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Monday, 19 April 2021

Commons: Main Chamber   See this day →

  • Finance (No. 2) Bill: Ways and Means (Freeports (Stamp Duty Land Tax)) – Rishi Sunak Motion
  • Finance Bill Committee (Day 1) Legislation
  • Gender pension gap – Patricia Gibson Adjournment debate
  • Housing, Communities and Local Government (including Topical Questions) Oral questions; 2:30 pm

Lords: Main Chamber   See this day →

  • Role of nuclear energy in meeting the UK’s hydrogen production targets – Lord Ravensdale Oral questions
  • Reports that highly skilled migrants from Commonwealth countries who have lived in the UK have been refused indefinite leave to remain – Lord Woolley of Woodford Oral questions
  • Revising planning rules to ensure all decisions are aligned with the UK’s net zero emissions targets – Baroness Sheehan Oral questions
  • To ask the government what is their assessment of the reports that pro-democracy campaigners have been sentenced in Hong-Kong for participation in pro-democracy protests – Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws Private Notice Question
  • Return date for university students and plans to provide financial compensation for lost teaching and rent during the coronavirus pandemic – Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay Statement
  • Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill – third reading – Baroness Goldie Legislation
  • Financial Services Bill – report (day 3) & third reading – Earl Howe – Earl Howe Legislation
  • Joining-up family policy across government so that it is “fit for the 2020s” – Lord Farmer Oral questions; 1:00 pm

Commons: Westminster Hall   See this day →

  • e-petition 300139, relating to trespass – Katherine Fletcher Westminster Hall debate; 4:30 pm
  • e-petition 301079, relating to Black maternal healthcare and mortality – Catherine McKinnell Westminster Hall debate; 6:15 pm

Commons: General Committee

  • First Delegated Legislation Committee: The Common Organisation of the Markets in Agricultural Products (Wine) (Amendment, etc.) Regulations 2021 (S.I., 2021, No. 279) Debate; 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm; Room 14, Palace of Westminster
  • Second Delegated Legislation Committee: The draft Audiovisual Media Services (Amendment) Regulations 2021 Debate; 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm; Room 14, Palace of Westminster

Commons: Select Committee

Public Accounts Committee: Adult social care markets Oral evidence; 1:45 pm – 5:00 pm; The Wilson Room, Portcullis House
Treasury Committee: Economic impact of coronavirus Oral evidence; 3:00 pm – 5:45 pm; Virtual meeting
Procedure Committee: The procedure of the House of Commons and the territorial constitution Oral evidence; 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm; Virtual meeting
Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee: Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Annual Report & Accounts 2019-20 Oral evidence; 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm; Room 5, Palace of Westminster

Lords: Select Committee

Industry and Regulators Committee Private Meeting; 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm; Virtual meeting

Lords: Grand Committee

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