Photo of Peter Bone

Peter Bone (Wellingborough, Conservative)

To ask the Attorney-General when he expects the review by the Crown Prosecution Service of the laws on human trafficking to be published.

Photo of Edward Garnier

Edward Garnier (The Solicitor-General; Harborough, Conservative)

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is not reviewing the laws on human trafficking. However, the CPS has been consulted about proposed amendments to human trafficking offences following a review of the legislation led by the Home Office. The proposed amended offences are included in the Protection of Freedoms Bill and should enable the UK to comply with the EU Directive on Human Trafficking. The amendments extend territorial jurisdiction and will make it easier for investigators and prosecutors to prosecute cases of trafficking where the trafficking of victims has taken place anywhere in the world, by a trafficker who is resident in the UK. The amendments will also improve our ability to prosecute those who have trafficked victims within the UK for forced labour and slavery.


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