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Oral Answers to Questions — Cabinet Office: Religious Organisations (Charitable Status) (11 February 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Edward Leigh: The Minister may recall the campaign that some of us waged on behalf of the Plymouth Brethren to retain its charitable status. It must have been for love, because it refused to vote on principle. We eventually won that campaign, but there is a worry on the part of many religious groups that increasingly so-called British values will trump faith values. Can the Minister assure faith groups...

Bill Presented: First World War (Commemoration) (26 June 2014)

Keith Simpson: .... There is nothing like the old chief petty officers for getting to the heart of the matter. The point is that in 1914 nobody thought that the casualties would be on such a scale, and it was by chance that a 48-year-old ex-Plymouth Brethren, former member of Lord Milner’s young people in South Africa, and former editor of the Morning Post, who was in charge of a Red Cross ambulance...

Written Answers — Cabinet Office: Plymouth Brethren (16 January 2014)

Jim Shannon: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office when the decision to give the Plymouth Brethren charity status will be made.

Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill — Committee (3rd Day) (Continued) (16 December 2013)

Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts: ...had some disobliging things to say about the way the Charity Commission operated. It faces considerable problems in respect of the public benefit test, the aftermath of the independent schools test and the Plymouth Brethren case, which is now before it. It has had problems with links to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, the Cup Trust and other tax-avoidance measures. It has also had...

Oral Answers to Questions — Cabinet Office: Procurement (SMEs) (30 October 2013)

Nick Hurd: I have already told my hon. Friend that we will not. I understand that there is a lot of concern on both sides of the House about the Plymouth Brethren case, on which we all united in wanting to see a quick and speedy resolution to that issue.

Local Government and Faith Communities — [Mr Charles Walker in the Chair] (2 July 2013) See 2 other results from this debate

Mark Prisk: also important that we play a role, which is why we will set up our own seminars that will be deliberately designed to start to look at where there are such gaps and problems, and at what can be done to change that. Let me turn briefly to the question of the Plymouth Brethren. As hon. Members will know, I need to be cautious, in that the Charity Commission is independent of Ministers...

Public Administration Committee Report (Charity Commission) (6 June 2013)

Bernard Jenkin: ...involved in some protracted legal battles. It lost a case with the Independent Schools Council and its decision last year to decline an application for charitable status from the Preston Down Trust, part of what is called the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church or, formerly, the Exclusive Brethren

Oral Answers to Questions — Church Commissioners: Religious Freedom (16 May 2013)

Paul Flynn: I am afraid that the hon. Member for Harlow (Robert Halfon) is one of the very gullible Members of this House who have been seduced by a cult that is a tiny part of the Plymouth Brethren. Their real name is the Exclusive Brethren, or Hales Brethren, and they were, rightly, the only religion of 1,178 to be refused charitable status by the Charities Commission. This was the most egregious...

Public Bill Committee: Children and Families Bill: Clause 77 - Primary function of the Children’s Commissioner (23 April 2013) See 1 other result from this clause

Charlie Elphicke: ...of his or her group, to enjoy his or her own culture, to profess and practise his or her own religion, or to use his or her own language.” I have asked the Minister to look at the case raised by the Plymouth Brethren, but there is another religious community in my constituency, at Beech Grove near Nonington. Its members live almost like a latter-day monastery, except that they are...

Prayers: Human Rights Act 1998 (Repeal and Substitution) Bill (1 March 2013)

Charlie Elphicke: ..., feelings and beliefs. There has been too much aggressive secularism, which has sought to attack the Church and people who have deeply held religious beliefs. We have seen that in the case of the Plymouth Brethren and the Charity Commission, and in the constant attacks on the Church and on religion both in Parliament and outside it. We must ensure that there is a space for people to have...

Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill (5 February 2013)

Eric Ollerenshaw: ...on show in this debate. I approach this subject from idiosyncratic principles. I was thinking only the other day that at the moment, along with other hon. Members, I am actively supporting the Plymouth Brethren’s right to equal charitable status with other groups. I will continue to do that, even though I am not a member of the Plymouth Brethren and even though the Plymouth Brethren...

Freedom of Religion and Conscience — Question for Short Debate (22 January 2013)

Lord Patten: ...adherent, "Take that scarf off". I suspect there would have been outrage that these things were suggested in the first place. Christianity and other religions are under various forms of attack. The Plymouth Brethren, for example, feel that they are facing prejudice in some parts of the United Kingdom. Some people find the Plymouth Brethren a bit odd and a bit strange. People used to think...

Written Answers — Cabinet Office: Plymouth Brethren (14 January 2013)

David Morris: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office what discussions officials in his Department have had with the Charity Commission on the charitable status of the Plymouth Brethren; and if he will make a statement.

Health: General Matters (20 December 2012)

David Amess: ...and suppliers. I congratulate ActionAid on its long campaign and look forward to seeing the watchdog ensure fairness for producers, supermarkets and customers. A constituent of mine, James Price, who belongs to the Plymouth Brethren, has been in contact with me on a number of occasions regarding the Charity Commission’s plan to remove charity status from the Brethren’s gospel...

Charities Act 2011 (Amendment) (19 December 2012)

Peter Bone: ...from many different political parties. It urges the Government to restore the presumption of charitable status to all religious institutions. The Charity Commission has recently ruled against a Plymouth Brethren church, stating that it is not of public benefit and can therefore no longer be seen as having charitable status. The repercussions of such a ruling could have a disastrous effect...

Oral Answers to Questions — Cabinet Office: Charities (19 December 2012)

John Glen: I am delighted to hear of the Government’s moves to support smaller charities. One charity that really needs the Government’s support is the Plymouth Brethren, who do so much good and who are facing a despicable attack on their charitable status. What can the Minister say in support for the Plymouth Brethren and their legitimate claims to retain their charitable status?

Oral Answers to Questions — Cabinet Office: Topical Questions (19 December 2012) See 1 other result from this debate

Stephen Phillips: My hon. Friend the Member for Salisbury (John Glen) has already raised the plight of the Plymouth Brethren, who are subject to a disgraceful attack by the Charity Commission on their charitable status. During the passage of the Charities Act 2011 through the House, the current Leader of the Opposition gave undertakings that no religious body would lose its charitable status. If the Plymouth...

Written Answers — Attorney-General: Plymouth Brethren (17 December 2012)

Cheryl Gillan: To ask the Attorney-General if he will recommend that appeals by the Plymouth Brethren be heard in the Upper Tribunal.

Written Answers — Attorney-General: Plymouth Brethren (17 December 2012)

Matthew Offord: To ask the Attorney-General what representations he has received on the charitable status of the Plymouth Brethren; and what response has been given.

Written Answers — Cabinet Office: Plymouth Brethren (17 December 2012)

Caroline Flint: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office (1) what his policy is on the inclusion of The Brethren's Trust in the charity register of England and Wales; (2) what representations he has received from The Brethren's Trust on its request to be registered as a charitable organisation.

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