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Written Answers — HM Treasury: Fuels: Excise Duties (30 June 2015)

Gregory Campbell: To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, if he will make an assessment of the potential implications for cross-border loss of revenue in Northern Ireland of changes in the level of fuel duty in his preparations for the Budget in July 2015.

Bills Presented — Local Area Referendum (Disposal of School Playing Fields): Clause 16 — Tax on carriage of passengers by air (29 June 2015)

Rob Marris: ...damaging than the same amount of greenhouse gases emitted at sea level. Air travel is the most polluting form of mass travel. In that context, I regret that the Government are devolving air passenger duty. Yes, I would increase it. The UK Government will live to regret this measure, because we are clearly heading towards the abolition of air passenger duty in Scotland and, eventually,...

Northern Ireland Assembly: Executive Committee Business: Budget (No. 2) Bill 2015: Second Stage (24 June 2015)

John McCallister: ...need to move beyond that. The idea that we are somehow going to negotiate our way out of this is just no good. When it comes to tax-varying powers, of course, you could include things like air passenger duty (APD). The Chair of the Committee knows about regional disparities. Air passenger duty has hurt the growth of the regional economy. That is a debate that I would love the Minister...

Written Answers — HM Treasury: Fuels: Excise Duties (22 June 2015)

Barry Gardiner: To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, what research he has conducted to inform the setting of the level of fuel duty.

Written Answers — HM Treasury: Welfare State: Reform (22 June 2015)

David Gauke: ...that accompanied Budget 2015. Unlike other analyses, it looks not only at the effect of direct tax and welfare decisions, but also the impact of changes to indirect tax (such as the freeze to fuel duty) and changes to spending on public services. This analysis can be found at: ents

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Cost of Living (Rural Britain) (18 June 2015)

James Gray: There can be no question about it: it does cost more to live in rural areas compared with urban areas, so I very much welcome the reduction in fuel duty, the cap on petrol prices and equalising the council tax. All these things are extremely helpful, but transport must be central to this. Twenty-five per cent. of people in my constituency do not have cars. Will the Minister take steps to look...

Written Answers — HM Treasury: Fuels: Excise Duties (18 June 2015)

David Anderson: To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, what his policy is on the level of fuel duties.

Alternative Transport Fuels (17 June 2015)

Andrew Jones: I congratulate my right hon. Friend the Member for Chesham and Amersham (Mrs Gillan) on securing this debate about alternative transport fuels, and specifically aqua methanol. It is very topical because Governments across the world are looking to reduce their reliance on foreign energy imports, clean the air in their towns and cities, and reduce carbon emissions. We are seeing increasing...

Opposition Day — [2nd Allotted Day]: Productivity (17 June 2015)

Greg Hands: ...thing is the delivery of the Budget, not just the speech. The delivery of the Budget was all about things such as digital communications infrastructure, housing, science, innovation, freezing fuel duty, doing something for the oil and gas regime, the sharing economy and backing business by launching a comprehensive review of business rates. The most important thing in government is what is...

Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Personal Allowances (16 June 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Margaret Ritchie: Will the Minister assure us that, as part of ensuring that people keep more of their incomes in their pockets, the Chancellor will not increase fuel duty in the forthcoming Budget?

Written Answers — HM Treasury: Fuels: Excise Duties (12 June 2015)

Lord Steel of Aikwood: To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they plan to alter fuel duties to change the relative price difference paid by customers for petrol and diesel fuels.

Written Answers — HM Treasury: Fuels: Rebates (11 June 2015) See 1 other result from this answer

Paul Monaghan: To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, for what reasons the proprietors of fuel stations in Durness and Scourie have not been reimbursed through the rural fuel rebate scheme for fuel duty reductions they have passed to customers in the IV27 postcode area for claims submitted on 10 May and 1 June 2015.

Opposition Day — [1st allotted day]: Climate Change (10 June 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Andrea Leadsom: defend and improve it, including by fighting for better road and broadband infrastructure. The hon. Member for Ogmore (Huw Irranca-Davies) has great experience in the area of energy and climate change. He talked about his duty to his three children’s futures. With three children of my own, I fully share his commitment to all our children’s futures. He talked about...

Opposition Day — [1st allotted day]: Housing (10 June 2015)

Clive Lewis: ...South, and the city that sent me here to be its voice unto power. The previous MP to be sent here was my predecessor Simon Wright. As both a teacher and an MP, he has given many years of his life to public service—service given dutifully and to the best of his ability. For that I thank him on behalf of our city. For those who have not had the pleasure of visiting the fine city of...

Oral Answers to Questions — Scotland: Budget (10 June 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Alistair Carmichael: ...myself and my party with them. The Secretary of State will have seen at the weekend reports indicating that the Chancellor of the Exchequer intends to use next month’s Budget to start increasing fuel duty again. As the economic recovery starts to take hold, does the Secretary of State understand the very serious impact that that could have on the economies of rural Scotland, and will...

[Mr David Crausby in the Chair] — Air Pollution (London) (9 June 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Rory Stewart: ...than those we experienced there. As he said, the more legitimate comparison is with developed European cities, and we need to make sure that London is moving in the right direction. The issues of fuel duty, nitrogen dioxide and emission-based pricing in general are important. The hon. Gentleman would not expect me to pre-empt the Treasury or to start disrupting markets by talking about...

Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Scotland Bill (8 June 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

David Mundell: I have made my views on a constitutional convention known. Other hon. Members have raised the issue of air passenger duty. The Treasury has established a group to look at the impact any changes to air passenger duty in Scotland could have on airports in England. On welfare policy, there will also be a highly significant transfer of responsibility. While the social security reservation remains...

Queen’s Speech — Debate (4th Day) (2 June 2015)

The Bishop of Salisbury: ...and I am the lead bishop on the environment. The need for welfare reform is widely accepted, but the spiritual as well as the practical test is whether the reforms comfort and strengthen people. Welfare is not always giving people a hand up; sometimes we have a duty of care. That is particularly true for those who are disabled. Do the reforms strengthen people? A touchstone for legislation...

HM Naval Base Clyde (28 May 2015) See 1 other result from this debate

Penny Mordaunt: I was coming to that. Mr McNeilly remains on duty as a serving member of the Royal Navy. He is not under arrest or in custody. Any restrictions that were initially placed on him for his own welfare—namely, his having to seek permission before leaving base—were lifted as of Tuesday. He is not under arrest, in custody or charged. Our prime concern throughout the process has been his...

Zero-Hours Contracts (27 May 2015)

Richard Bacon: ...and reward. If you turn down a shift, hours you were depending on can be taken and given to others, sometimes with only hours’ notice. I have seen how many use this as a way to simply force out staff who may have complained about quality of care. Is this acceptable? ‘Duty of Care’ means that we have to raise concerns, yet many are too scared of the implications...

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