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Upcoming Business – Lords: Select Committee (4 November 2014)

Communications: Women in news and current affairs broadcasting. 3:15 pm; Room 1, Palace of Westminster
Witnesses: (at 3.30pm) evidence will be heard from Penny Marshall; Cathy Newman; and Miriam O’Reilly and (at approximately 4.30pm) from Mr Ed Vaizey MP, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy and Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP, Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities.

Slavery — Question for Short Debate (30 October 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

The Bishop of Derby: .... Quite rightly, we see modern slavery as a moral issue and the horrific treatment of human beings by other human beings. However, it is, in terms of the proposed legislation, an economic issue. In our economy, businesses are under enormous pressure and there is a proper mantra to reduce the pressure of red tape. What that means in practice, of course, is that this country has one of the...

Sport: Football Clubs — Question for Short Debate (30 October 2014)

Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth: Its terms of reference and priorities will be set out within the next month. Then it is open to people, including the Labour Party, to contribute, so that we can get things moving in the direction that we all want, do not lose the great value that our football league is to the economy and the communities, and ensure that fans are much more widely engaged throughout the football league.

Middle East and North Africa — Motion to Take Note (30 October 2014) See 4 other results from this debate

Baroness Anelay of St Johns: ...—the deficits in political and economic governance—are embedded and well documented. We need to support those in the region who are pursuing political stability based on open, inclusive political systems and economies. This is not only about addressing threats: in the longer term we will need to support a more stable and economically successful region. On a daily basis, we hear...

Business of the House: Sale of Park Homes (30 October 2014)

Brandon Lewis: ...changed, compensatory relief would be needed. There are good site owners who run professional businesses within the law. I am sure that all Members want them, for the benefit of their residents and of the economy, to thrive and grow. We therefore do not want put in place measures that could affect their continuing viability. I appreciate that that may be unwelcome to some home owners who...

[Hugh Bayley in the Chair] — Arms Exports and Controls (30 October 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Tobias Ellwood: ...right to protect themselves, as enshrined in article 51 of the UN charter, and they have the right to acquire the means to do so. Moreover, defence and security exports help to strengthen the UK economy and to support growth. As the shadow Minister said, the industry employs tens of thousands of people across the UK. In 2013, the value of UK defence and security exports rose to 13...

Business of the House: Backbench Business — UK Drugs Policy (30 October 2014)

Diana Johnson: .... Drug-related deaths among the under-30s have halved in a decade, and it has been calculated that getting people into drug treatment has prevented 4.9 million crimes being committed, saving the economy 960 million. This is evidence that we should all consider.

Afghanistan — Question (30 October 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Lord Collins of Highbury: ...conference on Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said: “We will bring together all our partners to assist this National Unity Government as they embark on vital reforms to revitalise Afghanistan’s economy”. What steps have been taken to ensure that the voices of civic society, in particular those of women, are heard at this event?

Business of the House (30 October 2014) See 4 other results from this debate

William Hague: ...and the Government will have the opportunity to ask the House to reverse them if it wishes to do so. I note that yet again she did not ask—the Opposition never seem to ask—for any debates on, or time to discuss, the economy of this country. We look forward to a few such requests, because since the last business questions the GDP figures have shown our economy to be 3% bigger...

Oral Answers to Questions — Electoral Commission Committee: Refugees and Migrants (Search and Rescue Operation) (30 October 2014)

Paul Uppal: ..., I am struck by the size of the backlog of cases that immigration staff have to deal with. Will the Minister update the House on the legacy bequeathed to us by the last Government, not just in the economy but in terms of immigration and asylum cases?

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Farm Regulation (30 October 2014)

Elizabeth Truss: Food and farming are vital to the success of our economy. They generate 100 billion and employ one in eight people. We want to enable farmers to spend their time producing high quality British produce, which is why, by the end of this Parliament, we will have reduced the volume of DEFRA guidance by 80%.

Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Topical Questions (30 October 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Elizabeth Truss: ...; improving the environment and championing the countryside; and improving rural services. Food and farming are core parts of our long-term economic plan, contributing nearly 100 billion to the economy and employing one in eight people. I am sure that the House will want to join me in celebrating the latest figures that show we are now exporting our world-class food and drink to a...

Written Answers — Department of Health: WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (30 October 2014)

Jane Ellison: ...13-18 October 2014. To be able to participate in the full range of business at the COP, the United Kingdom was represented by two officials. The United Kingdom’s delegation travelled on economy class flights to Moscow and stayed during the COP in the hotel where the conference was held, however total costs are not yet available.

Written Answers — Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Agriculture: Regulation (30 October 2014)

George Eustice: Food and farming is a vital part of our economy, generating 100bn and employing one in eight people. We want to enable farmers to spend their time producing high quality British produce and contribute to this. This is why, by the end of this Parliament, we will have reduced the volume of guidance by 80%.

Scotland: Devolution — Motion to Take Note (29 October 2014) See 10 other results from this debate

Lord Beecham: ...expressed by the noble Lord, Lord Tope, from the Leader’s view to the contrary. The prime duty that we have if we are to acknowledge and deal with varying local needs and local opportunities in the economy, the environment and social provision is to ensure that local government is strengthened and enabled to work effectively with central government and its agencies. I have long been...

South West Trains (29 October 2014)

Claire Perry: ...great fares and were visiting London as a result. My Department’s priority has to be to continue to manage investment in the railways in a way that delivers maximum benefits to passengers and the economy.

Cavity Wall Insulation (29 October 2014)

Amber Rudd: and to be ready to meet some of the costs, with real and effective help for the most vulnerable. This is good for all bill-payers as subsidy goes where it can have most effect, and good for our economy as innovative businesses enter the market and develop better and cheaper products. That is especially important as we start to tackle more expensive improvements, such as solid wall...

Domestic Violence — [Dr William McCrea in the Chair] (29 October 2014) See 2 other results from this debate

Seema Malhotra: ...of these issues which take the lives and health of millions of women and girls around the world, and to enable them to tackle them in their own families and communities. Domestic violence is a huge drain on the economy, as well as a blight on society. Domestic abuse alone costs the UK almost 16 billion a year. The hon. Member for North Swindon (Justin Tomlinson) talked about the...

Railways (Public Sector Operators): Taxation of Pensions Bill (29 October 2014)

Crispin Blunt: ...that measure as one of the most profound and welcome changes being made by this Administration. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is rightly winning the admiration of his fellow Finance Ministers for the remarkable transformation of the British economy under his leadership. That measure will be a profound part of his and his Treasury colleagues’ legacy. It remains up to them to ensure...

Railways (Public Sector Operators) (29 October 2014)

Andy Sawford: ...railway system. Use of the station has doubled since it was opened in 2009. It takes 70 minutes on the train from St Pancras. The station is a symbol of Labour’s investment in the regeneration of Corby and it has given a big boost to the local economy. It was campaigned for by the former Labour MP, Phil Hope, and by Labour councillors, and it was delivered by a Labour Government. We...

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