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Lord Greaves (Liberal Democrat)

To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of whether the game on the Cycling Safety page on the Tales of the Road website (http://talesoftheroad., which involves using the cursor to hit children over the head with a mallet if they are not wearing a cycle helmet, and the words that appear with the final score "Nice Work! That'll teach 'em for not wearing a cycle helmet", are appropriate; and whether they will withdraw that page.

Photo of Lord Adonis

Lord Adonis (Minister of State, Department for Transport; Labour)

The Department for Transport is committed to reducing the number of children killed or seriously injured while cycling. As part of a broader communication strategy to educate children about road safety, an online game was designed to encourage 6 to 11-year-olds to wear cycle helmets, which can help reduce head injuries.

After due consideration, the department removed the game from the website on 21 May 2009, as we agreed that it was not appropriate.


Chris Beazer
Posted on 9 Jun 2009 11:16 am (Report this annotation)

What evidence is there that wearing cycle helmets reduces head injuries? Once again the debate about cycling safety concentrates on the victims of cycle accidents, implying that they are responsible for their injuries whereas the emphasis should be on PREVENTING accidents (usually the fault of motorists).

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