House of Commons debates

Wednesday, 13 January 1999

  • Preamble

    The House met at half-past Nine o'clock

  • Prayers

    [MADAM SPEAKER in the Chair]

  • Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors

    52 speeches

    Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn—[Mr. Mike Hall.]

  • Select Committee Reform

    28 speeches

    11 am

  • Post Office

    2 speeches

    I am grateful for this opportunity to raise the subject of the Post Office. I have regularly submitted my name in the ballot for the past three months on this item, so I am obviously very pleased...

  • Visitors' Visas

    10 speeches

    1 pm

  • George Atkinson

    2 speeches

    I first raised the matter of the detention in Dubai of my constituent, Mr. George Atkinson, in an Adjournment debate on 2 June 1998. Prior to that and subsequently, I have raised the case in a...

  • Private Business

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Cabinet Office

    The Minister was asked—

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister

    The Prime Minister was asked—

  • Speaker's Statement

    1 speech

    If the House will bear with me, I have a short statement to make. As a consequence of the decision that the House will meet at 11.30 am on Thursdays, deadlines for giving notice of business need...

  • Bills Presented

    • Protection of Children

      Ms Debra Shipley, supported by Ms Margaret Moran, Mr. Dale Campbell-Savours, Mr. David Curry, Mrs. Eleanor Laing, Judy Mallaber, Mr. Tony McNulty, Mr. Paul Tyler, Dr. Jenny Tonge, Ann Clwyd, Dr....

    • Fur Farming (Prohibition)

      Maria Eagle, supported by Jackie Ballard, Mr. Ian Cawsey, Mr. Alan Clark, Mr. Robin Corbett, Mr. Roger Gale, Mr. Nigel Jones, Mr. Tim Loughton, Mrs. Alice Mahon, Mr. Kevin McNamara, Dr. Nick...

      Mental Health (Amendment) (Scotland)

      Mr. Eric Clarke, supported by Dr. Lewis Moonie, Mr. John McAllion, Mr. Brian H. Donohoe, Mrs. Maria Fyfe, Mr. Jimmy Hood, Mr. Jimmy Wray, Mr. John Swinney, Mr. Russell Brown, Mrs. Ray Michie, Mr....


      Mr. Andrew Robathan, supported by Mr. Harry Barnes, Mr. Martin Bell, Mr. Frank Cook, Mr. Paul Flynn, Mr. Donald Gorrie, Mr. Dominic Grieve, Mr. Simon Hughes, Mr. Oliver Letwin, Mr. William Ross...

      Right to Roam

      Mr. Gordon Prentice, supported by Mr. Andrew F. Bennett, Mrs. Ann Cryer, Dr. David Clark, Helen Jones, Mr. David Taylor, Ms Joan Walley, Mr. David Lepper, Mrs. Diana Organ, Mr. Chris Mullin and...

      Football (Offences and Disorder)

      Mr. Simon Burns, supported by Mr. Patrick McLoughlin, Mr. Shaun Woodward, Mr. John Whittingdale, Mrs. Cheryl Gillan, Mr. Bernard Jenkin, Mr. Joe Ashton, Mr. Frank Field, Ms Ann Coffey, Mr. Jim...

      Adoption (Intercountry Aspects)

      Mr. Mark Oaten, supported by Mr. Keith Vaz, Mr. Andrew Rowe, Mr. Dafydd Wigley, Mr. Simon Hughes and Dr. Jenny Tonge, presented a Bill to make provision for giving effect to the Convention on...

      Licensing (Young Persons)

      Ms Chris McCafferty, supported by Mr. Paul Truswell, Jane Griffiths, Mr. Brian Sedgemore, Mrs. Alice Mahon, Ann Clwyd, Mr. Fabian Hamilton and Mr. Marsha Singh, presented a Bill to make provision...

      Bus Fuel Duty (Exemptions)

      Mr. Patrick McLoughlin, supported by Mr. John MacGregor, Mr. David Curry, Mr. A. J. Beith, Mrs. Gwyneth Dunwoody, Mr. Harry Barnes, Dr. Julian Lewis, Mr. Oliver Letwin, Mr. Bowen Wells, Mr....


      Mr. Peter Atkinson, on behalf of Mr. Christopher Fraser, presented a Bill to amend the law relating to streetworks; to make provision for a streetworks registration scheme; and for connected...

      Cheques (Scotland)

      Mr. John Swinney, supported by Dr. Lewis Moonie, Mr. Michael Moore, Mr. Desmond Swayne and Mr. Alasdair Morgan, presented a Bill to amend the law of Scotland in relation to the effect of...

      Nuclear Safeguards

      Mr. Tony Colman presented a Bill to enable effect to be given to the protocol signed at Vienna on 22nd September 1998 additional to the agreement for the application of safeguards in the United...

      Health Care and Energy Efficiency

      Sir Robert Smith, supported by Mr. Peter Bottomley, Sir Sydney Chapman, Mr. Michael Colvin, Ms Roseanna Cunningham, Mr. Cynog Dafis, Mrs. Margaret Ewing, Mrs. Linda Gilroy, Mr. Simon Hughes, Mr....

      Road Traffic (Vehicle Testing)

      Mr. Andrew Hunter, supported by Mr. Tony Colman, Mr. Humfrey Malins, Mr. Mark Oaten, Mr. Bill O'Brien, Mr. Richard Page and Mr. Brian Sedgemore, presented a Bill to make further provision about...

      Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare)

      Mr. Tim Loughton, on behalf of Mr. James Clappison, supported by Mr. Roger Gale, Mr. Graham Brady, Sir Richard Body, Mr. David Amess, Mr. Richard Allan, Mr. Ian Cawsey, Angela Smith, Mr. Colin...

      Public House Names

      Mrs. Ann Winterton, supported by Mr. Roy Beggs, Mr. Crispin Blunt, Mr. Peter Bradley, Mr. Tom Cox, Dr. Lynne Jones, Mr. Kerry Pollard, Mr. David Rendel, Ms Christine Russell, Mr. Graham Stringer...

      Hedges (Control)

      Mr. Andrew Rowe presented a Bill to subject hedges in residential areas to local authority planning control: And the same was read the First time; and ordered to be read a Second time on Friday...

      Planning Appeals Bill

      Mr. Nigel Evans, supported by Mr. Peter Atkinson, Mrs. Angela Browning, Dr. Julian Lewis, Miss Anne McIntosh, Mr. Andrew Robathan and Mr. Robert Syms, presented a Bill to remove the right of...

      Company and Business Names (Chamber of Commerce, etc.)

      Mr. Andrew Lansley, supported by Mr. Michael Trend, Mr. Graham Brady, Mr. Richard Page, Mr. Nick Harvey, Mr. Robin Corbett, Ms Gisela Stuart, Mr. James Paice, Mr. Nick St. Aubyn and Mrs. Louise...

      Fuel Poverty and Energy Conservation

      Mr. John McAllion, supported by Sir Sydney Chapman, Mr. David Chaytor, Ms Roseanna Cunningham, Mr. Cynog Dafis, Mr. Clive Efford, Mrs. Margaret Ewing, Mrs. Linda Gilroy, Mr. David Lepper, Sir...

  • Opposition Day


  • Rating (Valuation) Bill

    Ordered,That, during the proceedings on the Rating (Valuation) Bill, the Standing Committee on the Bill shall have leave to sit twice on the first day on which it shall meet.—[Mr. Allen.]

  • Select Committee on Public Administration

    Ordered,That Miss Melanie Johnson be discharged from the Select Committee on Public Administration and Ms Margaret Moran be added to the Committee.—[Mr. Allen.]

  • Greater London Authority Bill (Programme)


    • Committee of the whole House

      1. Proceedings in Committee of the whole House on Clauses 1 to 4 of, and Schedules I and 2 to, the Bill shall be completed in two allotted days and shall, if not previously concluded, be brought...

    • Standing Committee

      2. Proceedings in the Standing Committee to which the remainder of the Bill is committed shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion at 12.50 p.m. on 30th March 1999.

      Business Committee

      3. Standing Order No. 82 (Business Committee) shall not apply to proceedings on the Bill.

      Business Sub-Committee

      4. Resolutions of the Business Sub-Committee may include alterations in the order in which Clauses, Schedules, new Clauses and new Schedules are taken in the Standing Committee.

      Procedure in Standing Committee

      5. At a sitting of the Standing Committee at which any proceedings on the Bill are to be brought to a conclusion in accordance with this Order or a Resolution of the Business Sub-Committee, the...

      Conclusion of proceedings

      6. For the purpose of concluding any proceedings which are to be brought to a conclusion at a time appointed by or under this Order—

      Supplementary provisions

      7. In this Order "allotted day" means any day on which the Bill is put down on the main business as first Government Order of the Day.

      Allerton Bywater

      2 speeches

      Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.—[Mr. Allen.]

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