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Do you need to…

Display tailored content that reflects which constituency a user is in?
Analyse spoken parliamentary debates, in bulk?
Publish accurate information about MPs, MLAs or MSPs?
Find a quick and easy way to integrate parliamentary data in your project?

TheyWorkForYou's API makes it all much simpler

An easy way to access data from the UK's parliaments and regional assemblies

Self-service subscription: manage keys and payments online

Adjust your quota as you need it, or cancel at any time

Reduced rates/free of charge for non-profit or charitable projects

What is an API?

API (Application Programming Interface). Is a program that allows you to query a database — in this case, TheyWorkForYou's vast amount of parliamentary data, updated daily — for information.

No more manual searching, spreadsheet formatting or out of date information — let the API bring you the data you need, so you can get straight to work.

Plans start from £20/mth. See plans

What can you do with the TheyWorkForYou API?

Many, many things! Here are some examples:

Input: Date

List of MPs, MSPs, MLAs or Lords on that date

Input: Postcode

Constituency, MP’s name, party, dates, image, position and other basic information

Input: Constituency name

Centre point or bounding polygon of that constituency

Input: Date

Debates, written answers, minister statements recorded in Parliament on that date

To see more examples

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TheyWorkForYou's API powers projects like these:

British Canoeing's Clear Waters campaign encourages supporters to sign a petition and then displays on a map how many have signed from each constituency.

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The Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) analysed parliamentary speeches over 50 years as part of their research into whether there had been a rise in the use of statistics and numbers in political discourse.

Find out more (PDF)

Carbon Brief looked into the use of the phrases "climate change", "global warming" and "greenhouse effect" by different political parties as well as individual MPs for this longform analysis.

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Money Advice Trust's StopTheKnock campaign used the API as one piece of the code behind this map project, showing the number of times council bailiffs were sent to collect on debts within each area.

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“The API is a very useful tool that has saved us days of development work. It is the backbone to our online petition process.”

Head of Digital, British Canoeing

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