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Climate Change: Extreme Weather — Question (9 April 2014)

Viscount Simon: My Lords, the noble Lord, Lord Judd, mentioned food in his initial supplementary question. In a programme some months ago on the BBC, it was stated that this country has the largest production and consumption of baked beans in the world. Can the noble Baroness say whether this affects the calculation of global warming by the Government as a result of the smelly emission resulting therefrom?

Children and Families Bill — Report (5th Day) (29 January 2014)

Viscount Simon: My Lords, the greater majority of people live in smoke-free homes, not because of the law, but because it is no longer acceptable to smoke in the home of a non-smoker. Equally, most smokers no longer allow smoking in their cars when children are present. It is absolutely correct to protect children from second-hand smoke, but it is wrong to think that it is children who are most at risk from...

European Union (Referendum) Bill — Committee (1st Day) (24 January 2014)

Viscount Simon: My Lords, Amendments 31 to 39 are pre-empted. I now call Amendment 40 in the name of the noble Lord, Lord Foulkes of Cumnock. Amendments 31 to 39 not moved. Amendment 40 Moved by Lord Foulkes of Cumnock 40: Clause 1, page 1, line 9, at end insert— “( ) If the turnout for the referendum is less than 25 per cent of those eligible to vote, the referendum shall be considered...

Police: Independent Police Commission Report — Motion to Take Note (5 December 2013) See 1 other result from this debate

Earl Attlee: ...also explored what was missing from the report—which was quite a lot. He said that it was a very good read; I agree with that sentiment. My noble friend Lady Berridge had something to say on that as well. On outsourcing, I can assure the noble Viscount, Lord Simon, and others that the Government have made it clear that there is no intention for private companies to carry out...

Equality (Titles) Bill [HL]: Second Reading (25 October 2013) See 1 other result from this debate

Viscount Clancarty: ...that one should not reach back more than one generation—that is, to the generation before the deceased—to find the next heir is a very good one. In this, I perhaps differ rather from the opinion of the noble Viscount, Lord Simon. It is unacceptable that some distant relative should inherit a title and an estate which that person had perhaps hardly known about let alone visited,...

Queen's Speech — Debate (3rd Day) (13 May 2013) See 1 other result from this debate

Baroness Hanham: ..., rail and transport schemes. I am pleased that, in general, speeches today have supported that investment. I was asked specific questions by the noble Lords, Lord Faulkner and Lord Bradshaw, and the noble Viscount, Lord Simon. They were all kind enough to give me advance warning of these so I shall briefly respond to them now. The noble Lord, Lord Faulkner, asked about Crossrail having a...

Defamation Bill — Commons Reasons (23 April 2013)

Lord McNally: ...measure in parallel with the Bill which will satisfy the wishes of this House. Perhaps I may also deal with an issue that has been raised in a number of interventions, including by the noble Viscount, Lord Colville. We have a dilemma that has happened under successive Governments. It is that what was once a clear line between the public and private sectors is increasingly becoming blurred,...

Driving: Blood Alcohol Limit — Question (12 December 2012)

Viscount Simon: My Lords, if the noble Earl is saying that 80 milligrams is the correct level for us, what about Scotland and Wales? Presumably they will decrease their level to 50 milligrams.

Canterbury City Council Bill — Third Reading (3 December 2012)

Lord Glasman: ...that came out of Leeds. It was obviously not the football club. She could not quite put her finger on it. I tried to prod her, telling her that Marks & Spencer was the institution and that Simon Marks started off as a pedlar. The idea that pedlars-poor people coming to this country, moving around and showing some enterprise-would be stamped on here was astonishing to me. I completely...

Electoral Registration and Administration Bill — Committee (1st Day) (Continued) (29 October 2012)

Viscount Simon: Has the noble Lord moved the amendment yet?

Government: Cars — Question (25 October 2012)

Viscount Simon: My Lords, following the question from my noble friend Lord Davies of Oldham, and, again, I fear, being slightly wide of the Question on the Order Paper, is the noble Earl aware that the company that manufactures black cabs has ceased trading and that the companies that will replace them are, I believe, based in Germany?

Defamation Bill — Second Reading (9 October 2012)

Lord Lester of Herne Hill: the Press Complaints Commission should be recognised without being regulated by the Bill to enhance public confidence about its independence and effectiveness. My right honourable friend Simon Hughes MP expressed concern in the other place that, if Lord Justice Leveson does not produce recommendations until December, it may be necessary to come up with further legislation. That would be...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Police: Fatalities and Injuries (3 July 2012)

Viscount Simon: To ask Her Majesty's Government how many people in each police constabulary area were killed or seriously injured on roads in each six-month period from October 2008 up to the latest period for which figures are held.

Smoke-free Private Vehicles Bill [HL]: Second Reading (29 June 2012)

Viscount Simon: My Lords, whenever we have a Bill before your Lordships where the issue of tobacco smoke is included, I always declare that I have severe brittle asthma and can become very ill, sometimes within a few seconds, when I inhale tobacco smoke. I make no excuses for repeating what other noble Lords have said, because their comments are worth repeating. Some parents smoke without realising the...

Civil Aviation Bill: Second Reading (13 June 2012)

Viscount Simon: My Lords, when this Bill passed through the other place there was a great deal of agreement with relatively few areas of disagreement, which may well be the case here. Airports provide many jobs and are a convenient means of travel, as we have heard, be it for business or pleasure, but they also have some unwelcome impacts on local communities and the local environment. It is always a...

Crime and Courts Bill [HL] — Second Reading (28 May 2012) See 1 other result from this debate

Viscount Simon: My Lords, I intend to speak fairly briefly on a few very specific items contained in this Bill. Clause 26 and Schedule 14 propose that some of the specialist work carried out by the police and customs be extended to immigration officers, some of whom will be allowed to approve specified applications to carry out searches, detention and powers of seizure. There are concerns that giving even...

Queen's Speech — Debate (5th Day) (16 May 2012) See 1 other result from this debate

Lord Sassoon: now I understand the role that telematics and number plate issues will have as Ministers work both on the cost of insurance and on driving out uninsured vehicles from our roads. The noble Viscount, Lord Simon, reminded us about high-speed issues, and that is noted. My noble friend Lord Bradshaw again reminded us of some important issues in the rail freight area. My noble...

Police: Vehicles — Question (14 March 2012)

Viscount Simon: Is the noble Lord aware that ACPO is reviewing the use of police vehicles with a view to standardisation, which will result in reducing the cost of those vehicles?

Transport: Fuel Prices — Question (24 November 2011)

Viscount Simon: My Lords, I have not checked it for quite a number of years, but is the noble Baroness aware that there is, or used to be, a website on which you could access the price of fuel that was closest and cheapest to motorway services?

Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill — Second Reading (21 November 2011) See 1 other result from this debate

Baroness O'Loan: ...there will be those whose parents or carers just cannot contemplate how to bring such proceedings and who will ultimately suffer the consequences in terms of reduced living standards. As the noble Viscount, Lord Simon, said, where the injury has been suffered as a consequence of the failure of state-provided care, it is even more necessary to provide an accessible remedy in law. There will...

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