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Written Answers — House of Lords: Children: Day Care (28 July 2014) See 1 other result from this answer

Lord Sutherland of Houndwood: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what projections they have made of the impact of the childcare element of universal credit on maternal employment rates, and the level of income tax paid by working mothers.

Written Answers — House of Lords: Landfill: Wales (28 July 2014) See 1 other result from this answer

Lord Rowlands: To ask Her Majesty’s Government how many landfill site operators there are in Wales; how many are in receipt of a landfill tax credit; and how much each receives. To ask Her Majesty’s Government how much the Landfill Communities Fund has contributed to environmental projects in Wales in each of the years 2010 to 2013.

European Union Committee: Report on 2013-14 (EUC Report) — Motion to Take Note (24 July 2014)

Lord Harrison: .... I am extremely sorry that he was not able to attend last night and I put that on record. I will try to abbreviate some of the things I have said. One of the important items was the financial transaction tax. We thoroughly examined and re-examined the threat to this country, and particularly to the City of London, which we have highlighted in terms of that tax. It could be really quite an...

Women: Equality and Advancement — Question for Short Debate (22 July 2014)

Baroness Thornton: ordinary family. The cost of private, voluntary and independent holiday provision has gone up four times faster than wages, and is greater than that in places such as London. It is a great shame that more help is not available for women and families with their childcare. Childcare help with tax credits has been reduced, with some families losing 1,500 per year of help. I turn to...

HMRC (Scotland) (22 July 2014)

Gregg McClymont: ...arithmetical facts and then, I think, what we might judge an outcome to be for Scotland after leaving the UK and ending our membership of HMRC. We know as a fact that Scotland has significantly more tax-collecting jobs relative to the UK as a whole. Is there any reason to imagine that an independent Scottish state would need those surplus tax-collecting jobs relative to the size of the UK...

Child Benefit Entitlement (Disqualification of Non-UK EU Nationals): Backbench Business — Summer Adjournment (22 July 2014)

John McDonnell: .... May I tread into Northern Ireland again and talk about welfare reform there? The Government are seeking to impose their welfare reform legislation on the people of Northern Ireland, including the bedroom tax, the harsh benefit sanctions, the disaster of universal credit and work capability assessments, with all their adverse consequences. Sinn Fein has looked at the hardship that such...

Child Benefit Entitlement (Disqualification of Non-UK EU Nationals) (22 July 2014)

Philip Hollobone: ...were it granted by the House, would be to end the absurd anomaly whereby any EU national can come to this country to work, leaving their children behind in their country of origin, and then British taxpayers pay child benefit to those children. I think that is wrong, the Prime Minister thinks it is wrong, most of the people in this country think it is wrong, and this Bill would put that...

Written Answers — Treasury: Social Security Benefits: Children (22 July 2014) See 1 other result from this answer

Chris Heaton-Harris: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many adults claim child tax credit for children not residing in the UK; and for how many children such UK child benefit is claimed.

Jobseeker’s Allowance — Question (21 July 2014)

Lord Flight: ...but the data on productivity, so far, are not quite such good news. Does the Minister have any views on why productivity has been so slow to increase? Might it have anything to do with Labour’s tax credits subsidising wages?

Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Child Care (21 July 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Nicky Morgan: ...Day Nurseries Association published research last year showing that the cost of child care had stabilised and was starting to come down. I am sure that he would therefore support our proposals for tax-free child care, which would allow parents to build up credit in accounts, which they could then spend in holidays or in term time as they feel appropriate, in line with the needs of their family.

Written Answers — Health: Universal Credit (21 July 2014)

Norman Lamb: The Government intends that broadly the same number of individuals will be entitled to free prescriptions, free eye tests and free dental care, via universal credit as are entitled via current qualifying benefits or tax credits. There are roughly 6 million people in England currently on these benefits, and consequently entitled to free prescriptions, free eye tests and free dental care.

Written Answers — Health: Universal Credit (21 July 2014)

Daniel Poulter: Healthy Start currently supports approximately half a million pregnant women and children under four in families claiming income based benefits and tax credits. Our intention is to ensure that a broadly similar number, and range, of universal credit families will qualify for Healthy Start in future. We are currently discussing with the Department for Work and Pensions the options for...

Backbench Business: Universal Postal Service (17 July 2014)

John McDonnell: ...we could no longer subsidise Royal Mail. But I am subsidising—we are all subsidising—TNT and others now. They do not pay a living wage, so we are subsiding most of their workers through working tax credits and other benefits. That is the irony. What worries me now is that I believe we are at the tipping point. I repeat what the hon. Member for Angus said: if we do not do...

Written Answers — Treasury: Child Tax Credit (17 July 2014)

Adrian Sanders: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will make it his policy to allow child tax credit awards to continue for children over the age of 19 where their school education has been delayed by ill health.

Finance Bill — Second Reading (16 July 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Lord Flight: ...reflect the lack of power of this House to amend Finance Bills. It strikes me that now that this House is essentially an appointed and not a hereditary House, that is out of date. Much though I pay credit to the noble Lord, Lord MacGregor, and his committee, it is time for the issue of this House being able properly to consider financial legislation in the same way as the other place to be...

Welfare Reform (Cumbria) (16 July 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Esther McVey: ...get into work. We had to look at that and think about how we could best sort out a complex system that had grown exponentially under Labour. If we look at the costs, Labour spent 170 billion on tax credits between 2003-04 and 2010, and contributed to a 60% rise in the welfare bill. Supporting that bill was costing every individual an extra 3,000 a year, and 1.4 million people...

Bill Presented — Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Regulation) Bill: Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill (16 July 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Richard Fuller: One of the most significant issues in employment is the massive amount of corporate welfare in the form of tax credits for people on low incomes. A move to promote the living wage across a wide range of industries would have a positive impact on employment. Will my right hon. Friend tell the House what thoughts he had in this Bill for promoting the living wage, and say why he did not include...

Income Tax: Top Rate — Question (15 July 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Lord Forsyth of Drumlean: My Lords, I am astonished that my noble friend is not prepared to take more credit for the success of the Government’s policy. Is it not the case that the reduction in the top rate of tax from 50% to 45% has resulted in a record level of 28% of all tax revenue being paid by the top 1% of taxpayers? Is that not more than twice the level that was paid by the top 1% of taxpayers when the...

Written Answers — Work and Pensions: Social Security Benefits (15 July 2014)

Stephen Timms: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions with reference to the contribution of 5 September 2013, Official Report, column 471, (1) when he expects that jobseeker's allowance and tax credits will be closed down; (2) what his policy is on closing down jobseeker's allowance and tax credits before the 2015 General Election.

Bill Presented: Childcare Payments Bill (14 July 2014) See 17 other results from this debate

Andrea Leadsom: ..., and some heroes, who choose to stay at home. This Government support you and salute you. Through this Bill, we want to provide more support for working families. That is why we are introducing tax-free child care to help families with the costs so that they can go out and work if they choose to or need to. They are the right people to make that decision, and we support them in that...

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