Photo of John Hemming

John Hemming (Birmingham, Yardley, Liberal Democrat)

To ask the Secretary of State for Health

(1) what estimate has been made of the number of local NHS organisations which will bulk subscribe to the Drugs and Therapeutic Bulletin following the ending of the NHS-wide subscription;

(2) what guidance she plans to issue to NHS managers responsible for deciding whether to purchase a bulk subscription to the Drugs and Therapeutic Bulletin for their local NHS organisation.

Photo of Andy Burnham

Andy Burnham (Minister of State (Delivery and Quality), Department of Health; Leigh, Labour)

The Department has made no such estimate and has no plans to issue guidance to the national health service. I understand that Which? Limited, the publishers of the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin are examining a range of possible future subscription arrangements.


John B Wood
Posted on 8 Sep 2006 3:38 pm (Report this annotation)

Yet again patient care suffers in the name of profit!
I find it yet another case of Labour contradictions. On one hand Labour ministers complain about poor prescribing and drug errors by doctors while taking away an extremely useful educational tool.
It is similar to Mrs Thatcher stopping school kids milk back in the 1970's(?didnt Labour make a fuss about this at the time?)

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