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Written Answers — Prime Minister: Northern Ireland (10 September 2014)

David Cameron: Details of my visits within the United Kingdom are published on the website.

Written Answers — Prime Minister: Northern Ireland Government (10 September 2014)

David Cameron: I regularly meet Members from all parties.

Written Answers — Prime Minister: Saudi Arabia (10 September 2014)

David Cameron: The UK and Saudi Arabia enjoy close cooperation in countering the shared terrorist threat against both our countries. The Saudi Arabian Government has condemned acts of terrorism and extremism around the world, and now has in place one of the most advanced de-radicalisation programmes anywhere.

Written Answers — Prime Minister: National Security Council (9 September 2014)

David Cameron: Shortly after its creation in 2010, the National Security Council (NSC) approved a new National Security Strategy (NSS) to ensure a strong Britain in an age of uncertainty. There have been no fundamental changes to our policy on national security issues since then. The NSS has provided a sound basis to guide our response to subsequent challenges to our national security. Whitehall Departments...

Written Answers — Prime Minister: Radicalism: Wales (9 September 2014)

David Cameron: I regularly meet the First Minister of Wales to discuss a range of issues and will continue to do so.

Oral Answers to Questions — Communities and Local Government: NATO Summit (8 September 2014) See 52 other results from this debate

David Cameron: I thank the Leader of the Opposition for his response. He was right to say that this was the most important NATO conference for a generation. That is because we face multiple challenges—in Europe and Ukraine, with ISIL and the other threats around our very dangerous world. Let me take his questions in turn. On Ukraine, the mood of the NATO meeting and the meeting I chaired with the...

Written Ministerial Statements — Prime Minister: Machinery of Government Change: Relationship Support (5 September 2014)

David Cameron: This written ministerial statement confirms that responsibility for Relationship Support policy will transfer from the Department for Education to the Department for Work and Pensions, effective immediately.

Written Answers — Prime Minister: Counter-terrorism (5 September 2014)

David Cameron: I have regular discussions with the Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Defence. The Government's first priority is to make sure we do everything possible to keep our people safe.

Written Answers — Prime Minister: Islamic State (5 September 2014)

David Cameron: I refer the hon. Member to the statement I made on 1 September 2014, Official Report, columns 23-27.

Written Ministerial Statements — Prime Minister: Chief Surveillance Commissioner (Annual Report) (4 September 2014)

David Cameron: I have today laid before both Houses copies of the latest annual report from the Chief Surveillance Commissioner appointed by me to keep under review public authority use of covert surveillance, covert human intelligence sources and property interference. The commissioner provides statutory oversight to ensure that public authorities use correctly and lawfully the relevant provisions of the...

Opposition Day — [5th allotted day]: Infant Class Sizes (3 September 2014)

Toby Perkins: my constituency experience, I cannot help but think that a wider perspective across the team would help their approach to be slightly more grounded in reality. Let me return specifically to class sizes. The old “hug a hoodie” David Cameron used to get it. Back in 2008, when he was still a modern Conservative, he told the Yorkshire Post that “the more we can get class...

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (3 September 2014) See 29 other results from this debate

David Cameron: I am sure that the whole House and the whole country will join me in condemning the sickening and brutal murder of another American hostage, and share our shock and anger that it again appears to have been carried out by a British citizen. All our thoughts are with the British hostage and his family: their ordeal is unimaginable. But let me be very clear: this country will never give in to...

Business of the House Commission (2 September 2014)

Peter Bone: ...on behalf of voters. The House of Commons should have more control over its own timetable, so there is time for proper scrutiny and debate.” Those are not my words but those of my right hon. Friend the Member for Witney (Mr Cameron), the Prime Minister, when he was Leader of the Opposition in 2009. As usual, the Prime Minister was correct—absolutely spot on. All I am doing...

Written Answers — Prime Minister: Clerk of the House (2 September 2014)

David Cameron: I refer my hon. Friend to the statement made by Mr Speaker on 1 September 2014, Official Report, column 1.

Written Answers — Prime Minister: Middle East (2 September 2014)

David Cameron: Details of my meetings with external organisations are published on a quarterly basis and are available on the website.

Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: EU Council, Security and Middle East (1 September 2014) See 91 other results from this debate

David Cameron: ...narrative from which the men and women of violence draw succour. I think that is important. Finally, on terrorism prevention orders and control orders, let me quote to the right hon. Gentleman what David Anderson, our terrorism adviser, who he quoted, said in his most recent report: “There is no need to put the clock back. The majority of the changes introduced by the TPIMs Act have...

Written Answers — Prime Minister: Intelligence Services (1 September 2014)

David Cameron: Parliamentary questions are answered by the relevant Minister.

Written Answers — Prime Minister: Military Medals Review (1 September 2014)

David Cameron: I refer the hon. Member to the Written Statement made by the Leader of the House of Lords and Lord Privy Seal, my noble Friend the right hon. Baroness Stowell of Beeston on 29 July 2014, Official Report, column WS147.

Scottish Parliament: Scotland’s Future (21 August 2014) See 1 other result from this debate

Kenneth Gibson: ...Alistair Darling’s refusal to admit during the recent televised debate that Scotland could be a successful independent nation, other prominent unionist politicians, including the Prime Minister, David Cameron, accept that it could be. How do we know that? We know that because David Cameron said so. He said: “Supporters of independence will always be able to cite examples of...

Scottish Parliament: Decision Time (21 August 2014) See 3 other results from this debate

Division number 1 For: Baxter, Jayne, Bibby, Neil, Brown, Gavin, Buchanan, Cameron, Carlaw, Jackson, Chisholm, Malcolm, Davidson, Ruth, Dugdale, Kezia, Fee, Mary, Ferguson, Patricia, Fergusson, Alex, Findlay, Neil, Fraser, Murdo, Goldie, Annabel, Grant, Rhoda, Gray, Iain, Hilton, Cara, Hume, Jim, Johnstone, Alex, Lamont, Johann, Lamont, John, Macdonald, Lewis, Macintosh, Ken, Malik, Hanzala,...

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