Fuel Poverty
Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Photo of Jim McGovern

Jim McGovern (Dundee West, Labour)

To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs how many people were in fuel poverty in each year since 2001.

Photo of Ian Pearson

Ian Pearson (Minister of State (Climate Change and the Environment), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Dudley South, Labour)

Fuel poverty is a devolved matter. In England, the English House Condition survey is used to determine the level of fuel poverty. Survey results have a two year lag, thus the latest figures available are for 2004.

Number of households in fuel poverty (millions)
2001 1.7
2002 1.4
2003 1.2
2004 1.2

Since 2004, the fuel price increases that have occurred are likely to mean that a further households in England will have been drawn into fuel poverty.


Owen Pearman
Posted on 20 Oct 2006 1:34 pm (Report this annotation)

A good honest answer to a probing question.
It is obviously impossible to say how many people have died as a result of this issue but I admire the fact that you giave the best information available to you - rather than evading the question.
More politicans need to do that.

Well done

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