House of Commons debates

Wednesday, 21 December 1988

  • Preamble

    The House met at half-past Two o'clock

  • Prayers

    [MR. SPEAKER in the Chair]

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland

    • Bus Companies (Takeover)

      10 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what safeguards he intends to introduce to protect Scottish Bus Group companies against predatory takeover.

    • "A Claim of Right for Scotland"

      29 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he has received a copy of the Campaign for a Scottish Assembly document, "Claim of Right for Scotland"; and if he will make a statement on his policy...

      Council House Sales

      6 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland how many public sector houses have been sold under the right to buy; what is the current level of applications; and if he will make a statement.

      Nurses (Regrading)

      12 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what instructions he gave to the Greater Glasgow health board regarding regrading of nurses following the recent meeting of his junior Minister with...

      Fisheries Ministers

      10 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he last personally attended a meeting of the European Council of Fisheries Ministers.

      Education Bill

      14 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he has received any representations from the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, teaching unions or parents' organisations regarding the...

      Scottish Special Housing Association

      8 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he last met the chairman of the Scottish Special Housing Association, to discuss its housing disposal policy.

      Electricity Industry Privatisation

      13 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what estimate he has made of the volume of electricity likely to be sold by the Scottish electricity industry to England following privatisation.

      Rating Reform

      8 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will make a statement on the level of poll tax which will be levied in Scotland for 1989–90.

      Inward Investment

      11 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will make a statement on the level of inward investment secured in 1988.

      Scottish Enterprise (White Paper)

      14 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he expects to meet the Scottish Trades Union Congress to discuss Her Majesty's Government's White Paper on Scottish Enterprise.

      Local Authorities (Economic Development)

      4 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what representations he has received from local authorities regarding their role in economic development.

      Single Market

      6 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland what assessment he has made of the level of business awareness there is in Scotland of the opportunities presented by 1992 and the completion of the...

      South of Scotland Electricity Board

      4 speeches

      To ask the Secretary of State for Scotland when he last met Mr. Donald Miller, chairman of South of Scotland Electricity Board; and whether he discussed the future of the Scottish coal industry.

  • Points of Order

    11 speeches

    Private notice question—Mr. Matthew Taylor.

  • Meat Imports

    38 speeches

    (by private notice): To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food whether he has taken any steps to ensure that meat entering the United Kingdom from the Republic of Ireland is fit for...

  • Points of Order

    22 speeches

    On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. I seek your help and guidance, Mr. Speaker, on the question of the Court of Auditors report, which was published last Tuesday, 13 December, not being available...

  • Ballot for Notices of Motions for Friday 20 January

    Members successful in the ballot were:

  • Bills Presented

    • Protection of Privacy

      Mr. John Browne, supported by Sir Bernard Braine, Mr. Merlyn Rees, Mr. William Cash, Sir Marcus Fox, Mr. Denis Healey. Mr. Ivan Lawrence, Mr. Alex Carlile, Mr. John Hannam, Mr. John Cartwright,...

    • Right of Reply

      Mr. Tony Worthington, supported by Mr. Michael Foot, Mr. Norman Buchan, Mr. Joseph Ashton, Mr. David Steel, Mr. Jonathan Aitken, Mr. Merlyn Rees, Mrs. Ann Clwyd, Mr. Austin Mitchell, Mrs....

      National Identity Card

      Mr. Ralph Howell, supported by Sir William Clark, Sir Eldon Griffiths, Mr. Ted Garrett, Sir Rhodes Boyson, Sir Marcus Fox, Mr. Jim Lester, Dr. Keith Hampson, Mr. Tony Faye11, Mr. John Greenway,...

      Sunday Sports

      Mr. Andrew Mackay, supported by Mr. John Carlisle, Mr. David Davis, Mr. George Gardiner, Sir Eldon Griffiths, Mr. Denis Howell, Mr. Archy Kirkwood, Mr. Patrick McLoughlin, Mr. Andrew Mitchell,...

      Control of Pollution (Amendment)

      Ms. Joan Ruddock, supported by Ms. Jean Walley, Ms. Harriet Harman, Mr. Frank Cook, Mr. Tony Banks, Mr. Simon Hughes, Mr. Dafydd Wigley, Sir George Young, Sir Hugh Rossi, Mr. Robin Squire and...

      Citizens' Compensation

      Mr. Lawrence Cunliffe, supported by Mr. Alfred Morris, Mr. Jack Ashley, Mr. John Hannam, Mr. Charles Irving, Mr. Jonathan Aitken. Mr. Archy Kirkwood, Mr. Jim Lester, Miss Janet Fookes, Mr. Dafydd...

      Abortion (Amendment)

      Miss Ann Widdecombe, supported by Sir Bernard Braine, Mr. David Alton, Mr. Seamus Mallon, Rev. Martin Smyth, Mr. D. N. Campbell-Savours, Mrs. Elizabeth Peacock, Mrs. Marion Roe, Dame Peggy...

      Road Traffic (Breath Tests)

      Mr. John Home Robertson, supported by Sir Anthony Grant, Mr. Roland Boyes, Mr. David Knox, Mr. Ronnie Fearn, Sir Philip Goodhart, Mr. David Marshall, Mr. Stephen Day, Mr. Barry Sheerman, Mrs....

      Hearing Aid Council (Amendment)

      Mr. Ieuan Wyn Jones, supported by Mr. Jack Ashley, Miss Emma Nicholson, Mr. Malcolm Bruce, Mrs. Rosie Barnes, Mr. Alfred Morris, Mr. Allen Mckay, Mr. Roger Sims, Mr. Dafydd Wigley, Mr. Andrew...

      Indecent Displays (Newspapers and Workplaces)

      Ms. Clare Short, supported by Ms. Jo Richardson, Ms. Dawn Primarolo, Mrs. Margaret Beckett, Mrs. Alice Mahon, Ms. Joyce Quin, Mrs. Maria Fyfe, Ms. Joan Ruddock, Ms. Diane Abbott, Mrs. Audrey...

      Disabled Persons (Northern Ireland)

      Rev. Martin Smyth, supported by Dame Jill Knight, Mr. Tom Clark, Mr. Jack Ashley, Mr. William Ross, Mrs. Margaret Ewing, Mr. John Hannam, Mr. Paddy Ashdown, Mr. Eddie McGrady, Rev. William...

      Fire Safety Information

      Mr. Andrew Smith, supported by Mr. John Battle, Mr. Paul Boateng, Mr. Frank Field, Mr. Simon Hughes, Mr. David Knox, Mr. Steve Norris, Sir David Price, Mr. Chris Smith, Mr. Robin Squire, Mr....

      Housing Associations (Access to Information)

      Mr. Andrew Welsh, supported by Mrs. Margaret Ewing, Mr. Dafydd Wigley, Mr. Charles Irving, Miss Janet Fookes, Mr. Clive Soley, Dr. Lewis Moonie, Mr. Simon Hughes, Mr. Archy Kirkwood, Mr. Alex...

      Alcohol Abuse (Scotland)

      Mr. Jimmy Hood, supported by Sir Hector Monro, Mr. Jimmy Wray, Mr. Calum Macdonald, Mr. William McKelvey, Mr. John McAllion, Mr. George Galloway, Mr. Tom Clarke, Mr. Harry Ewing, Mr. Nigel...

      Data Protection (Amendment)

      Mr. Eddie Loyden, supported by Mr. Eric S. Heller, Mr. Robert Parry, Mr. Terry Fields, Mr. Dennis Canavan, Mr. Harry Cohen, Mr. Dennis Skinner, Mr. Andrew F. Bennett, Mrs. Alice Mahon, Ms....

      Control of Smoke Pollution

      Mr. Andrew Hunter, supported by Mr. Nicholas Bennett, Mr. William Cash, Mr. Sydney Chapman, Mr. Simon Coombs, Mr. Conal Gregory, Mr. Humfrey Malins, Mr. Andrew Mitchell, Mr. David Nicholson, Mr....

      Public Safety Information

      Ms. Joyce Quin, supported by Mr. Chris Smith, Mr. John Bowis, Mr. Archy Kirkwood, Mr. Allan Roberts, Mr. Robin Squire, Mr. Simon Hughes, Ms. Joan Ruddock, Mr. Steve Norris, Mr. Andrew Welsh, Mr....

      Road Traffic Regulation (Parking)

      Mr. Timothy Kirkhope, supported by Mr. Ted Garrett, Mr. Roger Knapman, Mr. John Battle, Mr. David Curry, Mr. James Cran, Mr. Irvine Patnick, Mr. Robert G. Hughes, Mr. Keith Bradley, Mr....

      International Parliamentary Organisations (Registration)

      Mr. Michael Marshall, supported by Mr. Donald Anderson, Mr. Tom Cox and Mr. Neil Thorne, presented a Bill to set up a register of publicly-financed international parliamentary organisations which...

      Definitive Map Modification

      Sir Geoffrey Johnson Smith, supported by Mr. Tim Boswell, Mr. Alastair Goodlad and Mr. David Harris, presented a Bill to amend section 53(3)(c)(ii) and (iii) and section 56(1) of the Wildlife and...

  • Orders of the Day — Official Secrets Bill

    162 speeches

    Order for Second Reading read.

  • Orders of the Day — Air Crash (Scotland)

    8 speeches

    With permission, Mr. Deputy Speaker, I should like to make a short business statement. As the House may be aware, there has been a major air crash at Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, involving a Pan Am...

  • Orders of the Day — European Community Structural Funds

    53 speeches

    [Relevant document: Framework Regulation on the Structural Funds described in the unnumbered Explanatory Memorandum submitted by the Department of Trade and Industry on 7th June 1988.]

  • Orders of the Day — STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS, &c

    Motion made, and Question put forthwith pursuant to Standing Order No. 101(5) (Standing Committees on Statutory Instruments, &c.).

  • Orders of the Day — Housing

    That the draft Grants by Local Housing Authorities (Appropriate Percentage and Exchequer Contributions) Order 1989, which was laid before this House on 8th December, be approved.—[Mr. Dorrell]

  • Orders of the Day — Petition

    • Stansted Airport (Aircraft Movements)

      1 speech

      I have the honour to present a petition on behalf of my constituents. Its main purpose is to pray the Secretary of State for Transport to alter the routes of aircraft leaving and arriving at...

  • Orders of the Day — Nurse Grading (Greater Glasgow)

    12 speeches

    Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.—[Mr. Dorrell.]

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