House of Commons debates

Thursday, 2 March 1922

  • Preamble

    The House met at a Quarter before Three of the Clock, Mr. SPEAKER in the Chair.

  • Private Business.

    • Grampian Electricity Supply Bill,

      "for incorporating and conferring powers upon the Grampian Electricity Supply Company; and for other purposes," presented, and read the First time; and ordered to be read a Second time.

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Naval and Military Pensions and Grants.

    • Educational Grants (Mother's Re-Marriage).

      2 speeches

      3. asked the Minister of Pensions if his attention has been drawn to the case of the children of the late Private H. D. Phillips, No. 2617, King's Liverpool Regiment, who for the past three years...

    • Disability Pensions.

      2 speeches

      4. asked the Minister of Pensions if he will consider the desirability of granting full disability pensions to all men with a war disability while they are unemployed, in view of the number of...

      Pre-War Pensions.

      6 speeches

      5. asked the Minister of Pensions whether he has been able to give further consideration to the case of Mrs. M. Hamber, of 76, Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale, widow of Sergeant Marsh Hamber, No....

      Emergency Grants (Withdrawal).

      4 speeches

      6. asked the Minister of Pensions, if Regulation 4 of the Special Grants Committee Regulations, as applicable to disabled officers, has been cancelled; and, if so, on what he based his assumption...

      Labour Corps (W. V. Airey).

      2 speeches

      7. asked the Minister of Pensions why the arrears of pension due to William Victor Airey, No. 316905, late private Labour Corps, Identity No. 2/M.A./2409 from 27th July, 1921, to 11th February,...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Royal Air Force.

    • Pilots.

      2 speeches

      12 and 14. asked the Secretary of State for Air (1) how many reserve pilots in all are available for service as trained naval and military pilots respectively in case of emergency, how many naval...

    • Aircraft.

      4 speeches

      13. asked the Secretary of State for Air how many machines in all are at present in daily use at home and overseas, respectively; how many other machines could be used in case of emergency...


      4 speeches

      Mr. L. MALONE: 17. asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he has received particulars of a secret agreement recently arrived at by the various oil interests in Mexico;...

      Salonika (Reconstruction).

      2 speeches

      Mr. L. MALONE: 18. asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he has any information concerning the proposals put forward by Greece for the reconstruction of Salonika; whether the...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Russia.

    • Standing Army.

      2 speeches

      19. asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs what is the numerical strength of the standing army that is being maintained by the Russian Government?

    • Famine Relief.

      9 speeches

      38. asked the Prime Minister whether the Government has reconsidered its decision to refuse relief to the sufferers from famine in Russia?

      Hungary (Political Internees).

      2 speeches

      20. asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he will have inquiries made in Hungary as to the number and condition of Socialists and others in that country interned without...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Education.

    • Economies.

      2 speeches

      22. asked the President of the Board of Education whether he will consult the teachers' organisations with a view to eliciting suggestions from them as to possible economies in the educational...

    • Teachers (Grants-in-Aid).

      2 speeches

      23. asked the President of the Board of Education whether, in view of the greatly increased salaries now paid to teachers, steps can now be taken to withdraw the grants-in-aid now given to...

      School Ages (America and Continent).

      4 speeches

      Mr. PERCY: 60. asked the President of the Board of Education if he will give the minimum ages at which children are obliged to attend the elementary schools in America, France, Switzerland, and...

      Teachers (Superannuation).

      11 speeches

      Colonel BURN: 61. asked the President of the Board of Education whether he realises the unequal and differential treatment disclosed by the operation of the new Teachers (Superannuation) Act of...

      London Teachees (Extension of Service).

      2 speeches

      Colonel BURN: 62. asked the President of the Board of Education what is the number of teachers under the London County Council scheme to whom, during the two years ended 31st March, 1918,...

      Classes (Size).

      4 speeches

      66. asked the President of the Board of Education how many ordinary elementary class teachers in England and in Nottingham, respectively, have more than 50 on the roll of their classes?

      Administrative Expenditure.

      2 speeches

      58. asked the President of the Board of Education what items are included in administrative and other expenditure forecasted for 1922–23 to amount in all to £14,844,000; and what is...

      Infants (School Attendance).

      2 speeches

      24. asked the President of the Board of Education the total number of children under six years of age at present attending elementary schools in England and Wales and the total number of teachers...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Peace Treaties.

    • Turkish Reparation.

      2 speeches

      27. asked the Prime Minister whether, in view of the outstanding claims on the part of British subjects to reparation from Turkey in respect of injuries sustained by them in the late War, it is...

    • Syrians.

      2 speeches

      28. asked the Prime Minister whether he is aware that Syrians were enrolled in the French army in the late War, and as such were under French protection; what was the political status of Syrians...

      German Reparation.

      4 speeches

      47. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether the whole or any part of the £5,000,000 to be provided by Germany as compensation for suffering and damage by enemy action in the late War...

      War Criminals (Trial).

      5 speeches

      Mr. DOYLE: 34. asked the Prime Minister if he has abandoned all hope or intention of carrying out his oft-repeated intention of bringing the ex-Kaiser and the more highly placed war criminals of...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Ireland.

    • Kidnappings (British Troops).

      2 speeches

      9. asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland the total number of officers and men of the Army who were kidnapped by Sinn Fein in Ireland between 1st July, 1919, and the date of the truce, specifying...

    • Royal Irish Constabulary (Disbandment).

      2 speeches

      11. asked the Chief Secretary the conditions of disbandment of the Royal Irish Constabulary; and whether the conditions of disbandment will prevent any man from enlisting in the new force or...

      Land Purchase.

      2 speeches

      33. asked the Prime Minister what is the position of those whose interests are vitally affected by the question of land purchase in Ireland; whether this matter will be finally dealt with by the...

      Auxiliary Police (Debts).

      2 speeches

      10. asked the Chief Secretary if his attention has been drawn to the fact that debts incurred by members of A Company, Auxiliary Division, Royal Irish Constabulary, while stationed at Woodstock,...

      Post Office Officials (Transfer).

      4 speeches

      (by Private Notice) asked the Postmaster-General whether the Postmaster-General of the Irish Administration has asked him to supply a list of Irishmen in the English service who are prepared to...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — British Army.

    • Home Service (Medal).

      4 speeches

      Mr. TREVELYAN THOMSON: 26. asked the Prime Minister whether he is now in a position to announce the decision of the Government regarding their reconsideration of the claims of Army and Air...

    • Old Age Pensions.

      2 speeches

      32. asked the Prime Minister whether he will consider legislation to provide that benefit payments made by friendly societies to their members shall not deprive those members of any proportion of...


      4 speeches

      Mr. ALFRED DAVIES (Clitheroe): 35. asked the Prime Minister whether the independence of Georgia has been recognised de facto by the British Government; whether the Georgian Government which...

      Anglo-French Pact.

      4 speeches

      37. asked the Prime Minister, in view of the allegations that he is prepared to pledge this country to defend the French frontier from Germany, whether he will ensure to this House the...

      War Payments to France.

      2 speeches

      Colonel L. WARD: 41. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the total sum paid by this country to France from 1914 to 1920, inclusive, for railway services, dock and harbour dues, billeting, rent...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Government Departments.

    • Valuation Office.

      3 speeches

      43. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many officials connected with the deceased Land Valuation Department are still retained in Govern- ment service; what are they doing; and what is the...

    • Scottish Board of Health.

      2 speeches

      51. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether the revised regrading scheme of the Scottish Board of Health provides for one establishment list for men and women; whether any other regrading...

      Stationery Office (Motor Drivers).

      2 speeches

      Mr. DOYLE: 80. asked the hon. Member for the Pollok Division of Glasgow, as representing the First Commissioner of Works, if he will give the number of male and female motor drivers at present...

      Post Office (Women).

      2 speeches

      91. asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether, in view of the Postmaster-General's statement, on 20th February, that there was no woman in the Post Office who possessed the necessary...

      Surveyor of Customs and Excise, Portobello.

      4 speeches

      44. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he is aware that in the months of May and July last the work of the surveyor of Customs and Excise was, notwithstanding two permitted absences from...


      4 speeches

      Mr. PERCY: 45. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether it is proposed shortly gradually to re-introduce the circulation of gold coinage?

      Rates (Gretna).

      2 speeches

      48. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he intends to give a decision shortly as regards the contributions in lieu of rates in respect of Government property at Gretna, which have been...

      War Loans.

      5 speeches

      50. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he is aware that at the end of December, 1921, the 5 per cent. War Loan was quoted at 91½ and now it is about 96; that there is nearly...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Ex-Service Men.

    • Board of Education.

      2 speeches

      Major C. LOWTHER: 59. asked the President of the Board of Education how many ex-service men employed in a temporary capacity competed at the recent examinations for the clerical class; how many...

    • Royal Commission on Sugar Supplies.

      2 speeches

      88. asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury how many non-service men, and how many women, are employed in the Royal Commission on Sugar Supplies in a temporary capacity; and what steps he...

      Government Departments.

      2 speeches

      92. asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether, in considering economies in the Government service, ex-service men will be kept on in preference to the 230 conscientious objectors now...

      Arab Rulers (Subsidies).

      10 speeches

      52. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what are the names of the Arab rulers in Asia to whom subsidies are paid out of British taxes; and what amounts are paid to each?

      British Farina Mills (Law Costs).

      6 speeches

      Captain COOTE: 53. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether the law costs of the defendants in the recent action of R. E. Pratt, Limited, versus the British Farina Mills, were borne by the...

      Greece (Loans).

      10 speeches

      Mr. DOYLE: 57. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if his attention has been called to the fact that the attempt to float a Greek loan of £15,000,000 in London is greatly resented by...

      Factories and Workshops (Welfare).

      2 speeches

      70. asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will circularise all industrial manufacturers giving details of the expert literature issued by his office bearing upon welfare...

      Police (Pay).

      2 speeches

      71. asked the Home Secretary whether, seeing that the police force in rural districts draw the same scale of pay as in the Metropolitan area, where the cost of living is much higher, he will take...

      Carmarthen Prison.

      2 speeches

      78. asked the Home Secretary the amount of savings that it is estimated the closing of Carmarthen Prison will effect; how it is proposed to deal with remand cases, and, if this prison is closed,...

      Fish Import Duties (France).

      2 speeches

      29. asked the Prime Minister whether he is aware that the import duty on British fish entering France has been or is about to be increased from 20 francs to 55 francs per 100 kilos and that the...


      7 speeches

      30. asked the Prime Minister whether the British representatives at the forthcoming conference on Near Eastern problems will be instructed to carry out the pledge of the Allies, endorsed by the...


      2 speeches

      31. asked the Prime Minister whether, in view of the increase in mortality from cancer, and the urgent necessity for investigating the origin of this disease, and the best form of treatment, he...

      Sunday Conferences.

      2 speeches

      36. asked the Prime Minister whether, in order to reduce Sunday labour to a minimum and in the interests of the observance of Sunday, he is prepared to use his influence to avoid the holding of...

      Allotment Holders (Scotland).

      4 speeches

      Lieut.-Colonel A. MURRAY: 40. asked the Lord Privy Seal if he can now state whether a separate Bill relating to allotment holders will be introduced for Scotland?

      Washington Conference (Savings).

      2 speeches

      Captain TUDOR-REES: 42. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he can state the approximate saving in the Estimates for the forthcoming Financial Year to be effected in consequence of the...

      Questions to Ministers.

      25 speeches

      64. asked the President of the Board of Education whether he is aware that some of the economies proposed by the Committee on National Expenditure are in the nature of a transfer of charge from...

      National Expenditure (Indian Army).

      2 speeches

      Major D. C. BROWN: (by Private Notice) asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in connection with his statement yesterday in regard to the Geddes Committee's Army figures, whether he can state...

  • Business of the House.

    2 speeches

    May I ask the Leader of the House if he will indicate the course of business for next week?

  • New Member Sworn,

    HUGH HAYES, Esq., for the County of Down (West Down Division).

  • Standing Committees (Chairmen's Panel).

    Mr. JOHN WILLIAM WILSON reported from the Chairmen's Panel: That they had appointed Mr. William Nicholson to act as Chairman of Standing Committee A (in respect of the Pawnbrokers Bill).

  • Selection (Standing Committees).

    • Standing Committee a.

      Sir SAMUEL ROBERTS reported from the Committee of Selection: That they had nominated the following Members to serve on Standing Committee A: Major Barnes, Sir Edmund Bartley-Denniss, Captain Sir...

    • Message from the Lords.

      That they have passed a Bill, intituled, "An Act to amend the Madras Railway Annuities Act, 1908." [Madras Railway Annuities Bill [Lords.]


      Read the First time; and referred to the Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills.

  • Orders of the Day — Irish Free State (Agreement) Bill.

    Considered in Committee.

  • Orders of the Day — Clause 1, — Provisions for giving the force of law to and carrying into effect Irish Agreement.

    57 speeches

    (1) The Articles of Agreement for a Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland set forth in the Schedule to this Act shall have the force of law as from the date of the passing of this Act.

  • Royal Assent.

    1 speech

    Message to attend the Lords Commissioners;

  • Irish Free State (Agreement) Bill.

    166 speeches

    Again considered in Committee.

  • Ecclesiastical Tithe Rent-Charges (Rates) Bill.

    Read a Second time; and committed to a Standing Committee.

  • Dentists Act, 1921 (Regulations).

    6 speeches

    I beg to move, That an humble Address be presented to His Majesty praying that the Order in Council under the Dentists Act, 1921, dated the 16th day of January, 1922, approving Regulations of the...

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