House of Commons debates

Wednesday, 20 November 1996

  • Preamble

    The House met at half-past Nine o'clock

  • Prayers

    [MADAM SPEAKER in the Chair]

  • Firework Safety

    22 speeches

    Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.— [Mr. Bates.]

  • Social Services (Lancashire)

    77 speeches

    11 am

  • Waste Recycling (Scotland)

    6 speeches

    I am grateful for the opportunity to have a short debate about an important subject. As an Opposition Member, I spend most of my time denouncing Government policy as rubbish, so it is a pleasant...

  • Brewing Industry

    8 speeches

    1 pm

  • Causeway Hospital, Coleraine

    7 speeches

    I am sorry that I have had to raise this matter on the Floor of the House. I had hoped that tender documents for the hospital would already have been out, but they are not. I must therefore ask...

  • New Writ

    For Barnsley, East, in the room of the hon. Terry Patchett, deceased.—[Mr. Dewar.]

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland

    • Inward Investment

      16 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what investment from abroad has been attracted to Scotland in 1996 to date. [3459]

    • A96 Fochabers Bypass

      10 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he will make an announcement on the route of the A96 Fochabers bypass. [3460]

      Industry (Taxation)

      18 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what representations he has received from the business community about the effect of the level of taxation on Scottish industry. [3461]

      Further Education Colleges

      14 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland how many further education colleges in Scotland were allocated less money by him in this financial year than last year; and what factors underlay this...

      Expenditure and Taxation Levels

      15 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what recent representations he has received on (a) expenditure and (b) taxation levels in Scotland. [3464]

      NHS (Scotland)

      14 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he last met the chairmen of health boards to discuss the current situation of the NHS in Scotland. [3465]

      Non-custodial Penalties

      12 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will make a statement about the introduction of more severe non-custodial penalties for convicted offenders.[3466]

      Health Service Reforms

      6 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he next plans to meet the chairman of Grampian health board to discuss health service reforms. [3467]

      Government Expenditure

      10 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what was total Government expenditure in Scotland as a percentage of the United Kingdom total in 1994–95; and what was Scotland's relative share....

      Local Government Finance

      6 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he next intends to meet the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities to discuss local government finances. [3469]

      Government Expenditure

      6 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what is the current total Government expenditure per capita in Scotland. [3470]

  • Zaire

    34 speeches

    To ask the Minister of State for the Armed Forces if he will make a statement on the plans for the deployment of British forces to Zaire.

  • Points of Order

    36 speeches

    On a point of order, Madam Speaker. May I draw to your attention the front page and page 2 of The Guardian today, where there appears a report that purports to record what has taken place in the...

  • Bills Presented

  • Flood Prevention and Land Drainage (Scotland)

    Mr. Secretary Forsyth, supported by Mr. George Kynoch and Mr. Secretary Hague, presented a Bill to amend the Flood Prevention (Scotland) Act 1961 in relation to flood prevention measures to be...

  • Knives

    Mr. Jimmy Wray, supported by Mr. Don Dixon, Mrs. Audrey Wise, Mrs. Diana Maddock, Mr. David Mellor, Mr. Elfyn Llwyd, Mr. Don Touhig, Mrs. Irene Adams, Mr. Bill Etherington, Mr. Jimmy Hood, Mr....

  • Public Entertainments Licences (Drug Misuse)

    Mr. Barry Legg, supported by Mr. John Whittingdale, Mr. Jacques Arnold, Mr. Nigel Evans, Dr. Ian Twinn, Mr. David Evans, Mr. Bill Walker, Mr. David Shaw, Mr. David Faber, Mr. David Martin, Mr....

  • Confiscation of Alcohol (Young Persons)

    Mr. Nigel Evans, on behalf of Dr. Robert Spink, supported by Mr. Kenneth Baker, Mr. John Patten, Sir Ivan Lawrence, Dame Jill Knight, Mr. David Amess, Mr. David Faber, Sir Michael Shersby, Mr....

  • Jurisdiction (Conspiracy and Incitement)

    Mr. Nigel Waterson, supported by Sir Ivan Lawrence, Mr. Charles Wardle, Mr. Bob Dunn, Mr. Harry Greenway, Mr. John Marshall, Mr. Michael Brown, Mr. Peter Butler, Mr. John Sykes, Mr. Geoffrey...

  • Cold Weather Payments (Wind Chill Factor)

    Mrs. Audrey Wise, supported by Mr. Hugh Bayley, Sir Andrew Bowden, Mrs. Ann Clwyd, Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, Mrs. Margaret Ewing, Ms Liz Lynne, Mrs. Alice Mahon, Mr. Alan Simpson, Mr. Nicholas...

  • Prisons (Alcohol Testing)

    Mr. Bernard Jenkin, on behalf of Mr. John Ward, supported by Mr. Harold Elletson, Mr. Nigel Evans, Mr. David Nicholson, Mr. Nirj Joseph Deva, Sir Irvine Patnick, Mr. Neil Hamilton, Mr. Matthew...

  • Road Traffic (Reduction)

    Mr. Don Foster, supported by Ms Joan Walley, Mr. Cynog Dafis, Mr. Peter Bottomley, Mr. Matthew Taylor, Mr. Harry Greenway, Mr. Jim Cousins, Mr. Alan Simpson, Mrs. Anne Campbell, Sir Richard Body,...

  • Criminal Evidence (Amendment)

    Mr. Nigel Evans, supported by Mr. Joe Ashton, Mr. Ian Bruce, Ms Ann Coffey, Mrs. Ann Clwyd, Mr. Paul Flynn, Mr. David Hanson, Ms Liz Lynne, Mr. Cohn Pickthall, Dr. Robert Spink, Mr. John Sykes...

  • Telecommunications (Fraud)

    Mr. Ian Bruce, supported by Sir Michael Marshall, Sir Gerard Vaughan, Mr. John McWilliam, Mr. Nigel Jones, Mr. Andrew Miller, Mr. Robert Maclennan, Mr. William Ross, Mr. Gary Waller, Mr. Roger...

  • United Nations Personnel

    Mr. John Marshall, supported by Mr. Norman Hogg, Mr. Harry Greenway, Mr. Michael Alison, Mr. David Sumberg, Mr. David Harris, Mr. Greville Janner, Mr. Jacques Arnold, Rev. Martin Smyth, Mr. Simon...

  • General Teaching Council (England and Wales)

    Sir Peter Fry, on behalf of Sir Malcolm Thornton, supported by Mr. Don Foster, Sir Alan Haselhurst, Mr. David Jamieson, Mr. Alan Meale, Mr. David Porter and Mr. Gerry Steinberg, presented a Bill...

  • Local Government (Gaelic Names) (Scotland)

    Mr. Thomas Graham, supported by Mr. Jim Cunningham, Mr. Don Dixon, Mr. Jimmy Wray, Mr. Brian Wilson, Mr. Calum Macdonald, Mrs. Maria Fyfe, Mr. Gordon McMaster, Mr. John McAllion, Mr. Jimmy Hood...

  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Consents)

    Mrs. Anne Campbell, supported by Mr. Joe Ashton, Mrs. Helen Jackson, Mr. Malcolm Chisholm, Mrs. Maria Fyfe, Mrs. Teresa Gorman, Mrs. Audrey Wise, Sir Gerard Vaughan and Sir David Steel, presented...

  • Witness Protection

    Mr. Eric Clarke, on behalf of Mrs. Irene Adams, supported by Mr. Gordon McMaster, Mr. William McKelvey, Mr. Ken Maginnis, Mr. Joe Ashton, Mr. Phil Gallie, Ms Roseanna Cunningham, Mr. Roger Stott,...

  • Police (Health and Safety)

    Mr. Ray Whitney, supported by Mr. Alan Beith, Mr. John Greenway, Dame Jill Knight, Sir Peter Lloyd, Mr. Elfyn Llwyd, Mr. Andrew Mackinlay, Mr. Ken Maginnis, Mr. Andrew Miller, Mr. Ian Pearson and...

  • Sexual Offences (Protected Material)

    Mr. Robert G. Hughes, supported by Mr. Simon Coombs, Mr. David Congdon, Mr. Jim Cunningham, Mr. Simon Hughes, Mr. John Marshall and Mr. Don Touhig, presented a Bill to make provision for...

  • Breeding and Sale of Dogs

    Mrs. Diana Maddock, supported by Mr. Roger Gale, Mrs. Jane Kennedy, Mr. Matthew Taylor, Mr. David Amess, Mrs. Bridget Prentice, Mr. Cynog Dafis, Sir Andrew Bowden, Mr. Tony Banks, Mr. Simon...

  • Policyholders Protection

    Mr. John Butterfill, supported by Mr. Malcolm Bruce, Mr. John Greenway, Ms Joan Walley, Mr. Douglas French, Mr. Nick Hawkins and Mr. David Trimble, presented a Bill to amend the Policyholders...

  • Police (Property)

    Mr. David Evennett, supported by Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock, Mr. Matthew Carrington, Mr. Jacques Arnold, Mr. David Porter, Mr. David Congdon, Mr. David Jamieson, Mr. Andrew Mackinlay, Mr. Patrick...

  • Pharmacists (Fitness to Practise)

    Sir Michael Shersby, supported by Sir John Hannam, Mrs. Margaret Ewing, Rev. Martin Smyth, Mr. Harry Greenway, Mr. Anthony Steen, Sir Gerard Vaughan, Mrs. Llin Golding, Ms Angela Eagle, Mr. John...

  • Opposition Day


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