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House of Commons debates

Tuesday, 8 June 1920

  • Preamble

    The House met at a Quarter before Three of the Clock, Mr. SPEAKER in the Chair.

  • Private Business.

    Private Bills [Lords] (Standing Orders not previously inquired into complied with),—Mr. SPEAKER laid upon the Table Report from one of the Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills, That, in...


    3 speeches

    I beg to present a petition from the citizens of the Burgh of Leith concerning the Edinburgh Boundaries Extension Bill, which seeks to incorporate the Burgh of Leith with the City of Edinburgh....

  • Oral Answers to Questions — British Army.

    • Re-Clothing.

    • Statement by MR. Churchill.

      37 speeches

      Mr. C. PALMER: 6 and 7. asked the Secretary of State for War (1) whether, in deciding to reclothe the Army in uniform of pre-War style and colour, he has considered the cost to officers; and...

      Staff College.

      2 speeches

      5. asked the Secretary of State for War whether he is prepared to grant any extension of the age limit for entry to the staff college, in view of the fact that many officers have been prevented...

      Prisoners of War (Pay).

      2 speeches

      9. asked the Secretary of State for War whether, considering that under Section 136 of the Army Act officers are entitled to full pay without any deduction while prisoners of war through no fault...

      4TH Royal Irish Dragoon Guards (Private J. H. Johnson).

      2 speeches

      15. asked the Secretary of State for War, if he is aware that Private J. H. Johnson, No. 36,740, 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, was taken into the Army under age, although his mother protested,...


      6 speeches

      16. asked the Secretary of State for War whether two British regiments have been for some time past stationed at Hodeidah, on the Red Sea; what useful purpose they fill; and if they are there at...

      Women's Corps, Demobilisation.

      4 speeches

      17. asked the Secretary of State for War how many women are now employed by the War Office on duties formerly performed by the Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps, Women's Legion, and the Army...

      Troops, London Barracks.

      2 speeches

      19. asked the Secretary of State for War what is the number of troops now stationed at the Tower, Wellington, and Chelsea barracks; what is the number of rounds per man of rifle and machine-gun...

      Soldiers' Graves.

      4 speeches

      37. asked the Secretary of State for War what action has been taken for the preservation and upkeep of British soldiers' graves in Austria and Italy?


      2 speeches

      1. asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he will say what kind of support is being given to Huessin, King of the Hedjaz; when this support was first given; and if this support...


      Attack on Soviet Russia.

      4 speeches

      10. asked the Secretary of State for War why, on 22nd May, the War Office accompanied its account of the military position in the Polish war with a defence of the action of the Poles in launching...


      6 speeches

      52. asked the Prime Minister whether the area claimed by the Poles outside their frontiers assigned to them by the Peace Conference contains a population of 73.2 per cent. of Russians, 4.67 per...


      Attacks on Armed Guards.

      4 speeches

      11. asked the Secretary of State for War whether he proposes to order an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the recent overpowering of an armed guard of His Majesty's forces in Dublin,...


      2 speeches

      20. asked the Secretary of State for War whether the "Tsaritza," which took about 1,000 Cameron Highlanders to Queenstown at the end of May, is the same vessel that took the so-called relief...

      Police Barracks (Attacks).

      2 speeches

      27. asked the Secretary of State for War whether troops in Ireland are not permitted to fire on men engaged in attacking police barracks when they happen to surprise them as at Mullinavat, County...


      British Military and Air Missions.

      6 speeches

      36. asked the Secretary of State for War and Air what duties the British Military and Air Missions are now performing in the Crimea and South Russia; when it is intended to withdraw them; and...

      Diplomatic and Commercial Relations.

      2 speeches

      50. asked the Prime Minister whether any progress has been made either in diplomatic or commercial relations with the Russian Soviet Government?

      League of Nations Commission.

      4 speeches

      51. asked the Prime Minister whether the Council of the League of Nations has tried in vain for the past seven weeks to get a definite reply from the Soviet Government for permission for a...

      State Obligations.

      6 speeches

      Mr. L. MALONE: 64. asked whether the British Treasury at any time since March, 1917, paid or guaranteed the payment of the coupons or interest falling due on Russian State obligations; if so,...

      War Office Staff (Reduction).

      2 speeches

      13. asked the Secretary of State for War what progress has been made during the past few months in the reduction of the staff of the War Office?


      General Dyer.

      4 speeches

      18. asked the Secretary of State for War whether the question of General Dyer's conduct whilst in com- mand in India has been referred to the Army Council; if so, when; and with what result?

      Territorial Army.

      2 speeches

      Mr. PALMER: 39. asked whether considerable economies, without loss of service efficiency, could be obtained by holding staff appointments to the Territorial Forces, with the exception of the...

      Naval and Military Pensions and Grants.

      Commissioned Acting Paymasters (Gratuity).

      8 speeches

      40. asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the War Office what gratuity it has been decided to allow to commissioned acting-paymasters in respect of their service; and why these officers are not...

      Administration Cost.

      6 speeches

      79. asked the Minister of Pensions what is the cost of administration, the number of pensions, and cost per pension awarded during the quarter ended 31st March, 1920, for the United Kingdom and...

      Ring Papers.

      6 speeches

      80. asked the Minister of Pensions what is the number of cases in which pension committees have been obliged to advance money to persons on account of the non-receipt of or errors in ring papers...

      Alternative Pensions (Inquiries).

      6 speeches

      81. asked the Minister of Pensions whether inquiries respecting pre-War earnings of applicants for alternative pensions have been transferred to county court registrars; whether such inquiries...

      Burton Court, Chelsea.

      7 speeches

      84. asked the Minister of Pensions whether he is aware that Burton Court, Chelsea, was only leased to the Government for the duration of the War; and, if so, what is his reason for attempting to...

      German Airships.

      5 speeches

      43. asked the Secretary of State for Air what is intended to be done with the ex-German rigid airship L 71; will it eventually be used for commercial, naval, or military purposes; and, if...


      2 speeches

      47. asked the Prime Minister whether, under the new constitution of the Czecho-Slovakian Republic, any question of war must be brought before the Chamber; whether, for a declaration of war, the...

      Food Supplies.

      Home Grown Sugar, Limited.

      2 speeches

      49. asked the Prime Minister if he will state what is the financial position of the Home Produced Sugar Company, Limited, in relation to the Government; what is the capital of the said company;...

      Church of Scotland.

      2 speeches

      Mr. MacCALLUM SCOTT: 53. asked the Lord Privy Seal whether he is advised that the draft articles declaratory of the constitution of the Church of Scotland in matters spiritual, if given...

      National Expenditure.

      8 speeches

      54. asked the Lord Privy Seal whether he will consider the appointment of a Select Committee of this House, with power to take evidence, for the purpose of estimating the amount of public...

      Finance Bill.

      War Wealth Levy.

      2 speeches

      Mr. DOYLE: 56. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he is in a position to make any definite statement respecting the levy on War fortunes in lieu of the increase of the tax on excess...

      Income Tax (War Stock).

      7 speeches

      70. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many millions of pounds were paid away in War stock interest on the 1st instant, which would have remained in hand if interest had been taxed at the...

      Excess Profits Duty (Ireland).

      2 speeches

      71. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he can state the amount of the Excess Profits Duty collected in Ireland during the financial year 1919–20?

      Agricultural Wholesale Society.

      3 speeches

      59. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he has yet received any refund of the moneys advanced to the Agricultural Wholesale Society to liquidate their commitments in cattle-feeding...

      Members of Parliament (Salaries, etc.).

      9 speeches

      60. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he will grant the return asked for by the Member for West Derbyshire [Members of Parliament (Salaries, etc.),—Return giving the names of...


      Local Bonds.

      6 speeches

      Mr. MALONE: 66. asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he expects the public to subscribe in any quantity to the 5 and 6 per cent. Housing Bonds when there are other Government securities...

      Licensing Regulations, Wales.

      4 speeches

      72. asked the Home Secretary whether the licensing regulations are in force in certain coast areas in North Wales on excursion steamers sailing on Sundays between Liverpool, Llandudno, and...

      Central Research Institute, Hampstead.

      2 speeches

      Colonel BURN: 73. asked the Home Secretary whether he has received a petition from the inhabitants of Hampstead as to the treatment of a dog at Mount Vernon; and, if so, what action does he...

      Aliens (Landing Restrictions).

      2 speeches

      Mr. DOYLE: 74. asked the Home Secretary the number of German aliens who have been allowed to land on these shores since the signing of the Armistice; how many of these have been admitted since...

      Soviet Committees (Great Britain).

      4 speeches

      Mr. DOYLE: 75. asked the Home Secretary whether he is in a position to give the number of Soviet committees established in South Wales, in Glasgow and Scotland generally, and the industrial...

      Motor Licences (Inspection).

      3 speeches

      76. asked the Home Secretary how many controls were established by the police on the roads of Great Britain for the inspection of motor licences between the 22nd and 31st of May under a General...

      Police Pensions.

      8 speeches

      77. asked the Home Secretary what is the police pension in the case of a constable who entered the service in 1892, and served 26 years, retiring in 1918; and what is the pension of a constable...

      Shipping (Wheat Imports).

      6 speeches

      85. asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Shipping whether he has any information to the effect that the Argentine Government intend to prohibit the export of wheat; and whether...

      Invergordon Harbour (Transfer) Bill.

      Lieut. - Commander Kenworthy, Mr. Neil Maclean, and Major William Murray nominated Members of the Select Committee on Invergordon Harbour (Transfer) Bill.—[Colonel Gibbs.]


      Read the First time; to be read a Second time upon Monday next, and to be printed. [Bill 135.]

  • Standing Committees (Chairmen's Panel).

    Mr. JOHN WILLIAM WILSON reported from the Chairmen's Panel: That they had appointed Mr. Mount to act as Chairman of Standing Committee B (in respect of the Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest...

  • Selection (Standing Committees).

    • Standing Committee B.

      Sir SAMUEL ROBERTS reported from the Committee of Selection; That they had discharged the following Member from Standing Committee B: Lieutenant Colonel Buckley; and had appointed in...


    Reported, with Amendments; Report to lie upon the Table, and to be printed.

  • Private Bills (Group E).

    Sir WILLIAM HOWELL DAVIES reported from the Committee on Group E of Private Bills; That, for the convenience of parties, the Committee had adjourned till Tuesday next, at half-past Eleven of the...

  • Message from the Lords.

    Ministry of Health Provisional Order (Birkenhead Extension) Bill,—That they have come to the following Resolution, namely: "That it is desirable that the Bill be referred to a Joint...

  • Orders of the Day — War Wealth Levy.

    41 speeches

    I beg to move, That this House, realising the serious effects upon trade and industry of the nation of the enormous financial burdens resulting from the War, regrets the decision of His Majesty's...

  • Orders of the Day — Gas Regulation Bill.

    4 speeches

    Order for Second Reading read.

  • Private Business.

  • Gas Re0047ulation Bill.

    17 speeches

    Postponed Proceeding resumed on consideration of Order for Second Reading.

  • Firearms Bill [Lords].

    14 speeches

    Order for Second Reading read.

  • Resident Magistrates (Ireland) [Money].

    Committee to consider of authorising further payments out of moneys to be provided by Parliament for the salaries and allowances of Resident Magistrates in Ireland, and of amending the law...

  • Gas Regulation [Expenses].

    Committee to consider of authorising the payment out of moneys to be provided by Parliament of such expenditure as may become payable under any Act of the present Session to amend the law with...

  • Business of the House.

    4 speeches

    Motion made, and Question proposed, "That this House do now adjourn."—[Commander Eyres-Monsell.]

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