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John Hemming (Birmingham, Yardley, Liberal Democrat)

To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what the target increase in local tax take from Government was in each year since the creation of the council tax; and what the actual increase in local tax take as implemented by local authorities was.

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Phil Woolas (Minister of State (Local Government), Office of the Deputy Prime Minister; Oldham East and Saddleworth, Labour)

The Government do not set a target increase in the amount which local authorities can raise from council tax, which is dependent on councils' spending decisions.

Tabled are figures for the amounts of council tax received by local authorities in each financial year for which figures are available since the introduction of the council tax on 1 April 1993.

The table also expresses these amounts as cash and percentage increases over the corresponding figures for the previous year.

Increase over previous year
Council tax received during the year(1)

(£ million)

£ million Percentage
1993–94 6,807
1994–95 7,546 739 10.9
1995–96 8,151 605 8.0
1996–97 8,799 648 7.9
1997–98 9,570 771 8.8
1998–99 10,579 1,009 10.5
1999–2000 11,457 878 8.3
2000–01 12,242 785 6.9
2001–02 13,208 966 7.9
2002–03 14,510 1,302 9.9
2003–04 16,392 1,882 13.0

(1) Regardless of the financial year to which the amounts relate; excludes amounts paid through council tax benefit.


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