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Upcoming Business – Commons: Main Chamber (6 March 2015)

Apprenticeships (Child Benefit and Tax Credit Entitlement) (Research) Bill - Second reading – Jesse Norman. Legislation

Exports: Government Support — Motion to Take Note (29 January 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Lord Stevenson of Balmacara: ...fact that many Governments across the world support exports, including that of the United States of America. Why are our Government not doing more than they currently are doing? Why are they not picking up that special tax deductions and financial incentives are available in some of our competitor countries? Like many noble Lords, she also picked up on the visa problems in India, China and...

Written Answers — Department for Work and Pensions: Employment (29 January 2015)

Esther McVey: At August 2014 (the latest published data) 9,624 households who had previously been capped were exempt from the benefit cap due to an open Working Tax Credit claim. This is 40% of those no longer subject to the cap at August 2014. The actual number of households who have gone into work may be higher as some individuals may go into work but may not be eligible to claim Working Tax Credits due...

Opposition Day — [15th Allotted Day]: Sustainable Development Goals (28 January 2015)

Mary Creagh: ..., without securement or contract—for example, a $20,000 cash payment with a hand-written receipt from an off-the-shelf receipt book; a request for a $100,000 petty cash fund; and a request by newly recruited staff to be paid tax free, which is against South African law. As I say, the review of the capital budget that the Department carried out in October 2011 found that most outputs...

Pension Schemes Bill: Report (Continued) (27 January 2015)

Baroness Hollis of Heigham: ...20,000 per year and living in private rented accommodation with a DC pot of 25,000, in future extracts 8,000 of it to buy a new car, that 8,000 will count as extra income in that year. Some of it will be taxable and it will affect any income-related benefits he may have, such as housing benefit. Obviously, guidance is absolutely essential, so that people with modest pots...

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Corporation Tax (Northern Ireland) Bill (27 January 2015) See 4 other results from this debate

David Gauke: The sense of direction in increasing corporation tax would be a mistake. I will not detain the House for long on this matter, but I also note that Labour’s pledge is to have the lowest corporation tax rate in the G7, which would allow it to increase corporation tax to 26%. That would be a major reversal of the progress made by this Government. However, I am sure you would like me to...

Commonwealth Immigration and Visas — [Mr Peter Bone in the Chair] (27 January 2015)

David Hanson: ...and I may part company—that we are part of the European Union and part of free movement within the European Union. Although we can apply certain restrictions on benefits such as child benefit and working tax credits, we still have free movement, which allows Britons to work and live in France and Germany, and allows Poles, Italians and others to work in Britain and elsewhere. That is...

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Uncollected Tax (27 January 2015)

Nick Smith: Two thirds of people getting tax credits are in work, so why does the Chancellor want to cut tax credits again? That will penalise hard-working families.

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Tax Credits and Employment (27 January 2015)

Tax Credits and Employment

[Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] — Employment in Wales (27 January 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Chris Evans: ...Opposition are locked in a battle over the merits of their respective approaches to tackling long-term unemployment. The coalition has set a limit on the annual increases in the majority of benefits; for tax credits it is 1% over the next three years. Only today in an interview, the Prime Minister set out the battle lines when he said that the Tories will reduce the welfare cap to...

Written Answers — HM Treasury: Welfare Tax Credits (27 January 2015)

Nick Smith: To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, what proportion of recipients of tax credits are in employment.

Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill — Committee (2nd Day) (26 January 2015)

Lord Carlile of Berriew: ...headed by the noble Lord, Lord Evans, who I am glad to see in his place opposite. The term “snoopers’ charter” implies that the noble Lord would rub his hands in the morning and say, “Now let’s have a look at Alex Carlile’s shopping list and credit card purchases—oh, and who he’s been calling and what internet sites he has been on, because it...

Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: Access to Benefits (26 January 2015) See 2 other results from this debate

Iain Duncan Smith: The universal credit programme is working well. It is now completing its roll-out to all the areas in the north-west, to all singles, couples and families. In the next month, it will start rolling out across the country, and that will bring universal credit to more jobcentres. By the time that process is completed, one in three jobcentres will be running universal credit. The key thing is to...

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