House of Commons debates

Wednesday, 5 December 1984

  • Preamble

    The House met at half-past Two o'clock

  • Prayers

    [MR. SPEAKER in the Chair]

  • Private Business

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland

    • Teacher Training

      10 speeches

      asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what proposals he has for increasing in-service training for Scottish teachers.

    • Local Government Expenditure

      8 speeches

      asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will list the categories of local government expenditure in Scotland which require his prior approval.

      Teachers (Salaries and Conditions)

      30 speeches

      asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how many representations he has received advocating an independent review of teachers' salaries and conditions of service; and if he will make a statement.

      Student Awards

      14 speeches

      asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how much money he expects to save by the cut in the level of student grant; and how many Scottish students will be affected.

      Salmon Fishing

      14 speeches

      asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will make a statement about the salmon fishing industry in Scotland.

      European Regional Development Fund

      6 speeches

      asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what is the total value of grants made towards projects in Scotland by the European regional development fund since its inception in 1975.

      Regional Policy

      8 speeches

      asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will make a statement on the anticipated effect of the Government's regional assistance policy on the Scottish economy.

      Coal Industry Dispute

      24 speeches

      Mr. Ron Brown: asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what he estimates has been the cost to date to the Scottish economy of the mining dispute.

      Aid to Industry

      6 speeches

      asked the Secretary of State for Scotland if he will make a statement on his Department's aid to industry.

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Solicitor-General for Scotland

    • Seat Belts

      6 speeches

      asked the Solicitor-General for Scotland how many people have been prosecuted in Scotland for not wearing seat belts.

    • Homelocators Ltd.

      4 speeches

      asked the Solicitor-General for Scotland if he will institute proceedings against Homelocators Ltd. of Glasgow for offences under the Accommodation Agencies Act 1953; and if he will make a statement.

      Coal Industry Dispute

      9 speeches

      asked the Solicitor-General for Scotland how many people charged with offences arising out of the dispute in the mining industry have been refused bail.

      Salmon Poaching

      4 speeches

      asked the Solicitor-General for Scotland how many prosecutions have taken place in the latest available year for salmon poaching in the sea and fresh water, respectively.

      Diversion Scheme

      4 speeches

      asked the Solicitor-General for Scotland if he is satisfied with the progress of the diversion scheme.

  • Points of Order

    22 speeches

    On a point of order, Mr. Speaker, arising out of questions. My point of order relates to the rights of hon. Members and to the confidentiality of the document referred to by my hon. Friend the...

  • European Council (Dublin)

    41 speeches

    With permission, Mr. Speaker, I should like to make a statement on the results of the European Council held in Dublin on 3–4 December. I was accompanied at this meeting by my right hon. and...

  • Student Awards

    182 speeches

    With permission, Mr. Speaker, I should like to make a statement. On 12 November I announced changes to the student awards system involving the abolition of the minimum award, increased...

  • Parliamentary Questions

    4 speeches

    On a different point of order Mr. Speaker. As you know, one of your awesome tasks is to oversee questions that are tabled by hon. Members. Sometimes we are in difficulty about the aspects on...

  • Teachers (Pay)

    2 speeches

    I beg to ask leave to move the Adjournment of the House, under Standing Order No. 10, for the purpose of discussing a specific and important matter that should have urgent consideration, namely,...

  • Bills Presented

    • Intoxicating Substances (Supply)

      Mr. Neville Trotter, supported by Mr. Alex Carlile, Sir Geoffrey Finsberg, Mr. Marcus Fox, Mr. Roy Galley, Mr. Harry Greenway, Mr. Michael Hirst, Mr. Ron Lewis, Mr. Christopher Murphy, Mr. Reg...

    • Sexual Offences

      Miss Janet Fookes, supported by Mr. Charles Irving, Mr. Tom Cox, Mr. Anthony Beaumont-Dark, Mr. Robert Parry, Mr. Christopher Chope, Mr. Tony Lloyd, and Mrs. Elaine Kellett-Bowman, presented a...

      Local Government (Access to Information)

      Mr. Robin Squire, supported by Mr. W. Benyon, Mr. Marcus Fox, Sir Bernard Braine, Mr. Jonathan Aitken, Mr. Charles Irving, Mr. Jim Lester, Mr. Allan Roberts, Mr. Alf Dubs, Mr. Clive Soley, Mr....

      Wildlife and Countryside (Amendment)

      Dr. David Clark, supported by Mr. Andrew F. Bennett, Mr. Jim Callaghan, Mr. D. N. Campbell-Savours, Mr. John Cartwright, Mr. Sydney Chapman, Mr. Ron Davies, Mr. Peter Hardy, Mr. Mark Hughes, Mr....

      Unborn Children (Protection)

      Mr. J. Enoch Powell, supported by Sir Bernard Braine, Mr. Donald Stewart, Mr. A. J. Beith, Rev. Martin Smyth, Mr. Anthony Beaumont-Dark, Mr. Ian Campbell, Sir Gerard Vaughan, Mr. James White, and...

      Copyright (Computer Software) Amendment

      Mr. William Powell, supported by Mr. Nicholas Lyell, Mr. Nicholas Baker, Mr. Bryan Gould, Mr. David Madel, Mr. Richard Shepherd, Mr. Nigel Forman, and Mr. Patrick Nicholls, presented a Bill to...

      Small Business

      Mr. Michael Grylls, supported by Mr. David Howell, Mr. William Cash, Mr. Michael Fallon, Mr. Richard Wainwright, Mr. Spencer Batiste, Mr. Neil Hamilton, Mr. John Browne, Mr. Andrew Rowe, Mr....

      Sports Fields and Recreational Facilities

      Mr. John Carlisle, supported by Mr. Nicholas Soames, Mr. Colin Moynihan, Mr. Richard Ryder, Mr. Robert Atkins, Mr. Martin Brandon-Bravo, Mr. Tim Brinton, Mr. Jim Lester, Mr. David Ashby, Mr. Jim...

      Water Authorities (Meetings)

      Mr. Gerald Bermingham, supported by Mr. Marcus Fox, Mr. Derek Fatchett, Mr. Clement Freud, Mr. Michael Knowles, Mr. Robin Corbett, Mr. Matthew Parris, Mr. Frank Haynes, Mr. John Ryman, Mr. Allan...

      Education (School Budgets)

      Mr. David Madel, supported by Mr. Gerald Bowden, Mr. David Knox, Mr. Michael Stern, Mr. Alan Haselhurst, Mr. Harry Greenway, Mr. John Carlisle, Mr. Robert Hicks, Mr. Peter Bruinvels, Mr. Graham...

      Charter Trustees

      Mr. Charles Morrison, supported by Mr. Douglas Hogg, Mr. Robert Key, Mr. Richard Alexander, Mr. Michael Howard, and Mr. Jonathan Aitken, presented a Bill to provide for the continuation of the...

      Hospital Complaints Procedure

      Mr. Michael McNair-Wilson, supported by Mr. Patrick McNair-Wilson, Mr. Steve Norris, and Mrs. Renée Short, presented a Bill to oblige Regional Health Authorities to establish a complaints...

      Controlled Drugs (Penalties)

      Mr. Keith Raffan, supported by Mr. Mark Carlisle, Sir Edward Gardner, Mr. Teddy Taylor, Mr. John Wheeler, Mr. Frank Field, Mr. David Alton, Mr. Harold McCusker, Mr. Dafydd Wigley, Mr. John...

      Northern Ireland (Termination of Jurisdiction)

      Mr. Ernie Roberts, supported by Mr. Tony Benn, Miss Joan Maynard, Mr. Bob Clay, Mr. Derek Fatchett, Mr. Dennis Canavan, Mr. Dennis Skinner, Ms. Clare Short, Mr. Jeremy Corbyn and Mr. Robert...

      Motor-Cycle Crash Helmets (Restriction of Liability)

      Mr. Ivor Stanbrook, presented a Bill to exempt persons other than the actual offender from criminal liability in resepct of the offences of driving or riding on a motorcycle in contravention of...

      Fabric Origin Marking

      Mr. Geoff Lawler, supported by Mr. Gary Waller, Mr. Richard Wainwright, Mr. Tom Torney, Mr. Nicholas Winterton, Mr. James Lamond, Mr. Cyril Smith, Mr. Barry Sheerman, Mr. Peter Thurnham, Mr. Ken...

      Minimum Wages etc.

      Mr. Dave Nellist, supported by Mr. Terry Fields, Mr. Eddie Loyden, Mr. Dennis Skinner, Mr. Dennis Canavan, Mr. David Winnick, Mr. Gerald Bermingham, Mr. Terry Lewis, Mr. Brian Sedgemore, Mr. Max...

      Companies (Political Donations)

      Mr. Derek Fatchett, supported by Mr. Ian Mikardo, Ms. Jo Richardson, Mr. John Maxton, Mr. Doug Hoyle, Mr. Ron Davies, Mr. William O'Brien, Mr. Robert N. Wareing, and Mr. Chris Smith, presented a...

      Gaming (Bingo)

      Mr. Peter Fry, supported by Mr. Fergus Montgomery, Mr. Bernard Conlan, Mr. John Forrester, Mrs. Ann Winterton, Mr. Barry Porter, Mr. Eldon Griffiths, Mr. Sydney Bidwell, and Mr. Michael Moms,...

      Road Traffic (Production of Documents)

      Mr. Tim Smith, supported by Mr. Geoff Lawler, Mr. Robert Kilroy-Silk, Mr. Andrew MacKay, Mr. Mark Fisher, Mr. Tim Brinton, Mr. David Alton, Mr. Tony Blair, Mr. Tony Favell, and Mr. Gerald...

  • Hong Kong

    66 speeches

    This important debate on the Hong Kong agreement has had a rather late start, for reasons that the House well knows. I must announce to the House that I propose to operate the 10 minute limit on...

    • Business of the House

      23 speeches

      Ordered,That, at this day's sitting, the Motion relating to the Hong Kong agreement may be proceeded with, though opposed, until Twelve o'clock.—[Mr. Major.]

    • Business of the House

      Ordered,That, at the sitting on Monday 10th December, Standing Order No. 3 (Exempted business) shall apply to the Motion in the name of Mr. Secretary Jenkin relating to the draft Local Government...

  • Petition

  • British Telecom Computer Centre, Portsmouth

    4 speeches

    Motion made, and Question proposed, That this House do now adjourn.—[Mr. Peter Lloyd.]

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