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Photo of Adam Holloway

Adam Holloway (Gravesham, Conservative)

To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport whether those who do not have a television set are required to inform Television Licensing that they do not require a TV licence.

Photo of Shaun Woodward

Shaun Woodward (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Culture, Media & Sport; St Helens South, Labour)

A television licence is required to install or use a television receiver, as defined in regulations made by the Secretary of State, rather than a television set. Members of the public who do not require a television licence are under no obligation to inform TV Licensing of the fact.


Alan Robertson
Posted on 8 Sep 2008 9:38 pm (Report this annotation)

The TVLicensing literature that gets put through my door every month on behalf of the BBC seems to omit that fact, Mr Woodward.
It also routinely contains lies, implies guilt and criminal behaviour without evidence, has quasi-legal threats which are unenforceable in law and is of an offensive and intimidating tone.
Apart from that it's fine though.

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