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Public Administration Select Committee: Backbench Business — Easter Adjournment (10 April 2014)

Kelvin Hopkins: ...on that score. The Labour party membership card states that “We are a democratic socialist party” and I say, “Hear, hear” to that. I have come here to talk about an entirely different subject: rail freight. In business questions this morning, I raised with the Leader of the House the serious issue of air pollution and diesel particulates, and their effect on health...

Business of the House (10 April 2014)

Andrew Lansley: The hon. Gentleman will know that we have the largest investment programme in the railways since the Victorian era. Network Rail is investing 38 billion, which includes a substantial upgrade to many of its railway stations. If I may, I will ask my hon. Friends at the Department for Transport, in consultation with Network Rail, to reply on the specific points relating to Luton.

Written Answers — Treasury: Revenue and Customs (10 April 2014)

Charlie Elphicke: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer for how long discussions have been ongoing between HM Revenue and Customs, Network Rail and others on the development of new parking facilities at the Customs House site adjacent to Dover Priory railway station.

Japanese Knotweed — Question (9 April 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Lord Davies of Oldham: this country which is not infected with this weed. In Swansea, they have calculated that they have 62,000 tonnes of it to get rid of. It is clear that this is a major problem. The effect upon Network Rail and the railway system is absolutely dramatic. We want the Minister to demonstrate a real sense of urgency on this issue.

Northern Ireland Assembly: Oral Answers to Questions: Waterside Station (8 April 2014)

Danny Kennedy: Translink has been considering proposals for a new rail station in Londonderry for some time. As part of that process, it completed a study, which was the subject of a public consultation during 2013. That identified the old Waterside station as the preferred location for a new rail station. Translink has progressed work on a business case for a new rail station. Initial...

[Mr Adrian Sanders in the Chair] — Broadband (North of England) (8 April 2014)

Eric Ollerenshaw: it is understandable that most of the grant went into the big pot. BT obtained the major contract, and B4RN dug its way across the hills, but BT then refused to say which 3% of the region would not be covered by its network. That forced B4RN to lodge a complaint with the European Commission about Lancashire county council’s use of state aid, and delayed matters even further. B4RN...

Written Answers — Transport: Southeastern (8 April 2014)

Stephen Hammond: ...about the level of demand on each of its routes. However, this data is held by DfT on a commercially confidential basis and so cannot be released. As part of its Long Term Planning Process, Network Rail will undertake a Kent Route Study during 2015-16 to identify which routes may require increased capacity provision. On the basis of this work, Ministers will consider priorities for funding...

Written Answers — Treasury: Dover Priory Station (8 April 2014) See 1 other result from this answer

Charlie Elphicke: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer how many meetings HM Revenue and Customs has conducted with Network Rail on the development of new parking facilities at Dover Priory railway station in the last six months.

Business of the House (3 April 2014)

Andrew Lansley: ...rightly share my hon. Friend’s feeling that we should enable people who have difficulties with access and steps to have step-free access to stations. It is a major task, but happily the scale of Network Rail’s future investment programme is going to enable significant improvements to be made. If my hon. Friend has particular stations in his constituency in mind, I will get in...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Railways: Franchises (3 April 2014)

Lord Berkeley: operate the East Coast Main Line franchise, they made representations to the government of France in respect of allowing United Kingdom companies to bid for passenger franchises on the French rail network.

Written Answers — Transport: Railways: South East (2 April 2014)

Stephen Hammond: The new Network Rail Control Period includes investment to improve stations on the route between Sittingbourne and London including, in some cases, longer platforms to accommodate longer trains.

[Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] — North Wales Economy (1 April 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Ian Lucas: ...our region and will go there only if it is a world-competitive economy and we provide the infrastructure that enables us to compete. My right hon. Friend the Member for Delyn made points about the development of the road and rail networks. We absolutely must argue the case for our region at Welsh Government, UK Government and European levels. Unless we do so, we will lose the benefits of...

Written Answers — Transport: Railway Stations: Kent (1 April 2014)

Stephen Hammond: It is Network Rail who has funded and delivered the platform lengthening on the Integrated Kent Franchise routes. The Department has no detailed information on individual station costs.

Airports: Heathrow — Question (31 March 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Baroness Kramer: ...course be aware that the commission, among others, reported into HM Treasury's national infrastructure plan, which was published on 4 December. That recommended quite a number of enhancements for rail access. As a consequence of that, work will be done to provide rail access at Heathrow from the south. More is being spoken about that today as part of the announcement of how Network Rail...

Previous Business – Commons: Select Committee (31 March 2014)

Transport: Draft National Policy Statement on National Networks. 4:05 pm; The Wilson Room, Portcullis House
Witnesses: Paul Plummer, Group Strategy Director, Network Rail on behalf of the Rail Delivery Group , Maggie Simpson, Executive Director, Rail Freight Group, Richard Ballantyne, Senior Policy Adviser, British Ports Association and Martin Heffer, Technical Director, Rail Transit and Aviation, Parsons Brinckerhoff; John Rhodes, Director, Quod, Andrew Shaw, Planning Officers Society, Jeremy Evans, member...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Railways: Euston Station (31 March 2014)

Baroness Kramer: maximise the economic potential of the high speed line and regenerate a site that has been neglected. Building on the current proposals in the hybrid Bill, the Government has asked HS2 Ltd and Network Rail to work with the rail industry and the local community to see if a more comprehensive proposal for the redevelopment of the station can be developed.

Written Answers — Energy and Climate Change: Public Appointments (31 March 2014)

Gregory Barker: ...director and chair of the audit committee on London 2017 Ltd, and non-executive director and chair of the audit committee of SIS Ltd. Tom Kelly is currently the corporate communications director at Network Rail. He moves to become strategic communications adviser for HS2 on 1 April 2014. Their fees are 20,000 PA and 15,000 PA respectively. Neither has claimed expenses from the...

Written Answers — Transport: High Speed 2 Railway Line (31 March 2014)

Robert Goodwill: ...that operate on and off the HS2 infrastructure. However, the key decisions on fares and services on HS2 once services open in 2026 will be taken by future Governments, as part of determining wider rail policy for the GB rail network as a whole.

Written Answers — Transport: High Speed 2 Railway Line (31 March 2014)

Robert Goodwill: ...HS2 Ltd considered for Phase Two, and describing the process of analysing and refining them, can be viewed at: -two-of-the-high-speed-rail-network The information relating to Stoke-on-Trent is in section 4.3 (pages 34 to 69). Further information can also be found in the 'HS2 Phase Two Engineering Options Report West Midlands to...

Written Answers — Transport: High Speed 2 Railway Line (31 March 2014)

Robert Goodwill: Since 2009 we have considered a wide range of alternative options to a high speed railway including the use of alternative modes, a conventional speed line and upgrades to the existing rail network. The alternatives do not release capacity for commuter and freight services, fail to offer a robust solution to the problem of poor service performance and would significantly disrupt services as...

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