About TheyWorkForYou

TheyWorkForYou was founded twenty years ago to make Parliament more accessible and accountable.

We believe that information about our elected representatives should be easily understandable and accessible to everyone, and not just insiders or those who can pay.

We now work across the UK's Parliaments to bring information together in one place, and make it accessible to both citizens and to civil society.

Through TheyWorkForYou and WriteToThem, we want to make it easy to understand what the UK's different layers of representation do, and make the actions of our representatives and governments more transparent.

We do this by:

  • Making parliamentary debates searchable for all Parliaments.
  • Making it easy for people to write to their representatives at any layer of government.
  • Powering email alerts that let citizens and civil society stay informed about their representatives or areas of interest.
  • Adding new information and summaries that build on the information that Parliament releases (such as voting record summaries and more accessible registers of members interests).

If you support TheyWorkForYou's goals, you can help us do more by making a donation.

For more information about how we run the site, please read our FAQs.

About mySociety

TheyWorkForYou is run by mySociety, a UK charity that puts power in more people's hands through the use of digital tools and data.

Through TheyWorkForYou and WriteToThem we have made elected representatives more transparent and contactable. Every year, hundreds of thousands of reports are made through FixMyStreet, and over a million Freedom of Information requests have been made through WhatDoTheyKnow.

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Many thanks to mySociety team members and volunteers alike, past and present, for their work on TheyWorkForYou. Including:

  • Richard Allan
  • Martin Belam
  • James Crabtree
  • James Cronin
  • Stephen Dunn
  • Yoz Grahame
  • Phil Gyford
  • David Heath
  • Francis Irving
  • Ben Laurie
  • Tom Loosemore
  • Stefan Magdalinski
  • Dorian McFarland
  • Anno Mitchell
  • Danny O'Brien
  • Sam Smith
  • Matthew Somerville
  • Tom Steinberg
  • Richard Taylor
  • Stuart Tily
  • Julian Todd
  • Denise Wilton

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