paragraph (2), by leaving out item 2 (Children, Schools and Families) and...

    • Sittings of the House

      Ordered, That, on Tuesday 22 June, the House shall meet at 11.30 am and references to specific times in the Standing Orders of this House shall apply as if that day were a Wednesday.-( Sir...

  • Private Wheel-Clamping Companies

    5 speeches

    Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn. -( James Duddridge .)

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Debates in the House of Commons are an opportunity for MPs from all parties to scrutinise government legislation and raise important local, national or topical issues.

And sometimes to shout at each other.

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