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Work Capability Assessment (9 April 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Sheila Gilmore: ...this afternoon is about an aspect of employment and support allowance. Since March 2012, I have managed to secure four debates on different aspects of employment and support allowance and the work capability assessment that underpins it. This is the fifth. Last week, I led a wide-ranging debate on the migration of incapacity benefit claimants on to employment and support allowance, but...

[Albert Owen in the Chair] — Personal Independence Payments (Wales) (9 April 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Kate Green: ...a process of systemic failure and flaws. The disability living allowance and the new personal independence payment are important benefits for the people who claim and need them, both in and out of work. Whether someone is working or not, if they are hit with a sudden, potentially catastrophic event—perhaps a stroke or a serious accident—they will start to face additional, often...

Previous Business – Commons: Select Committee (9 April 2014)

Work and Pensions: Employment and Support Allowance and Work Capability Assessments. 9:45 am; The Grimond Room, Portcullis House
Witnesses: Rachael Holmes, Head of Policy Research, Families, Welfare and Work, Citizens Advice, Tom Pollard, Policy and Campaigns Manager, Social Inclusion and Rights, Mind, Donna O’Brien, Social Policy and Campaigns Advisor, Parkinson's UK , Anna Bird, Head of Public Policy and Research, Scope and Joanna Kennedy, Chief Executive, Zacchaeus 2000 Trust

Written Answers — House of Lords: Atos Healthcare (9 April 2014)

Lord Freud: Following detailed negotiations with Atos Healthcare, the Government have reached a settlement for Atos to exit the contract to deliver Work Capability Assessments before it is due to end in August 2015. Atos did not receive any compensation from the taxpayer for this early termination but made a substantial financial settlement to the Department for Work and Pensions.

Water Bill — Third Reading (8 April 2014)

Lord de Mauley: ...the additional levels of complexity added by the retail exit provisions. The noble Baroness also raised the issue of bureaucracy. Indeed, she has done so throughout the course of the Bill and has worked tirelessly on the subject. I strongly agree with her on that matter. In that regard, I highlight the work that Open Water is doing in presenting water regulation in guidance and online. It...

Armed Forces — Question for Short Debate (7 April 2014)

Lord Astor of Hever: ...-enduring complex intervention of up to 2,000 personnel, equivalent to that undertaken in Libya; and one non-enduring simple intervention of up to 1,000 personnel, equivalent to the UK’s support to France in Mali. This level of capability has been tested against a wide range of scenarios and a whole of government assessment of the likely future threats and commitments facing the UK....

Written Answers — Work and Pensions: Work Capability Assessment: Bristol (7 April 2014)

Kerry McCarthy: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (1) how many people in Bristol are waiting for a work capability assessment; (2) how many people in Bristol have been waiting for a work capability assessment for more than (a) three and (b) six months.

Written Answers — House of Lords: Employment: Work Capability Assessments (7 April 2014)

Lord Alton of Liverpool: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what was the value of the financial settlement paid to the Department for Work and Pensions by Atos upon their withdrawal from the Work Capability Assessment Scheme.

Bill Presented: Civil Service Reform (3 April 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Jonathan Ashworth: ...;s research and recommendations with some eagerness. We have benefited from many former senior Ministers’ insights this afternoon. I am not a former Minister, but I am a former special adviser and had the privilege of working closely with my right hon. Friend the Member for Wentworth and Dearne. In my time in government, I found the civil servants who supported Ministers on policy...

Bill Presented: Backbench Business — Sanctioning of Benefit Recipients (3 April 2014)

Yvonne Fovargue: ...there are jobs for them. Sanctions that are disproportionate and unfair, ironically, will have precisely the opposite effect; they impoverish people and leave them less able to move from welfare to work. The sanctions regime was ramped up in late 2012. As we have heard, the imposition of a sanction means the temporary suspension of jobseeker’s allowance for a minimum of four weeks....

[Mr Andrew Turner in the Chair] — Backbench Business — Incapacity Benefit Migration (3 April 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Chris Bryant: ...has done a terrible job—people have been able to point to some terrible mistakes and hideous instances where people who were either already dead or nearly dead were being told that they were fit for work, which has undoubtedly inspired a great deal of anger—whoever is doing work capability assessments in future will have to make unpopular decisions, by definition, because they...

Written Answers — Work and Pensions: Personal Independence Payment (3 April 2014)

Nick Brown: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what assessment he has made of the performance of Atos in carrying out medical assessments for personal independence payments; and if he will review this contract following the recent announcement on the employment and support allowance work capability assessment contract.

Written Answers — Communities and Local Government: Planning (3 April 2014)

Nicholas Boles: ...brokerage support to local authorities to help them progress major schemes through the planning process. Nearly 80,000 homes have been unlocked on 15 different sites. A further 13 schemes are currently being assessed for investment, which we believe have the potential to deliver nearly 40,000 homes. The autumn statement committed an additional 1 billion of local infrastructure fund...

Scottish Parliament: Mental Health (2 April 2014)

Kevin Stewart: ...mental health of claimants, who have been stressed and often traumatised by the process. They have been made to feel like frauds for suffering poor mental health, and have been disbelieved by the Atos staff carrying out the assessments. I believe that many medical examiners have little experience of mental health issues, do not take into account any additional evidence from other mental...

Scottish Parliament: United Kingdom Budget 2014 (1 April 2014)

John Swinney: ...of our current investments, delivering colleges, schools, roads, hospitals and community health facilities throughout Scotland. It will provide the construction sector with the long-term certainty of a future pipeline of work. It is also affordable within the headroom of the 5 per cent limit that we chose to put in place to ensure that we can deliver now for the economy without...

Written Answers — Work and Pensions: Work Capability Assessment (1 April 2014)

Adrian Sanders: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what the average waiting time for a work capability assessment is for claimants in (a) Torbay local authority area, (b) the South West region and (c) England.

Written Ministerial Statements — Defence: Defence Support Group (31 March 2014)

Philip Dunne: ...(MOD). This decision took account of the front line’s enduring requirement for DSG’s services, and concluded that, in principle, it was no longer necessary for Government to own and operate these capabilities. Contractor support to maintain equipment, including major platforms, has been recognised practice in the air and maritime domains for many years, so continued support to...

Written Answers — Work and Pensions: Atos Healthcare: Beverley (31 March 2014)

Michael Penning: ...Atos Healthcare. We announced in a written ministerial statement on 27 March our plans to achieve a reduction in waiting times and next steps. Atos Healthcare will be withdrawing from delivery of Work Capability Assessments in Great Britain before the end of the current contract.

Written Answers — Work and Pensions: Work Programme (31 March 2014)

Adrian Sanders: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what recent assessment he has made of the capability of the Work programme to provide adequate support to jobseekers with long-term medical conditions.

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