House of Commons debates

Thursday, 18 November 2004

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    The Secretary of State was asked—

  • Points of Order

    27 speeches

    On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. I should like to raise a point about which I have already forewarned the relevant Minister's office. You will recall, Mr. Speaker, that in the last oral...

  • Hunting Bill (Procedure) (No. 3)

    17 speeches

    I beg to move the Hunting Bill (Procedure) (No. 3) motion, standing in my name and that of the Leader of the House. It might assist the House if I read out the terms of the motion, so that they...

  • Orders of the Day — Hunting Bill

    124 speeches

    On resuming— Lords message considered.

  • Civil Contingencies Bill

    41 speeches

    Under the Order of the House of 17 November, any message from the Lords relating to the Civil Contingencies Bill must be considered forthwith, without any Question put. I have to acquaint the...

  • Business of the House

    1 speech

    Motion made, and Question put forthwith, pursuant to Standing Order No. 15 (Exempted business), That, at this day's sitting, the consideration of any Lords Amendments and Messages that may be...

  • Hunting Bill

    3 speeches

    I have to inform the House that a message has been brought from the Lords as follows: "The Lords insist on their amendments to the Hunting Bill, to which the Commons have insisted on their...

  • Royal Assent

    1 speech

    I have to acquaint the House that the House has been to the House of Peers, where a Commission under the Great Seal was read, authorising the Royal Assent to the following Acts: Armed Forces...

  • Prorogation — Her Majesty's Most Gracious Speech

    5 speeches

    I have further to acquaint the House that the Lord High Chancellor, one of the Lord Commissioners, delivered Her Majesty's Most Gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, in pursuance of Her...

What is this?

Debates in the House of Commons are an opportunity for MPs from all parties to scrutinise government legislation and raise important local, national or topical issues.

And sometimes to shout at each other.

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