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Upcoming Business – Lords: Select Committee (13 January 2015)

European Union: Private meeting. 2:00 pm; Room 4, Palace of Westminster

Upcoming Business – Lords: Select Committee (7 January 2015)

Justice, Institutions and Consumer Protection (EU Sub-Committee E): The UK’s Opt-in and International Agreements. 4:00 pm; Room 1, Palace of Westminster
Witnesses: (at 4.05pm) evidence will be heard from Professor Damian Chalmers, Professor of European Union Law LSE.

Upcoming Business – Commons: General Committee (6 January 2015)

European Committee A: European Union Documents No. 7956/14, a Draft Regulation on organic production and the labelling of organic products, amending Regulation (EU) No. XXX/XXX [Official Controls Regulation] and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007, and No. 8194/14, a Commission Communication: Action Plan for the future of organic production in the European Union. 2:30 pm; Room 10, Palace of Westminster

[Philip Davies in the Chair] — Business Investment (Outer-City Estates) (18 December 2014)

Nicholas Boles: ...times and busts—the challenges are not creations of recent years—but, none the less, were the economy not growing and creating jobs at an extraordinary rate, one far higher than in the rest of the European Union, his challenge would be far greater. I am sure, without wanting to tempt him into any partisan positions that might sit uncomfortably with him, he would nevertheless...

Bill Presented: Backbench Business — Christmas Adjournment (18 December 2014)

Gareth Thomas: ..., so there will be difficult choices. I nevertheless hope that there might be a way to save North Harrow library in particular. Thirdly, I want to raise the example of Desjardins, the biggest financial services player in Quebec, in Canada. It is basically a credit union, but an unusual one. It is essentially a federation of 480 individual credit unions, which co-operate to present a...

Business of the House: Local Government Finance (18 December 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Jason McCartney: Labour-run Kirklees council has recently managed to find 200,000 to lend to the struggling Castle and Minster credit union. There is no guarantee that it will get that money back. Does the Minister agreed that that is the kind of can-do attitude we need more of from our Labour-run councils?

Public Bill Committee: Infrastructure Bill [Lords]: Clause 19 - Powers of British Transport Police Force (18 December 2014)

...the House IB 08 Campaign for Better Transport IB 09 Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) IB 10 Sustrans IB 11 James A. Coghlan IB 12 UK Green Building Council IB 13 National Farmers’ Union IB 14 Letter from Mrs Anne Main MP

Public Bill Committee: Infrastructure Bill [Lords]: Schedule 3 - Transfer schemes (18 December 2014) See 3 other results from this clause

Richard Burden: I am grateful to the Minister for his assurances, which sounded firm. I welcome that. I am sure that the unions will want to take him up on his offer of a meeting. We will want to see what is on the record, because at this time of the morning, even though it is not early, we do not always hear things correctly. Should such a meeting take place, we can return to these matters at other stages...

Business of the House (18 December 2014)

Julian Smith: in particular. May we have a debate about the way in which the transatlantic trade and investment partnership, or TTIP—the current negotiations for a better deal between the European Union and United States—can bring only opportunities for Britain’s smallest businesses?

Energy and Climate Change: Energy Security (18 December 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Edward Davey: The UK remains the most energy secure country in the European Union and is ranked fourth in the world by the US chamber of commerce. On electricity security of supply, we are successfully implementing short, medium and long-term policies to overcome the legacy of underinvestment that we inherited, so we will keep the lights on. From National Grid’s supplemental balancing reserve to the...

Energy and Climate Change: Energy Bills (Low Carbon Energy) (18 December 2014)

Edward Davey: ...partly from regulations—the type of Government intervention he dislikes so much. Worse still for my hon. Friend, his constituents are saving money, thanks to green regulations from the European Union.

Energy and Climate Change: Topical Questions (18 December 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Edward Davey: The most significant development for my Department since the last DECC oral questions has been the climate change agreement secured in this year’s talks in Lima last week. British leadership on the European Union’s position on climate change helps to secure an ambitious 2030 target for EU cuts in greenhouse gases. This European leadership has been significant in accelerating...

Written Answers — Department of Health: EU External Trade: USA (18 December 2014)

George Freeman: ...Partnership (TTIP) will not affect the way the United Kingdom Government runs the National Health Service. It has been made clear by negotiators from both the United States and the European Union that it is up to the UK alone to decide how the NHS is run and any assertion that TTIP will undermine the government’s control of the NHS is a red herring. The TTIP could offer great...

Written Answers — Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Mauritania (18 December 2014)

Tobias Ellwood: .... We will continue to engage with Mauritania on human rights issues and work closely with our international partners represented in Nouakchott including diplomatic institutions, the United Nations, European Union and African Union.

Written Ministerial Statements — Treasury: European Union Finances (Annual Statement) (18 December 2014)

David Gauke: I am today laying before Parliament, “the European Union Finances 2014: statement on the 2014 EU budget and measures to counter fraud and financial mismanagement” (Cm 8974). This is a routine annual publication. It is the 34th in the series. The statement gives details of revenue and expenditure in the 2014 European Union (EU) budget, recent developments in EU financial management...

Written Ministerial Statements — Environment Food and Rural Affairs: Bovine TB (18 December 2014)

Elizabeth Truss: ...greater genetic resistance to TB. Finally, I am pleased to confirm that the European Commission has informed us that our comprehensive TB eradication programme is approved, securing further financial support from the European Union in 2015. The Government are determined to continue implementing all elements of our comprehensive strategy until this terrible disease is eradicated....

Opposition Day — [11th Allotted Day]: Food Banks (17 December 2014)

Lisa Nandy: banks would be a lot more convincing if his Government had not just tried to gag them to prevent them from speaking out by passing the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014, which we will repeal. One of the reasons why we have such a problem is that the safety net that those charities campaigned for and that we built during the...

International Money Transfer Charges (17 December 2014)

Tessa Jowell: .... When chairing the Africa Progress panel earlier this year, Kofi Annan highlighted the control that money transfer companies have over the market. He said that the two largest such companies, Western Union and MoneyGram, both “operate exclusivity agreements with their agents and commercial banks, which raises the cost of market entry.” He went on to say that money transfer...

Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2014: Motion to Approve (17 December 2014)

Lord Newby: ...were particularly grateful. I trust that he is enjoying his retirement in the New Forest. Mike Thomas retired in March this year after six years as legal adviser to the Select Committee on the European Union. He had a long legal career, joining the Government Legal Service in 1980. During his time he worked for many government departments before joining the House of Lords. I understand...

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