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Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Autumn Statement (3 December 2014)

David Burrowes: As we approach small business Saturday, I, on behalf of my high streets, welcome the package of measures to reduce the impact of business rates. What should I tell my businesses about the impact of following the shadow Chancellor’s proposal to increase corporation tax?

Oral Answers to Questions — Culture, Media and Sport: Online Gambling (1 May 2014)

David Burrowes: I invite the Minister to take no lessons from the Opposition who are just opportunistic about FOBTs—in 2000 there were none, but in 2010 there was an explosion of 30,000 FOBT machines. The packages yesterday to protect communities are welcome in my constituency, which has seen a saturation-level of FOBTs, particularly in Palmers Green. Will she also consider the introduction of a...

Public Bill Committee: Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill: Clause 4 - Opt-in: marriage in places of worship (5 March 2013)

David Burrowes: ...with other authorities, such as, in a religious context, spiritual authorities. In addition, clause 4 requires consent from the relevant governing authority. We have to unpack those definitional terms to see whether the Government have themselves unpacked them. Have they decided that they need to package them back into this relatively ill-defined form and leave it to the religious...

Public Bill Committee: Crime and Courts Bill [Lords]: Clause 17 - Youth courts to have jurisdiction to grant gang-related injunctions (29 January 2013)

David Burrowes: .... Member for Sedgefield served on that Committee, which went through the Bill line by line—there was consensus about youth court provisions. Young offenders come before the youth court with a whole package of issues, such as drugs, alcohol, mental health concerns and education. It is right that there are orders before that court to deal with those requirements. I must declare an...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Crime and Courts Bill [Lords] (14 January 2013)

David Burrowes: ...the examples of Red Hook and Harlem, and now there is the example of Liverpool as well. In our whole approach to community justice we must recognise that when someone comes to court they come with a whole package of concerns that may well go across jurisdictions. That arises particularly when dealing with young offenders, given the need for timely and effective intervention. From my...

Opposition Day — [8th Allotted Day]: Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (7 November 2012)

David Burrowes: The right hon. Gentleman has not quoted the following: “The scheme does not aim to provide individually tailored compensation packages covering each and every type of damage...Anybody who thinks that it does misunderstands the nature and purpose of the scheme.”—[Official Report, First Delegated Legislation Committee, 14 July 2008; c. 13.] Those are the words of the hon....

Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: G20 Summit (25 June 2012)

David Burrowes: The German Foreign Minister recently wrote in The Times: “Anyone who wants new flash-in-the-pan stimulus packages financed by yet more borrowing has learnt absolutely nothing from the crisis.” Who was he talking about?

Written Answers — Health: Learning Disability: Social Services (1 November 2011)

David Burrowes: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what estimate he has made of the number of people with a learning disability who are partially purchasing their own care packages.

Thalassaemia Patients (4 February 2009)

David Burrowes: care is also needed. There is a real need, and indeed call, for the Department of Health to work with local government, social services and education services to provide thalassaemia patients with a care package that addresses those holistically—I know that that term is often bandied about, but in this case it is truly needed—and deals with the social, psychological and...

Public Bill Committee: Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill: Clause 53 (22 November 2007)

David Burrowes: ...that the offender goes to court and, in that publicly accountable way, justice is seen to be done by the victim and the public—and by the offenders themselves. The referral order also has available a package that allows the direct involvement of the young offender team and other agencies, allowing them to provide the restorative and rehabilitative approach that would be put in place...

Public Bill Committee: Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill: Clause 21 (20 November 2007)

David Burrowes: primarily to divert young offenders from the criminal justice system and that is welcome. If they are fully implemented and funded, including all of the restorative  elements and the whole package, they will work. Moving young offenders away from the criminal justice system must be to everyone’s benefit. There is a concern that there should be appropriate flexibility, as...

Public Bill Committee: Legal Services Bill [Lords]: Schedule 1 (12 June 2007)

David Burrowes: It is not only the Clementi proposals that cause some concern. I see some rationale or logic to the amendment, and perhaps it would have some merit if it were part of a package involving the concurrence of the Lord Chief Justice together with the chairmanship. That might persuade me. Without that package, the scepticism is raised by the fact that what the public surely want and what is in the...

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