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Photo of Mark Hoban

Mark Hoban (Shadow Minister, Treasury; Fareham, Conservative)

To ask the Prime Minister which special envoys he has appointed since taking office; what remuneration is paid to each; what allowance each receives for expenses; and how much each has been reimbursed for claims for (a) expenses and (b) travel expenses.

Photo of Norman Baker

Norman Baker (Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Transport; Lewes, Liberal Democrat)

To ask the Prime Minister what special envoys he has appointed; and for what purposes in each case.

Photo of Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown (Prime Minister; Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Labour)

Since June 2007, I have appointed my hon. Friend Barry Gardiner as the Special Envoy for Forestry. My right hon. Friend Ann Clwyd has served since 2003 as the Prime Minister's Special Envoy for Human Rights in Iraq and has been reappointed.

Separately, I have appointed my right hon. Friend Joan Ryan as the Special Representative to Cyprus.

They are entitled to claim reasonable travel and subsistence expenses incurred as part of their work. These expenses are paid in accordance with existing departmental guidelines on allowances and subsistence.


neil Regan
Posted on 16 Jul 2008 7:17 am (Report this annotation)

Will Joan Ryan have anything to do with Northern Cyprus (TRNC)or has she been sent just to confirm the British governments special relationship with Greece and Southern Cyprus.

Michael Jones
Posted on 16 Jul 2008 11:00 pm (Report this annotation)

It is sad that Ann Clwyd's interests conflict with the needs of her constituency in the Cynon Valley. She has played an important role for human rights for Iraq but, why therefore does she take her place as a MP also when there is still a low employment rate in her locality?

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