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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Commons: Main Chamber

  • Charity Trustees (Time Off for Duties) – Susan Elan Jones Ten Minute Rule Motion

Lords: Main Chamber

  • Ensuring the UK maintains gender equality and rights in the workplace in line with other EU member states – Baroness Crawley Oral questions; 3:00 pm
  • Review of the Prevent strategy – Lord Sheikh Oral questions
  • Contract to build five Type 31e frigates – Lord West of Spithead Oral questions

Lords: Select Committees

Liaison Committee (Lords): Private Meeting 10:00 am; Room 3A, Palace of Westminster
Constitution Committee: Private Meeting 10:15 am; Room 1, Palace of Westminster
International Relations Committee: The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and nuclear disarmament 10:40 am; Room 4, Palace of Westminster
Witnesses: (at 10:40 AM) Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan MP, Minister of State for Europe and the Americas at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office