House of Commons debates

Wednesday, 20 December 1989

  • Preamble

    The House met at half-past Two o'clock

  • Prayers

    [MR. SPEAKER in the Chair]

  • Private Business


  • ST. George's Hill, Weybridge, Estate Bill

    Orders read for consideration of Lords amendments.

  • British Film Institute Southbank Bill

    Considered; to be read the Third time.

  • Redbridge London Borough Council Bill

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland

    • Environmental Studies

      8 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he has any proposals to locate a centre for climatic and other environmental studies in Scotland.

    • British Steel

      14 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he last met the chairman of British Steel; and what matters were discussed.

      Disabled Students Allowance

      6 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of Scotland whether he will review the disabled students allowance given to SED-funded students in higher education.


      12 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what is his estimate of the number of homeless people in Scotland in the most recent year for which figures are available.

      Hill Farming

      8 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he last discussed hill farming with the National Farmers Union of Scotland; and if he will make a statement.

      Warrant Sales

      12 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland whether he intends to abolish the system of warrant sales in Scotland.

      Employment (Renfrew)

      6 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what meetings he has had recently concerning employment in Renfrew district; and if he will make a statement.

      Nature Conservancy Council

      5 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what representations he has received from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and Wildlife Link about his proposals for the future of the...

      Health Service (Waiting Lists)

      21 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what plans he has to effect further reductions in waiting lists in the Scottish Health Service.

      Student Loans

      14 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland whether he has any plans to shorten courses in the central institutions in Scotland to meet the impact of a student loans scheme.

      Unemployment (Glasgow)

      8 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what steps he will be taking to reduce unemployment in Glasgow.

      Police Accommodation

      6 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what estimate he has made of the financial effect on police officers in provided accommodation arising from the recommendations of the police...

      New Towns

      4 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will give the house waiting lists for each of the five Scottish new towns.

      Self-governing Hospitals

      4 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland, if he has received any recent representations from the British Medical Association on self-governing hospitals.

      Steel Industry

      4 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he next expects to meet Strathclyde regional council and district councils from Lanarkshire to discuss the implications for local government...

  • Panama

    30 speeches

    (by private notice) asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a statement on the American activities in Panama and on the safety of British citizens.

  • Hong Kong

    69 speeches

    With permission, Mr. Speaker, I should like to make a statement about our proposals to improve confidence in Hong Kong.

  • Fisheries Council

    39 speeches

    With permission, Mr. Speaker, I should like to make a statement. Together with my right hon. and learned Friend the Secretary of State for Scotland and my hon. Friend the Parliamentary Secretary...

  • Points of Order

    5 speeches

    On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. I wish to raise a matter concerning the Education (Student Loans) Bill. Earlier this afternoon, it was announced that all the clearing banks were to withdraw...

    • Ballot for Notices of Motions for Friday 19 January

      2 speeches

      Members successful in the ballot were:Mr. Ian GowMr. James CouchmanMr. Roy Beggs

    • Bills Presented

      Pensions (Miscellaneous Provisions)

      Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, supported by Mr. Norman Lamont, Mr. Peter Lilley, Mr. Richard Ryder, Mr. Michael Forsyth, Mr. Roger Freeman and Mr. Alan Howarth, presented a Bill to amend the...


      Mr. Secretary Fowler, supported by the Prime Minister, Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Secretary Hurd, Mr. Secretary Waddington, Mr. Secretary Walker, Mr. Secretary MacGregor, Mr. Secretary...

      Environmental Protection

      Mr. Secretary Patten, supported by Mr. Secretary Walker, Mr. Secretary Rifkind, Mr. Secretary Parkinson, Mr. Secretary Brooke, Mr. John Selwyn Gummer, Mr. Norman Lamont, Mr. David Trippier and...

      Consumer Guarantees

      Mr. Martyn Jones, supported by Mr. Ron Davies, Mr. David Porter, Mr. Michael Shersby, Mr. Robert N. Wareing, Mr. Jimmy Dunnachie, Mr. Roger Gale, Mr. David Martin, Mr. Paddy Ashdown, Mr. Alex...

      Interest on Debts

      Mr. Michael Mates, supported by Sir Anthony Grant, Mr. Neil Hamilton, Mr. Michael Latham, Sir David Mitchell, Mr. Anthony Nelson, Mr. Bowen Wells and Sir George Young, presented a Bill to amend...

      Computer Misuse

      Mr. Michael Colvin, supported by Sir Geoffrey Pattie, Mr. John Butcher, Mr. Kenneth Warren, Mr. Michael Grylls, Miss Emma Nicholson, Mr. William Powell, Mr. Tam Dalyell, Mr. Norman Hogg, Mr....

      Sexual Offences

      Sir William Shelton, supported by Dame Janet Fookes, Mr. Anthony Beaumont-Dark, Mr. Graham Bright, Mr. Simon Coombs, Mr. Tom Cox, Sir Geoffrey Finsberg, Dame Elaine Kellett-Bowman, Mr. Charles...

      Rights of Way (Agricultural Land)

      Mr. Edward Leigh, supported by Mr. Henry Bellingham, Mr. Andrew F. Bennett, Mr. Harry Greenway, Mr. Alan Haselhurst, Mr. Denis Howell, Mr. Richard Livsey, Mr. Robin Maxwell-Hyslop, Mr. Andrew ...

      Planning Permission (Demolition of Houses)

      Mr. John Wilkinson, supported by Mr. Hugh Dykes, Sir Rhodes Boyson, Mr. Michael Shersby, Mr. Robert G. Hughes, Mr. John Gorst, Mr. Jeremy Hanley, Mr. Cyril Townsend and Mr. Robert Adley,...

      Entertainments (Increased Penalties)

      Mr. Graham Bright, supported by Mr. Steve Norris, Dr. John Marek, Mr. Charles Kennedy, Mr. David Madel, Mr. John Carlisle, Mr. Jimmy Hood, Mr. David Atkinson, Mr. Gareth Wardell, Mr. Kenneth...

      Radiation Exposed Crown Employees (Benefits)

      Mr. Bob Clay, supported by Mr. Jack Ashley, Mr. Andrew F. Bennett, Mr. Churchill, Mr. Harry Cohen, Mr. Frank Cook, Mr. John Hannam, Mr. David Hinchliffe, Mr. Archy Kirkwood, Mrs. Alice Mahon, Ms....

      Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions)

      Mr. Martin Brandon-Bravo, supported by Mr. Richard Alexander, presented a Bill to make new provision in place of sections 14 and 15 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984; and for connected...

      Abolition of Warrant Sales (Scotland)

      Mrs. Margaret Ewing, supported by Mr. Alex Salmond, Mr. Jim Sillars, Mr. Andrew Welsh, Mr. Dennis Canavan, and Mr. Dick Douglas, presented a Bill to amend the law relating to poinding and warrant...

      Representation of the People

      Mr. Anthony Beaumont-Dark, supported by Mr. Kenneth Warren, Mr. Barry Porter and Mr. Roger King, presented a Bill to provide for a person no longer resident at his qualifying address or at any...

      Access to Health Records

      Mr. Doug Henderson, supported by Ms. Hilary Armstrong, Mr. Andrew F. Bennett, Mr. Jerry Hayes, Mr. Archy Kirkwood, Mr. Steve Norris, Miss Emma Nicholson, Mr. Jeff Rooker, Ms. Joan Ruddock, Sir...

      Entitlement to Employment and Training

      Mr. Giles Radice, supported by Mr. Ted Garrett, Mr. James Wallace, Mr. Don Dixon, Mr. Derek Fatchett, Mr. Doug Henderson, Mr. Calum Macdonald, Mr. George Robertson, Ms. Hilary Armstrong, Mr. Jack...

      Car Telephones (Safety)

      Mr. Douglas French, supported by Mr. Alan Amos, Mr. Jacques Arnold, Mr. John Bowis, Mr. James Cran, Mr. Timothy Kirkhope, Mr. Roger Knapman, Mr. Keith Mans, Mr. Malcolm Moss, Mr. David Nicholson,...

      Licensing (Low Alcohol Drinks)

      Sir Peter Emery, supported by Mr. Merlyn Rees, Mr. A. J. Beith, Mr. John Wheeler, Sir Bernard Braine, Dr. Lewis Moonie, Mr. A. E. P. Duffy, Mr. Bob Dunn, Mr. Bill Walker, Sir Fergus Montgomery,...

      Misuse of Drugs

      Mr. Menzies Campbell presented a Bill to extend the coverage of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 to include certain drugs which have been misused for the purpose of improving performance in sport:...

      Agricultural Holdings (Amendment)

      Mr. Alex Carlile, supported by Mr. Robin Maxwell-Hyslop, Mr. Martyn Jones, Mr. Geraint Howells, Mr. Nicholas Winterton, Mr. Calum Macdonald, Mr. Richard Livsey, Mr. Richard Alexander, Mr. Peter...

      Marriage (Registration of Buildings)

      Mr. George Walden presented a Bill to allow a building to be registered for the solemnization of marriage under Section 41 of the Marriage Act 1949 notwithstanding that it forms part of another...

      Northern Ireland Act 1974 (Amendment)

      Mr. William Ross, supported by Mr. James Molyneaux, Mr. Cecil Walker, Mr. Roy Beggs, Rev. Martin Smyth, Mr. John D. Taylor, Mr. Harold McCusker, Mr. Clifford Forsythe and Mr. Ken Maginnis,...


      Ordered,That the draft Health and Personal Social Services (Special Agencies) (Northern Ireland) Order 1989 be referred to a Standing Committee on Statutory Instruments, &c.—[Mr....

      Welsh Affairs

      Ordered,That the matter of the Future Economy and Environment of North Wales, being a matter relating exclusively to Wales, be referred to the Welsh Grand Committee for its...

  • Adjournment (Christmas)

    51 speeches

    Motion made and Question proposed,That this House at its rising on Thursday 21st December do adjourn until Monday 8th January.—[Mr. Greg Knight.]

  • Orders of the Day — Consolidated Fund Bill

    Order for Second Reading read.

  • Rights of the Child

    12 speeches

    I heard of a school the other day in which 75 per cent. of the children were having school dinners and in which some of the children were having to be weighed every month to see that they were...

  • West Midlands (Economy)

    12 speeches

    I have been fortunate enough to come second in the ballot. My debate is on the west midlands. I hope that it is appropriate for me to mention the recently deceased hon. Member for...

  • Fishing Industry

    8 speeches

    I chose the broader subject of the United Kingdom fishing industry for debate rather than concentrate on particular crisis areas, because I hoped that that would allow right hon. and hon. Members...

  • Central and Eastern Europe

    16 speeches

    It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity of introducing this short debate on developments in central and eastern Europe. Anyone who reflects on the events of the past few weeks will...

  • Ambulance Dispute

    30 speeches

    As we move into the 15th week of one of the most serious national industrial disputes that has occurred in Britain, people outside this place will be amazed that this is only the second debate on...

  • Welsh Economy

    6 speeches

    May I say what a pleasure it is to have you, Madam Deputy Speaker, in the Chair, albeit at 3.29 am? I am reminded of a fairly recent political event in the United States that appeared on C Span,...

  • School Buses (Safety)

    7 speeches

    5 am

  • Rain Forests (Trade)

    14 speeches

    When the topic of the international trade in birds, fish and rain forest reptiles was drawn in the ballot, there was a certain curiosity among parliamentary colleagues as to who would answer the...

  • Charities

    2 speeches

    It is always a pleasure to follow my hon. Friend the Member for Penrith and The Border (Mr. Maclean), who represents the Department to which I had the privilege of being special adviser. The last...

  • City Grant

    2 speeches

    I am grateful for the opportunity of initiating what must of necessity be a curtailed debate and therefore my remarks will be brief. I know that in some respects the Minister may not be able to...

  • Elderly People (Nursing Homes)

    7 speeches

    I am grateful for the opportunity, if only for a few minutes, to mention this important subject. I thank the hon. Member for Bradford, South (Mr. Cryer) and my hon. Friend the Minister for making...

  • Welsh Grand Committee

    4 speeches

    Resolved,That, during the proceedings on the matter of the Future Economy and Environment of North Wales, the Welsh Grand Committee have leave to sit twice on the first day on which it shall...

  • South American Leafminer Fly

    2 speeches

    Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn—[Mr. Goodlad.]

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