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Upcoming Business – Commons: General Committee (3 September 2014)

Fifth Delegated Legislation Committee: Draft National Minimum Wage (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2014. 2:30 pm; Room 11, Palace of Westminster

Scottish Parliament: Scotland’s Future (21 August 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Johann Lamont: The national minimum wage, tackling poverty, creating greater equalities in our communities and creating this Parliament, which brought power closer to people. At the heart of this matter—this is why it matters to me in my soul—is that, when I look at the rest of the United Kingdom, I do not see people whose job is to do us down; I see families who are facing the same challenges...

Scottish Parliament: Increasing Opportunities for Women (20 August 2014) See 3 other results from this debate

Angela Constance: ...rewarded. Well-rewarded and sustained employment can be the best route out of poverty and the best way to tackle inequality. On Monday, I published “Unlocking Scotland’s Full Potential: boosting skills, wages, equality and growth”—a clear statement on the great value that we place on sharing our economic growth equally. Through equality of opportunity, we can create...

Scottish Parliament: Progressive Workplace Policies (13 August 2014)

Angela Constance: ...under European Union legislation, considerable progress was made under the procurement legislation and in the fact that the Deputy First Minister’s proposed amendments included the living wage. Of course we all live with the difficulty that we have a national minimum wage that is enforceable in law that is much lower than the living wage, which is not enforceable in law.

Scottish Parliament: Minimum Wage (6 August 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Angela Constance: The Scottish Government believes that work should be fairly rewarded. With independence we would ensure that the minimum wage would rise by at least inflation and establish a fair work commission, which, along with assessing the minimum wage, would be asked to consider the appropriate minimum wage for young people and apprentices. The Low Pay Commission’s call for evidence for the 2015...

National Minimum Wage (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2014 (29 July 2014)

National Minimum Wage (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2014

National Minimum Wage (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 2014 — Motions to Approve (29 July 2014)

National Minimum Wage (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 2014 — Motions to Approve

Previous Business – Lords: Grand Committee (28 July 2014)

National Minimum Wage (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2014 – Viscount Younger of Leckie. Orders and Regulations; 3:30 pm

Previous Business – Lords: Grand Committee (28 July 2014)

National Minimum Wage (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 2014 – Viscount Younger of Leckie. Orders and Regulations

Agriculture and Food Industry — Motion to Take Note (24 July 2014)

The Earl of Caithness: be more than 200 a tonne. Farmers are losing out. There are low profits in farming. Even in an average year, let alone a bad year, some farmers are earning the equivalent of only two-thirds of the minimum wage. Is my noble friend on the Front Bench content with that situation? Is she really happy that some farmers, who are producing so much for the economy and who keep us alive,...

Written Answers — House of Lords: Foreign Workers: Conditions of Employment (23 July 2014)

Lord Taylor of Holbeach: ...that is fair to British citizens and legitimate migrants and tough on those who abuse the system and flout the law. We are working across government to ensure the immigration system works in the national interest and will use the findings of this report, including those in respect of labour market regulation, to inform our approach. The Government has already taken action to increase the...

Written Ministerial Statements — Business, Innovation and Skills: National Minimum Wage Regulations (22 July 2014)

Jo Swinson: Today, I publish a consultation document and draft consolidated national minimum wage (NMW) regulations for public consultation. The NMW regulations, which set out the detailed NMW rules, came into force on 1 April 1999. Since then, the NMW regulations have been amended over 20 times. As well as the annual changes to the NMW rates, there have been a number of substantial changes to the rules...

Written Answers — Justice: Minimum Wage (21 July 2014)

Shailesh Vara: The National Minimum Wage jurisdiction relates to suffering a detriment and or/dismissal related to failure to pay the minimum wage or allow access to records. The data is given in the following table. This information is published in Tribunals Statistics Quarterly, available at the following link: cs-quarterly-january-to-march-2014...

Bill Presented — Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Regulation) Bill: Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill (16 July 2014) See 6 other results from this debate

Matthew Hancock: ...of the Bill that deals with employment law. There was strong support, particularly from the Opposition Front Bench, as well as from my hon. Friends the Members for Warwick and Leamington (Chris White) and for North Swindon, for the measures to ensure that the national minimum wage works properly, with proper penalties for those who breach it. I am a strong supporter of the national minimum...

Written Answers — Business, Innovation and Skills: Minimum Wage (16 July 2014) See 1 other result from this answer

David Crausby: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills if he will take steps to increase the national minimum wage so that its real terms value is equal to that of January 2010.

Written Answers — Business, Innovation and Skills: Skilled Workers (16 July 2014)

Jo Swinson: In order to protect the rights of workers, this Department is taking a tougher approach on all employers that break minimum wage law. We have already made it simpler to name and shame employers that break the law in this area. The revised Naming and Shaming scheme came into effect on 1 October 2013. The new rules are part of Government efforts to toughen up enforcement of the National...

Bill Presented: Childcare Payments Bill (14 July 2014)

Nicky Morgan: ...need to remember that under the present system less than 5% of employers offer employer-supported child care, leaving more than half of all employees—as well as all self-employed parents, and most employees on the minimum wage—without support. In contrast, tax-free child care will be available to all working families provided that they meet the eligibility criteria. As such, we...

Written Answers — Health: Social Services (10 July 2014)

Norman Lamb: ...under the provisions of the Care Act 2014, draft statutory Care Act guidance or draft regulations on the Care Act, to show that they pay social care providers enough to pay their staff at least the minimum wage, including remuneration for travel time between appointments. Social care providers must fulfil their legal obligations as employers which include ensuring that staff salaries...

Written Answers — Treasury: Minimum Wage: Scotland (10 July 2014) See 1 other result from this answer

Pamela Nash: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer pursuant to the answer of 10 April 2013, Official Report, column 1177W, on minimum wage: Scotland, how many staff were in the national minimum wage team monitoring Scotland at the most recent date in 2014 for which records are available.

Opposition Day — [4th Allotted Day]: Technical and Vocational Education (9 July 2014)

Pauline Latham: ...I am pleased to say that as a result of the focus on running courses that are attractive to employers, the employment rate among Derby graduates within six months of course completion is 4.6% above the national average of 92%. That again illustrates that higher education institutions in this country are following the Government’s lead and providing high-quality and well-regarded...

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