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Scottish Parliament: Challenge Poverty Week (3 October 2013) See 2 other results from this debate

John Wilson: ...the figure for the rest of Scotland is 3 per cent. The factors that drive poverty are diverse, but more challenging than ever. For far too long, we have relied on various welfare to work schemes—or should I say workfare, to use the phrase that is being used this week—to somehow solve poverty without there being a real rise in the incomes of those who are in or out of...

Scottish Parliament: Engagements (21 March 2013)

Alex Salmond: ...Scotland, this devolved Parliament cannot manufacture finance from nowhere, as Westminster is in control of our budget, is to misunderstand the basic challenge in Scottish politics. This week, Labour abstained on workfare in the House of Commons, it abstained on Trident in this very chamber and it even abstained on the Iraq war in this very chamber. What Scotland needs is a Government that...

Scottish Parliament: Trident (20 March 2013) See 1 other result from this debate

Christina McKelvie: ...these weapons from Scottish waters. Labour abstained on the vote on the debate on the Iraq war yesterday and supported the Tories in taking more money from benefit claimants in London. Need I mention workfare? I only hope that a tiny remnant of principle remains and that we will see an echo of the memory of the once-proud Labour principle of nuclear disarmament. Labour’s principles...

Scottish Parliament: Open Question Time — scottish executive: Prime Minister (Meeting) (18 November 1999)

Tommy Sheridan: In the course of the First Minister's meeting with the Prime Minister, did the Prime Minister indicate his intention to introduce American-style workfare in Scotland? If he did, did the First Minister indicate his support for that?

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