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Oral Answers to Questions — Attorney-General: Complaints about Public Prosecutors (7 January 2014)

David Burrowes: Now that wasted cost orders are no longer available in legally aided cases awarded against the Crown, how can accountability be enforced against Crown prosecutors who have plainly not only wasted the court’s time, but let down the criminal justice system, which includes victims?

Oral Answers to Questions — Attorney-General: Crown Prosecution Service (Court Proceedings) (9 July 2013)

David Burrowes: ...the interest of taxpayers and justice, too. How can we hold the Crown Prosecution Service to account when it fails during a criminal justice case that is in process, particularly given the lack of wasted costs orders applying to legal aid cases?

Public Bill Committee: Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill: Clause 1 - Extension of marriage to same sex couples (26 February 2013)

David Burrowes: The right hon. Member for Exeter has suggested that the previous group of probing amendments was a waste of time. I take great issue with that, because there needs to be a proper opportunity to deal with these serious issues that cause grave concern to many people. It is important that the Committee has the opportunity for dissent. We are making great progress by rapidly moving through the...

[Katy Clark in the Chair] (7 February 2012)

David Burrowes: ...institution, he stopped seeking any effective treatment because the only statutorily provided adolescent rehabilitation centre closed down last year. I asked him about school, and he said that he was known there as “Wasted.” That was how he was known, and that was how he felt. Sadly, such wasted lives litter our community, and the impact on children and young people is severe....

[Sir Roger Gale in the Chair] — Care of the Dying (17 January 2012)

David Burrowes: die.” What a refreshing contrast from what we have heard recently from those advocating assisted suicide. Take the chilling words of Baroness Warnock, who said: “If you’re demented, you’re wasting people’s lives—your family’s lives—and you’re wasting the resources of the National Health Service.” Suggesting that we have a...

[Sir Roger Gale in the Chair] — Care of the Dying (17 January 2012)

David Burrowes: ...the comfort of Parliament, to make fine-sounding points about terminal illness. I recognise that there are no easy answers for those who feel they are not valued and who may feel that they may be wasting resources or are a burden on their family or society. However, they are the very people who most need the protection of the law and the provision of good-quality palliative care. How do we...

Written Answers — Environment Food and Rural Affairs: Waste Management (11 August 2011)

David Burrowes: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs whether her Department has recently examined the appropriateness of siting waste management sites which use mechanical and biological treatment in residential areas.

Energy and Climate Change: Topical Questions (24 March 2011)

David Burrowes: ...increase the supply of decentralised renewable and low-carbon energy. May I invite the Minister to come to Enfield to see for himself these innovative plans, particularly on capturing energy from waste, and to see that when it comes to supporting renewables, instead of chasing mega-business deals, small and local is often beautiful?

Umbilical Cord Blood (31 January 2011)

David Burrowes: outstrip our cord blood collection, inhibiting our research capacity. There are 700,000 births each year in the UK and in almost every single instance the cord blood is discarded as medical waste. I am not proposing routine collection, but we must question the health and economic value of throwing all these potentially life-saving cords away. I welcome the fact that the Government are...

[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] — Criminal Bar (Public Funding) (15 September 2010)

David Burrowes: ...when we get into bed with that area of commissioning. In conclusion, it is important that we stand up for the important principles of the rule of law that underpin legal aid. We of course must cut waste and inefficiencies, which I am sure the Minister has been tasked with, look at high-cost cases and properly reform the LSC to ensure that it is fit for purpose, whatever form it takes, to...

Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Complaint Systems (Victims of Crime) (20 July 2010) has video

David Burrowes: Last week an Enfield magistrate complained to me about the waste of court time. That magistrate spends one day a week dealing with prosecutions for dropping cigarette butts. If such cases are to be prosecuted, surely it would be in the best interests of the taxpayer and justice for them to be heard in a town hall, rather than in a courthouse?

Opposition Day — [5th Allotted Day]: Health Care in London (9 March 2010)

David Burrowes: ...given all the money that is going into the health service and given the rising demand, we are reducing access to accident and emergency services while increasing management of contracts and increasing waste. They want a new financial model and a new clinical model that would ensure that we look at the position again.

Umbilical Cord Blood (7 January 2010) has video

David Burrowes: ...and living close to one of the NHS hospitals that collects umbilical cord blood. Like the majority of parents in Britain, my wife and I thought that the umbilical cord once clamped was simply a waste product. We were totally unaware of the potential benefits of donating our children's umbilical cord blood. My understanding has grown over the years, aided by some excellent individuals in...

Consolidated Fund Bill: Regional Select Committee (London) (14 December 2009) has video

David Burrowes: ...that that genie is now blue, in the form of Boris Johnson? The problem is that the Government want to put that genie back in the bottle, but they cannot do that and so we have a costly, expensive, waste-of-time exercise in the form of this Committee.

Oral Answers to Questions — International Development: South Africa (HIV/AIDS) (17 December 2008) has video

David Burrowes: No doubt responsibility for the 10 wasted years of HIV denial, and its effect on some 1.5 million orphans, lies squarely on the shoulders of the South African Government, but what is the Minister's judgment on the Department's influence, given its significant presence in South Africa during those years and given that in other so-called middle income countries such as Brazil, Botswana and...

Oral Answers to Questions — Children, Schools and Families: Youth Crime Action Plan (17 November 2008) has video

David Burrowes: ...on priority areas." May I give the Secretary of State some data? In the last year, seven young people have died in the borough of Enfield from knife crime. Is that not a sufficient number of wasted lives for it to be considered a priority for funding?

Umbilical Cord Blood (Donation) Bill (17 October 2008) has video

David Burrowes: ...Throughout the births of our six children, never were we informed that there was the opportunity and option for us to allow the cord blood from our children to be donated. That seems madness and a complete waste. It is a waste that over 90 per cent. of cords are simply thrown away and treated as a waste product when they could be a life-saving opportunity for many. To collect 1,000 or so...

Orders of the Day: Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (12 May 2008) has video

David Burrowes: ...It frustrates me that the Bill condones the creation of commodity humans and part animal, part human entities, but refuses to make provision for the valuable resource of cord blood, which is simply treated as waste in 98.5 per cent. of all cases. When we look at good scientific endeavour, surely we want to look at what produces results, and we are missing an opportunity in this country in...

Oral Answers to Questions — Northern Ireland: Fine Defaulters (26 March 2008) has video

David Burrowes: ...lowest level of security management? When will the Government implement those recommendations, which will go some way to dealing with what the Secretary of State said in February was an "outrageous waste" of prison time and resources?

Oral Answers to Questions — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Umbilical Cord Blood (Donation) (8 January 2008) has video

David Burrowes: ...Kingdom, we were not informed of the value of cord blood or the possibility of collection. Until recently I did not consider the umbilical cord, once clamped after birth, as anything more than a waste product. The first purpose of the Bill, and of my speech, is to encourage parents and the wider public to be more informed about the value and benefits of umbilical cord blood. Hon. Members...

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