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Lord Howell of Guildford (Conservative)

The Government have raised the importance of women's inclusion in the political process with the new Libyan authorities on a number of occasions. These have included the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs', my right honourable friend the Member for Richmond (Yorks) (Mr Hague's), first phone call to Prime Minister al-Kib on his appointment and, most recently, when the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, my honourable friend Mr Burt, met the Deputy Minister for Culture and Civil Society on 7 February 2012. Our ambassador to Libya also raised women's representation in discussion with the National Transitional Council Election Committee during the drafting of the new Libyan Election Law. We are pleased that this will ensure women's representation in the new National Congress. The UK co-funded the first Libyan National Women's Conference in November 2011 during which women put their concerns directly to Chairman Abdul Jalil and Transitional Government Prime Minister al-Kib.


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