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Northern Ireland Assembly: Executive Committee Business: Welfare Reform Bill: Final Stage (26 May 2015)

Mervyn Storey: ...a claim for a similar payment. For all benefit claimants and families on low working income, there will be a new system of financial help when they have a financial crisis. This will be related to the levels of minimum wage, and the Executive have agreed to maintain the funding for this service. For people who might be impacted by the bedroom tax, now or in the future, there will be full...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Private Members' Business: Block Grant (14 April 2015)

Dominic Bradley: ...the Tory coalition for the past five years has led to a huge fall in standards here more than anywhere else. Claims of an economic recovery have meant little to people who are on zero-hours contracts, on the minimum wage or unemployed. Report after report has indicated how hard we have been hit by the recession. It has been deeper here than elsewhere, and recovery has been slower. The...

Elections for Positions in the House: Backbench Business — Valedictory Debate (26 March 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Frank Doran: ...concentrated on the Piper Alpha disaster and its consequences for offshore health and safety. I have had a substantial number of opportunities. One I want to say a little about was the part I played in the minimum wage legislation. I think the right hon. Member for South Cambridgeshire was a member of the Public Bill Committee along with you, Mr Speaker. We spent many happy nights in...

Oral Answers to Questions — Business, Innovation and Skills: Zero-hours Contracts (26 March 2015)

Jo Swinson: ...with the hon. Gentleman. I am proud that we are taking forward measures in that Bill to protect workers on zero-hours contracts. I am very proud of the work we have done to enforce the national minimum wage, which of course is one of the key protections for workers on low pay. Of course we always need to keep employment law under review, and the employment status review I mentioned is a...

Written Answers — Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: Arts: Pay (26 March 2015) See 1 other result from this answer

Kerry McCarthy: ...and Skills, with reference to paragraph 5.27 of the Low Pay Commission Report 2015, if he will take steps alongside stakeholders in the entertainment industry to produce and publish national minimum wage guidance for that sector.

Written Answers — HM Treasury: Minimum Wage (26 March 2015)

Paul Blomfield: To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, pursuant to his Answer of 18 March 2015 to Question 228233, during the 15 inspections in February how many breaches of the national minimum wage were identified following each business inspection; and what remedies have been sought for employees following each such inspection.

Written Answers — Cabinet Office: Pay: Blackpool (26 March 2015)

Gordon Marsden: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office, what proportion of people in employment in Blackpool South constituency were earning (a) the minimum wage or below and (b) the living wage or below in (i) 2010, (ii) 2011, (iii) 2012, (iv) 2013, (v) 2014 and (vi) 2015.

Budget Statement — Motion to Take Note (25 March 2015) See 5 other results from this debate

Lord Davies of Oldham: ..., identified so very clearly, and then a little bit of a spurt before the general election, which is about to be put at enormous risk if the Government carry on with their existing policies. It is quite clear that we have a low-wage, low-productivity economy in which people get poor returns for their work and, as the right reverend Prelate the Bishop of Portsmouth, identified, many of them...

Modern Slavery Bill — Commons Amendments (25 March 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Lord Bates: ...the route of making sure that, before people come here, they are aware of their rights and the protections that exist; that employers are aware of the consequences of abuse; that people who come here have knowledge of the minimum wage and other elements that they are entitled to; and that, when people arrive at port, there are interviews with Border Force officials. The Government have...

Bill Presented: Clause 1 — Charge and rates for 2015-16 (25 March 2015) See 2 other results from this debate

Ian Swales: I know that the shadow Minister was not a key part of the previous Government, but does she believe that the right shoulders to bear the burden were those of people on minimum wage, who were paying 1,000 in tax? The highest rate of income tax was 40% for every single day but one that Labour sat on the Government Benches.

Bill Presented: Finance (No. 2) Bill (25 March 2015) See 4 other results from this debate

Priti Patel: ...fairness, which has been mentioned, at the heart of our recovery. We continue to put fairness at the heart of the recovery through our increase in the personal allowance. We will take people on the national minimum wage and working up to 30 hours a week out of income tax altogether by 2017. That is about rewarding work and raising living standards, which is what this Government stand for....

Written Answers — Department for Work and Pensions: Work Programme (25 March 2015) See 1 other result from this answer

Stephen Timms: ...Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, what liaison his Department has had with HM Revenue and Customs since June 2011 to ensure that companies accepting Work Programme participants pay National Minimum Wage.

Written Answers — HM Treasury: Social Services: Pay (25 March 2015) See 1 other result from this answer

Paul Blomfield: ...the Exchequer, pursuant to the Answer of 30 January 2015 to Question 220731, how many of the 94 investigations in the care sector have resulted in (a) prosecutions for non-payment of the national minimum wage, (b) recovery of fines following conviction for non-payment of the national minimum wage and (c) repayment of unpaid wages to workers affected by non-payment of the national minimum wage.

Written Answers — Cabinet Office: Minimum Wage (25 March 2015)

Barry Sheerman: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office, what proportion of the workforce was paid no more than the minimum wage in (a) Huddersfield, (b) Kirklees, (c) Yorkshire, (d) London, (e) England and (f) the UK in each of the last five years.

Business of the House (24, 25 and 26 March): Clause 3 — Companies: duty to publish report on payment practices (24 March 2015)

Toby Perkins: ...bound to say that the fact that these are issues Her Majesty’s Opposition have been raising, from abuse of zero-hours contracts to late payments to small firms, and from non-payment of the national minimum wage to supplier pay and stay deals—an area of pub company legislation we have already discussed—shows that it is the Opposition who have been leading the way, and the...

Amendment of the Law (23 March 2015) See 10 other results from this debate

Chris Leslie: ...we need is a Labour Government who will put the interests of the British people first; who will balance the books in a fair way; who will help small businesses with a cut in business rates, rather than simply helping the largest corporations; who will raise living standards by raising the minimum wage and expanding free child care; and who will govern for the many and not for the few,...

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Visas: Income Threshold (23 March 2015)

Richard Burden: The Minister has just asserted that the purpose of the minimum income threshold is to ensure that a spouse from overseas who comes to live here is not a burden on the taxpayer. However, at 18,600, the threshold is more than 3,000 higher than the living wage. Does he not think that it should be reviewed to ensure that the original purpose of the minimum income threshold is what...

Written Answers — Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (23 March 2015)

Jo Swinson: ...workers. In February, EAS inspectors led a targeted enforcement operation in the Sheffield area. They were accompanied by officers from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC’s) National Minimum Wage (NMW) team and, on some visits, by the Pensions Regulator. During the inspections of 15 employment businesses, EAS identified 32 potential breaches of the Conduct Regulations, as...

Ways and Means — Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation — Amendment of the Law (20 March 2015) See 6 other results from this debate

Luciana Berger: ...I will come on to, and the devastating cut of 24% in further education announced this week. My hon. Friend the Member for Bethnal Green and Bow (Rushanara Ali) talked about the impact of stagnant wages and particularly about the poverty that affects her constituency more than any other part of the country. That was echoed by my hon. Friend the Member for Islington South and Finsbury...

Written Ministerial Statements — Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: The Pay and Work Rights and ACAS Helplines (20 March 2015)

Jo Swinson: ...currently provided by the Pay and Work Rights Helpline will transfer to Acas from 1 April. The Acas Helpline will, in addition to their usual services, answer queries on: The National Minimum WageWorking for an employment agencyWorking hours, rest breaks and holidaysAgricultural workers’ rightsWorking for a gangmaster. The new arrangement will allow for a “one-stop...

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