House of Commons debates

Thursday, 10 December 1925

  • Preamble

    The House met at a Quarter before Three of the Clock, Mr SPEAKER in the Chair.

  • Private Business.

    Aberdeen Corporation Order Confirmation Bill,

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Naval and Military Pensions and Grants.

    • Treatment Allowances.

      6 speeches

      2. asked the Minister of Pensions whether he is aware that the Ministry are referring disabled men for treatment to the panel doctor but, in some cases, refusing the recommendation of that panel...

    • Increased Awards.

      2 speeches

      3. asked the Minister of Pensions if he will state the number of cases that have been recommended by local Ministry doctors for reconsideration by the correction of errors board, and the total...

      Funeral Grants.

      2 speeches

      4. asked the Minister of Pensions whether funeral grants are allowed to widows pensioned under Article 17b when the death of the husband was wholly and solely due to war service?

      Pension Offices. Yorkshire.

      4 speeches

      Mr. ROBINSON: 5. asked the Minister if Pensions how many fall-time area pension offices and sub-offices there are in the county of Yorkshire and where they are situated; and the maximum distance...

      Devonshire Regiment (O. Morgan).

      2 speeches

      8. asked the Minister of Pensions whether his attention has been called to the casie of Mr. O. Morgan, of 34, Coltman Street, Greenwich, S.E.1O, late private, No. 32,284, of the Devonshire...

      Children's Pensions (Deductions).

      4 speeches

      11. asked the Minister of Pensions for what purpose it is proposed to issue Regulations authorising the deduction of sums up to 5s. a week from the pensions of the children, aged between 14 and...

      1ST Monmouthshibe Regiment (W. Austin).

      2 speeches

      13. asked the Minister of Pensions if he is aware that a pension has been refused to ex-Private W. Austin, No. 227,893, 1st Monmouthshire Regiment, at present residing at 5, Parrot Row, Blaina,...

      Area Deputy Commissioners of Medical Services.

      2 speeches

      15. asked the Minister of Pensions what is the number of medical officers holding the appointment of Area Deputy Commissioner of Medical Services and what is the average number of square miles in...

      Central Advisory Committee.

      4 speeches

      17. asked the Minister of Pensions when the last meeting of the Central Advisory Committee was held; whether the committee had under consideration any resolutions passed by regional advisory...

      Issue Offices, Edinburgh and Acton.

      2 speeches

      Mr. KENNEDY: 19. asked the Minister of Pensions what was the number of pensions issued by the Issue Office at Edinburgh and the Issue Office at Acton, respectively, in the years ending 30th...

      Erroneous Awards.

      2 speeches

      20. asked the Minister of Pensions whether, seeing that all awards made under the Regulations governing erroneous awards are made under the Dispensing Warrant of 1884 and after reference to the...

      Special Grants Committee.

      4 speeches

      21. asked the Minister of Pensions whether, seeing that it cost £24,670 for the Special Grants Committee to deal with approximately 34,000 cases in the first 10 months of this year, and that...

      Mental Cases.

      4 speeches

      Mr. G IBBINS: 22. asked the Minister of Pensions what proportion of the 26,000 in receipt of treatment with allowances are inmates of mental institutions; what is the number of chronic cases...

      Parents Allowance.

      8 speeches

      23. asked the Minister of Pensions whether, on the death of a parent in receipt of a dependant's pension, any action is taken to notify the surviving parent that; the pension may be transferred...

      Pendlebuky Sub-Office.

      2 speeches

      24. asked the Minister of Pensions if he proposes to close the sub-office in Pendlebury on the ground of economy; and what is the estimated yearly saving anticipated?

      Salfoiid District Committee.

      2 speeches

      25. asked the Minister of Pensions whether he will reconsider the proposal to merge the Salford, Eccles, and District War Pensions Committee into the Manchester War Pensions Committee, in view of...

      Seven Years' Limit.

      4 speeches

      26. asked the Minister of Pensions in how many cases have pensions been granted where the claim was made after the seven years' limit; and what special circumstances, apart from a man being under...

      Compassionate and Other Allowances.

      4 speeches

      27. asked the Minister of Pensions the number of pensioners and persons in receipt of compassionate or other allowances who were on the pay roll on 1st January this year and the number on 1st...

      Ministry of Pensions (Principal Assistant Secretaries).

      2 speeches

      Mr. KENNEDY: 18. asked the Minister of Pensions on what date approval was given to the appointment of two principal assistant secretaries to the Ministry of Pensions: whether the volume of work...

      Alien (Nationalisation).

      6 speeches

      28. asked the Secretary of State for the Home Depart- ment if he will state why Hyman Sunderland, of Liverpool, resident in this country since 1888, who applied for nationalisation in 1914, has...

      Heavy Chemical Trade (Accidents).

      2 speeches

      30. asked the Home Secretary whether, seeing that in the Report of the Chief Inspector of Factories for 1924 it is stated that only three out of 5,000 accidents in the heavy chemical trade were...

      Varnishes or Dopes (Manu-Facturing Conditions).

      2 speeches

      31. asked the Home Secretary whether, having regard to the great increase in the use of varnishes or dopes composed of celluloid or nitrocellulose dissolved in acetone, amyl acetate, or similar...

      Lead Poisoning.

      2 speeches

      Mr. ROBINSON: 32. asked the Home Secretary how many cases of lead poisoning occurred among pasters engaged in the manufacture or repair of electric accumulators in the years 1921, 1922, 1023, and...

      Chemical Poisoning.

      2 speeches

      Mr. ROBINSON: 33. asked the Home Secretary how many cases of poisoning by carbon bisulphide, aniline poisoning, and chronic benzene poisoning have been reported since the 1st February, 1925; and...

      Communist Prosecutions.

      23 speeches

      36. asked the Home Secretary whether it is proposed to take further proceedings against those members of the Communist party who are not imprisoned; and whether instructions have been given to...

      Special Constabulary (London Hospitals).

      2 speeches

      38. asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware that, at a recent meeting of the medical students of London Hospital, the dean of the students' guild stated that he had received a request from...

      Wolverhampton Police (W. Bates).

      14 speeches

      40. asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware that Police-constable. William Bates, Wolver-hampton Police Force, was called upon by the chief constable to resign on account of the police...

      Flogging Sentence.

      5 speeches

      41. asked the Home Secretary whether his attention has been called to the ease of J. H. Clarke, sentenced at the Surrey Assizes to seven years' penal servitude and to be flogged; and whether,...

      Olympia Circus (Performing Lions).

      5 speeches

      42. asked the Home Secretary whether his attention has been drawn to the announcement of a performance for children at Olympia called the Christmas Circus, in which a single unarmed man is to...

      Death of Miss I. Watkins.

      4 speeches

      44. asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware of the correspondence which has passed between a firm of solicitors and the Public Prosecutor as to the mystery surrounding the death of Miss Iris...

      Iron and Steel Industry.

      2 speeches

      Captain A.EVANS: 45. asked the Prime Minister whether he is aware that any financial crisis in the iron and steel industry must have the effect of damaging the credit of British industry...

      National Expenditure.

      11 speeches

      46. asked the Prime Minister whether, in order that everything possible may he done to secure reduction of Government expenditure, he will consider appointing a group of independent committees,...

      Cabinet (Number of Members).

      3 speeches

      47. asked the Prime Minister if he will circulate a statement showing the size of the Cabinet in some of the leading countries: and, in view of the changes which had to be made during the War, if...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Education.

    • Grants (Circular 1,371).

      83 speeches

      Mr. TREVELYAN THOMSON: 48. asked the President of the Board of Education the number of children under the age of five and between the ages of five and six in the elementary schools in...

    • Elementary Schools, Doncaster District.

      7 speeches

      58 asked the President of the Board of Education (1) what steps, if any, have been taken to provide a new elementary school in the Skellow district of the Adwick-le-Street urban area: (2) how...

      Teacher's Salaries.

      4 speeches

      63. asked the President of the Board of Education whether the Standing Joint Committees on teachers' salaries, in accepting and adopting the Burnham award, informed him that they did so subject...


      2 speeches

      67. asked the President of the Board of Education whether he is aware that experiments conducted in certain English and Scottish elementary schools, including schools attached to important...

  • Business of the House.

    15 speeches

    May I ask, first of all, what business the Government propose to take to-night, in the event of the Eleven o'Clock Rule being suspended?

  • Withdrawal of Strangers.

    • Official Report.

      12 speeches

      I want to raise a question of which I gave notice last week, and I hope the House will bear with me if I am a little longer than is usually the case on what is regarded as a point of Order. As...

  • Bills Presented.

    • Police Pensions Bill.

      "to increase the rateable deductions to be made from the pay of the police and to authorise, in certain circumstances, the return of rateable deductions in the case of members of police forces...

    • Public Health (Smoke, etc., Abatement) Bill,

      "to amend the law relating to smoke nuisances and noxious or offensive gases; and for other purposes connected therewith," presented by Dr. SALTER; supported by Mr. Viant, Dr. Shicls, Mr. Barr,...

      Message from the Lords.

      That they have agreed to,—

      Chairmen's Panel.

      Mr. WILLIAM NICHOLSON reported from the Chairmen's Panel; That they had appointed Mr. Short to act as Chairman of Standing Committee A (in respect of the Coastguard Bill [Lords]); and Sir Cyril...

      Selection (Standing Committees).

      Standing Committee a.

      Mr. WILLIAM NICHOLSON reported from the Committee of Selection; That they had discharged the following Member from Standing Committee A: Mr. Smithers; and had appointed in substitution: Sir...

      Standing Committee B.

      Mr. WILLIAM NICHOLSON further reported from the Committee; That they had added the following Fifteen Members to Standing Committee B (in respect of the Government of India (Civil Services) Bill...

  • Orders of the Day — Supply.

    32 speeches

    Considered in Committee.

  • Orders of the Day — Royal Assent.

    Message to attend the Lords Commissioners.

  • Orders of the Day — Supply.

    25 speeches

    Again considered in Committee.

  • Class 6.

  • British Empire Exhibition.

    • Personal Explanation.

      4 speeches

      I understand that, during my temporary absence from the House, some statement was made regarding what I was supposed to have said during the Debate on the British Empire Exhibition. I did not...

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