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John Hemming (Birmingham, Yardley, Liberal Democrat)

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what average number of flights was taken by UK passengers (a) in 1997 and (b) in the latest year forwhich figures are available, broken down by social class.

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Karen Buck (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Transport; Regent's Park and Kensington North, Labour)

The results by socio-economic classification for 2003 are given as follows. Respondents in managerial/professional occupations had a higher mean number of air trips than those in lower occupational categories.

This data was not collected in 1997.

How many air trips in last year?
Mean no flights (based on all) Base number Mean (among those who had flown in

last year)

Base number

(all those who had flown in last year)

Managerial and professional occupations (6)3.6 417 5.3 277
Intermediate occupations 1.6 212 2.8 109
Routine and manual occupations 1.6 491 3.2 214
Never worked/long-term unemployed (7) 33 (7) 7
All 2.3 1,153 4.1 608

(6)Figures are significantly different to the national average at the 5 per cent. level.

(7)Sample size too small for reliable estimates.


2003 British Social Attitudes Survey


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