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Monday, 23 April 2018

Commons: Main Chamber

  • Defence (including Topical Questions) Oral questions; 2:30 pm
  • Rating (Property in Common Occupation) and Council Tax (Empty Dwellings) Bill - 2nd reading Legislation
  • Reimbursement for patient transport volunteer drivers – Jamie Stone Adjournment debate

Lords: Main Chamber

  • Plans for the administration and distribution of the children’s Contestable Fund – Baroness Benjamin Oral questions; 2:30 pm
  • Care Quality Commission’s report 'The state of care in independent online primary health services' – Baroness Wheeler Oral questions
  • Appointment of the new Chair and members of the Social Mobility Commission – Lord Lennie Oral questions
  • Government progress in rolling out Universal Credit – Baroness Sherlock Oral questions
  • European Union (Withdrawal) Bill – Report (day 2) – Lord Callanan Legislation

Commons: Westminster Hall

  • This House has considered e-petition 205106 relating to the privatisation of NHS services – Mike Hill Westminster Hall debate; 4:30 pm

Commons: General Committees

  • First Delegated Legislation Committee: Draft Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Mandatory Conditions of Licences) (England) Regulations 2018 4:30 pm; Room 9, Palace of Westminster
  • Second Delegated Legislation Committee: Draft Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme Regulations 2018 and the draft Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (Amendment) Regulations 2018 4:30 pm; Room 10, Palace of Westminster
  • Third Delegated Legislation Committee: Draft Welsh Ministers (Transfer of Functions) (Railways) Order 2018 4:30 pm; Room 11, Palace of Westminster
  • Fourth Delegated Legislation Committee: Draft Combined Authorities (Borrowing) Regulations 2018 6:00 pm; Room 12, Palace of Westminster

Commons: Select Committees

Public Accounts: Financial sustainability of local authorities 4:00 pm; Other
Witnesses: Melanie Dawes, Permanent Secretary Jo Farrar, Director General, Local Government, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
High Speed Rail (West Midlands-Crewe) Bill: High Speed Rail (West Midlands-Crewe) Bill 4:10 pm; Other
Witnesses: Alastair Lewis, Sharpe Pritchard Sir William Cash MP
Transport: Mobility as a Service 4:45 pm; Other
Witnesses: Dr Steve Cassidy, Managing Director, ESP Group Johan Herrlin, CEO, Ito World Sampo Hietanen, CEO, MaaS Global Sarah Owen-Vandersluis, Partner, Strategic Advisory, KPMG
Public Accounts: Homeless households 5:45 pm; Other
Witnesses: Melanie Dawes, Permanent Secretary, Department for Communities and Local Government
High Speed Rail (West Midlands-Crewe) Bill: High Speed Rail (West Midlands-Crewe) Bill 7:05 pm; Other
Witnesses: As for afternoon session unless already heard

Lords: Select Committees

National Security Strategy: Oral Evidence Session 3:30 pm; Room 4A, Palace of Westminster
Witnesses: (at 4:15 PM) Mr Lyndon Nelson, Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director for Supervisory Risk Specialists and Regulatory Operations, Prudential Regulation Authority Mr Steve Unger, Chief Technology Officer, Ofcom Mr Jonathan Brearley, Senior Partner for Networks, Ofgem Mr Paul Smith, Cyber Security Lead and Chief Security Officer , Water UK Strategic Security Board, United Utilities